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Watch This LIVE Product Launch

I’ve had Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula for almost two years now, and I’ve got to tell you that it’s been the single most important product that I’ve ever, ever invested in. In fact, what I learned from Jeff — and have pretty much mastered since then — has earned me and my clients close […]

I’ve had Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula for almost two years now, and I’ve got to tell you that it’s been the single most important product that I’ve ever, ever invested in. In fact, what I learned from Jeff — and have pretty much mastered since then — has earned me and my clients close to a million dollars…and may have just passed a million last night.

Here’s why.

I have a client Adam who is organizing a live seminar up in San Francisco. It’s a totally non-internet marketing related event. I’ve been coaching Adam on the launch sequence and getting his site, his cart, and all the rest of his marketing ready for last night’s Launch at 6pm pacific time.

We’re using a whole bunch of tools from Jeff’s toolbox to get people chomping at the bit to place their order right as soon as the order button appeared on their screens. And bang, we had our first orders in the bank just two minutes after we launched.

It didn’t occur to me, though, to switch on Camtasia and track our progress until about 6 minutes after the launch time. Adam’s Goal was $50,000 for the day, but by then, we’d already had $30,000 in sales.

So here’s the live camtasia video of the launch.

Oh, and couple more things before I let you go…Some of the audio is kind of hard to hear — the mic built into my laptop can get kinda funky at times, especially when we took it into a restaurant.

Also, since you’re about to see some real information from right inside of Adam’s shopping cart, we’ve got to cover up the customer names. And here’s the last thing…notice how large — or should I say, Small — the list is that we’re working with here. It’s TINY. But wait till you see what the total sales were by the end of the evening.

We’ve compressed a few hours time into just over 15 minutes of video. Watch it till the end. You won’t believe where this ended up.

If you want to get a hold of me or have any questions about what you’re going to see, you’ll find me at .

Or, you can leave your comments below.

And you can get a bunch of FREE product launch information at Jeff’s site, where he’s preparing the New Product Launch Formula, Version 2 .

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I’d have to say that is one of THE best PLF videos I have seen out of the ones Jeff, Frank, and Eben have done…

I mean that is EXCITING!!

I appreciate you sharing that moment. It really had my pulse going just to see what would happen next!

Wow, Michael.
That sure is a high compliment!
It was exciting to be there LIVE, too! But for some odd reason, we went into the evening without any nerves at all.
Probably because we had everything set up and tested so far in advance…and all the emails prepared people to act in a hurry once the doors were opened.
It did turn out better than expected, though.
Thanks, Michael!

Hey mark I' am a huge fan of Product Launch Formula and I'm on the waiting line just as I'm sure so many other are .

Its amazing how all the strategies that he teaches just work so well. That video that you shot is great proof of how great it works. I mean 70 thousand dollars in less than 30 minutes is simply amazing, congrats :-).

I definitely can't wait for Product Launch Formula 2 to come out.

Holy bejeepers! Over 100k in less than 24 hours? You really know your stuff.

I think it's a great tribute to what you've been able to learn from Product Launch Formula that you were able to help your client Adam with his launch, and I'm excited to see what Jeff Walker's PLF V2 holds for me.

So here's an idea for a business someone could start after buying PLF V2 – a consulting business doing projects like what you did for Adam. I imagine for the people who got good at doing this, they could have a pretty profitable life as a Product Launch consultant.

Is that part of what you do, Mark?

Thanks for the great video Mark, and congratulations on helping Adam do a great launch!


Earlier today I watched Jeff’s video on launching a product — it was really inspiring and gave me lots of good ideas. And now, 8 hours later, I see what his approach can actually do! Wow! Very impressive!


Hello Mark,

I just watched your product launch with Adam, and I was blow away.

I recently created a product that in a more smplified way than ever before shows MLMer’s how to transform into experts overnight and make more money than they spend in their MLM business.

I think this product holds REAL value.

I’ve also be a proud subscriber and customer of yours for a lil under a year.

I am willing to pay what ever it cost to have you work with me to develop a product launch as you did with Adam.

I would also count it a great honor to work with you.

Loking forward to your reply.

Your Preffered Customer,

Dwain Carbon

I own a video production company – I am increasing my product line to include “Special Interest” video products. How do informational DVD’s respond to your program?


Terry Durham
Advanced Visual Concepts


I have a couple launch/promotion programs, including Frank Kerns and Mike Filsaime’s, and have read a ton about Jeff’s. I have my site in pre-launch, will launch the membership site, then follow that up around 30 days later with a launch of a product that will sell for around $2500-$3000.

Although I have the programs, I am still 110% overwhelmed. I imagine the second time you do this it’s easier…

In any case, Mark, how can I hire you to consult me like you did Adam?

Please let me know…


I again.
I am going to use Jeff’s method to launch my Rooibos Tea site, and have such huge expectations that it will be a winner.
Your input at any time would be appreciated.

We continue to learn from you. Thanks.


Thank you for this introduction to Jef’s product. I have also gone to his site and watched his other videos as well. Congratulatons on your successes. It is inspiring.

This is so helpful to me. I am almost finished writing an e-book and have a plan for other services, information articles etc on my new website which is yet to be launched.

I tried to launch some more complex services earlier and I knew I was in trouble when I sent out email to 17 family and friends and not even my family wrote back to comment! 🙂 Turns out it was an email glitch, but I am thankful for that because the “waiting period” got me searching and helped me find this info.

I am so excited about this information and how it will help me get the information I have more accessible to others who can use it. So, I have completed my roll out strategy for my products and am developing the products and am now ready to plan the launch, so this is great timing.

I am just trying to figure out how to write an “Adwords” campaign to a landing page which doesn’t yet actually give a purchase option, but has an opt in for some freebies as a part of the launch. Am I writing the adword for the final product or the landing page info? How does one write an adword for just landing page info? I have no list, so this will be my only option for now to build a list.

Thanks for sharing this info.

Dominique Koukol

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