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Someone Stole my Laptop

Something very bad happened to me this past week that I want to tell you about…so that maybe you can avoid the same fate. I hope this doesn’t happen to you…whether at home or abroad. SOMEONE STOLE MY LAPTOP Imagine this for a moment… You go to sleep in your hotel room, half way around […]

Something very bad happened to me this past week that I want to tell you about…so that maybe you can avoid the same fate.

I hope this doesn’t happen to you…whether at home or abroad.


Imagine this for a moment…

You go to sleep in your hotel room, half way around the world, after a day of sight-seeing, culture-absorption, and fun.

And you wake up in the morning to find that your laptop is GONE from the desk where you left it the night before, and your hotel door is wide open.


Has this ever happened to you?

If it has, then you are very familiar with the feelings you go through when something valuable is stolen from you — some of these feelings course through your veins in a split second, and some take days, weeks, and perhaps a lifetime to fully experience.

More anger.

I brought my laptop on my trip across the Atlantic so that I could update my extended family and friends at home on our trip. I also needed a way to offload the photos from the SD cards I’d be filling up. And I’ll admit that I was also checking in with my business.

I took extra special care with my cameras, cell phone — and didn’t even leave the laptop in my hotel room when we were out for the day. I was fearful it might be stolen if I WASN’T there.


The LAST thing I thought was that it’d be taken while I was sleeping 6 feet away from it.

Thankfully, our wallets, passports, cameras and other info were left untouched. My daughter’s iPod was also missing, however.

The bad news — the very bad news — is that my data is in someone else’s hands. That’s scary.

But most of all, I’m thankful that none of us were hurt.

Over the next few days, I’m going to give you some solid advice that will help you prevent this kind of problem for yourself, and help you deal with it in the event that it happens to you.

And I hope it never does.

Have you ever had your laptop or desktop computer lost or stolen?

What happened to you? Share your story below.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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I’m absolutely livid that you had to deal with this.

Not only were you robbed, but it happened while you and your family were asleep?

Did you snap on the hotel?

I am so sorry that you had to deal with this. Maybe next time, you should vacation near me, so I can help… 😉

Sorry to hear that — I’ve learned not to rely too much on hard drives anyway. Roboform is on a usb drive with my passwords. Nothing else really important isn’t ‘up on the web somewhere’.

When my 2 yr old son broke my laptop on the first day of a monthlong trip, I wasable to say “it’s just a thing” and not worry too much about it.

Now — PASSPORTS — that woulda been scarier to me. LOL How am I gonna get home, etc etc. I keep those in my butt crack while I sleep when I’m on vacation. J/K — I’m sure that’s replaceable too with a phone call to the Embassy.

Really sorry it happened to ya, Mark.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Did you talk to the hotel management?

Hmm, it’d be kick ass to have a private little motion sensor camera that turns on and records stuff when on a trip.


Ya dude, I was shocked when James told me last weekend.

I’m just glad you and your family are safe.

Hope all goes well with the new laptop and lost data and everything.

This really sucks 🙁


What a horrible experience.. I LIVE in my laptop!

I accidentally left my wallet at a restaurant right across the street from where I lived and was a very frequent customer of.. they all knew me by name. I didn’t even miss it for two days when I suddenly got a call from my bank 10 miles away saying they had it. To make matters worse it was just one day before I was leaving town on a trip and had to cancel all my credit cards and bank cards and travel only with cash.

Yea I was mad. I had several hundred dollars in cash gone that I had taken out for the trip but even tho they left the credit cards I couldn’t trust the numbers had not been recorded.

This one I chalk up to my own stupidity but the feelings you shared were mine as well and no less valid.

I hope you are able to get some kind of recovery but in my experience its probably not likely and it doesn’t matter that you were overseas.

During college, I was on a trip to the local mountains. I came out of a convenience store to find a wallet on the parking lot.
I picked it up, saw the cash, credit cards and drivers license inside.
Once I got home on Sunday evening, I looked up the owner’s name in the phone book, called him, and he came over to pick up his wallet.
Two things I recall that he said…
1) Thank You
2) Wow! The cash is still here???
Yes, it was a question.
He offered me a reward, which I refused.
Karma has kicked in many times since then to repay me for that deed and others.
Alas, not this time.

Mark, I’m terribly sorry to hear about your experience. I know how insecure and vulnerable that can make you and your family feel.

Taking it while you were in the room even — the sheer brazenness is astounding! How did they get into your room? What country was that?

Here’s one tip that may give you some peace of mind in the future. I use WinMagic’s SecureDoc to encrypt the hard disk on my laptop. The personal and business information involved is much more valuable than the machine itself.

Best of luck to you Mark…


I’m feeling sorry for you.

I’m sure someone noticed your laptop or laptop case in the hotel, outside the room. You might consider a more ordinary looking bag for your new laptop.

So far I didn’t lose my laptop. But I’m planning a few nice trips and I’m really interested on how to prevent robbery. Also, how is internet abroad, how to find out? Is it safe to use wireless internet? Is it smart to use internet cafes?

I’m new to this. If you do a workshop about how to run an internet business on the road, I would be very interested!

Take care.

That’s really scary and shocking – can I ask which country this happened in? And what was the hotel’s response?

By coincidence I was just a couple of hours ago wondering whether or not to take my laptop with me on holiday later this week as I’ll be doing a bit of work while away and it would be useful to have it for transcribing interview notes, &c. Perhaps I’ll instead just download the interview from the MP3 onto someone else’s PC, stick the transcribed notes onto a memory stick and leave the laptop safe and sound at home! Everything on it’s backed up nightly, but as you say, that’s not actually the point…

Hope you and your family can enjoy the rest of your trip without looking over your shoulders all the time.

Best wishes


My stomach just sank when I read that. How awful, but like you said, at least your family is ok.

I keep a scanned copy of my passport on my laptop. I guess I’ll have to rethink that. Is there another way of moving photos and video without a laptop when you travel?

I’ve moved all my files except what I need to travel on to an external hard drive so I don’t keep much on my laptop anymore.


I’m really sorry you experienced this intrusion on your life! Having things stolen leaves us feeling violated and less safe. I hope you can move past that and enjoy your trip.

My laptop was not stolen, but my daughter’s was. She was a Freshman at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Her dorm room was on the first floor, in the back, where it was easier not to be seen if you were going to try something sneaky. Someone used a branch to reach in, grab the attached cords, and drag the computer out through an open window while everyone was at dinner. Our daughter had all her essays and school work from the first 5 weeks of college on that laptop.

She made an immediate report to campus police, calling her Dad and me to get serial numbers. At that time, I reminded her about how we (as a family) have learned to deal with lost/stolen things. I asked her “Is it your computer?” She said “yes.” “Then start affirming ‘It’s my computer; and it’s coming back to me.'” She agreed to do this.

After a good cry, she went to a school dance, affirming several times through the night that it was her computer and it was coming back to her.

6:30 a.m. the following morning she awakened us with her phone call. “They got it back!” she screamed at us. “I’m going to campus police to pick it up right now!” Within less than 12 hours, she had it returned to her, with all the school work intact. The thief (not so bright, as most seem to be) had stayed in the area and was caught by Portland police shining a flashlight into several vehicles as he walked down the street. Our daughter’s laptop was in a pillow case slung over his shoulder. Because she had made a quick report, with serial numbers, he was apprehended and the computer sent immediately to the Reed campus!

I don’t know if it is possible for you to get your own computer (and your daughter’s IPod) back at this time, but you might want to hold onto this idea for “next time,” should there be one.

It’s all about manifestation. I had my wallet, stolen out of my backpack, returned to me within 5 days just three years ago, using the same method. It was found 35 miles from where it was taken, sans money, credit cards and driver’s license, but still containing my family pictures, library card and medical cards! Use Gregg Braden’s “Ancient Method of Prayer,” written about in his book, The Isaiah Effect. The “prayer” method is this: have a thought; energize it with an emotion, until you firmly have the FEELING of having your thought become a reality.

I hope the rest of your trip goes without difficulty!


Mark . . . so sorry you had to go through this. Here is something that might help next time.

There is a product called LoJack for Laptops — similar to the LoJack product for automotbiles.

When you install the software on your PC or Mac (yep, it works on both). if someone snatches your laptop, simply notify the folks at LoJack.

When the computer next connects to the internet, it “phones home” (just like ET!) alerting the folks at LoJack, who then they work with local police to locate and retrieve it for you.

According to their website, they recover 3 out of every 4 stolen computers.

(Disclaimer – I have no financial connection with this company – and I don*t know if it would have helped you in Europe – just thought I’d pass the word along to anyone who thinks it might help.)

Hi Mark,

I’m sorry to hear that your laptop was stolen, but the bright side of the story is the blessing that you and your family were not hurt. I don’t know whether you believe in God or not, but I do and I’m sure he was watching over you and your family. He is great at doing things like that. -:)
I wish you and your family the best.


Sorry to hear of your loss. I can’t imagine what it would be like. I try to only take a backup laptop when I travel …just to keep in touch. This laptop
really does not have much on it…..

I thought something had to be up when I sent you 5
emails and a help desk request regarding your John Reese Bonus.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Take Care.

Hi Mark,

I am a tad shocked to hear about this incident. To think that your room was entered while you slept also opens up some huge personal safety issues….thank God you weren’t hurt. I hope the hotel is doing something about this, as well as the police.

I haven’t had my laptop stolen but I did have it hacked which led to its immediate demise. A very expensive experience indeed.

I hope you have your laptop replaced by the hotel – that seems like the right thing to do.

I also hope you guys are doing alright now.



I NEVER keep my passwords on my laptop, pc or mac.

Except when I travel.

But I only take my crud 6 year old old laptop with my ‘barely essential’ passwords list on it. The list is usually a non-descript txt file titled something like ‘junkdiscards’.

The content of the file itself is jumbled up and mangled so that only I know how to demangle. There is no title, so it is not even obvious that they are passwords.

I also carry the laptop in a crap-looking mini back pack.

No paranoia intended.



Whew! I recently visited Peru for 2 weeks. My pre-trip planning conversationalists informed me that loosing good electronic stuff was almost guaranteed there – even in the most upscale fancy wah wah expensive hotels.

So I left my Vaio baby home, and used computers in hotels, and wifi places. All was good. I met another Roadie in Lima who was carrying a little keychain drive to upload his pics – he was a travel photographer.

I read recently that 1500 laptops are stolen a day. (Just in USA I think.) SO, when I travel on business, I keep my laptop with me all the time.

So how did the hotel door get open? Was there a chain or inner bolt on the door?

Even so, at night, I “hide” my laptop someplace in the room – under blankies on the top shelf of the closet for instance.

Accessing room keys is pretty easy for hotel employees or for someone with a friend at the front desk. Just ask the chamber maid squad….

After a hard-drive crash a few years back, I too, upload as much as I can online to free websites and blogs and hosting sites. I also use gmail – as it is available everywhere from any computer. Gmail also has a built in word-processing program with online doc storage. Now THAT’s a plan I can travel with :)))

Nay Nay! Fie Fie! Leave that hard drive home!

Wow. What an outpouring of support.
I’m humbled.
Thank you all for your good wishes.
I’m actually back home from my trip right now, and working on my older laptop.
Here’s what I think happened…
The hotel room uses keycards. The security at the hotel ran a report to see that no one had accessed my room with a keycard since 9:30 the prior evening.
But what I noticed later in the morning is that if you don’t slam the door shut, the lock doesn’t actually latch. In other words, we closed the door at night, but it wasn’t locked. The door must have swung open — perhaps because of the a/c unit — and some passer-by saw the laptop, walked in, and took it.
I am very VERY thankful that nothing else was taken.
It would have been easy.

Sorry that this happened to you.

For frequent travels, a small inventment in a security cord is worth it. Should be under $20 for a cable only type. I use one to secure mine to something that isnt going to move (even at home if Im not moving it around).
There are even fancier ones with alarms built in.
I have not seen a laptop that doesnt have the standard attachment hole for these.

Also, there are travel door alarms. Never used one but I dont travel much.

Hi Mark,

I’m sorry to hear that your laptop was stolen, but the bright side of the story is the blessing that you and your family were not hurt. I don’t know whether you believe in God or not, but I do and I’m sure he was watching over you and your family. He is great at doing things like that. -:)
I have a laptop but I’ve never taken it on a trip.
Maybe it will be returned to you, I hope.
I wish you and your family the best.


Sorry to hear that Mark.

When I travel, I travel light, only my clothes on my back, my windows mobile 6 PDA smart phone, a compact digital camera, my wallet and my travel documents. I buy the stuff that I don’t carry when I arrive at my destination later. I carry some cash in my wallet, 2 credit cards and a few traveler’s checks.

I never bring my laptop with me as my smart phone is a mini version of my laptop. And beside why would I want to bring my laptop when I can use the business centre in the hotel that I’m staying?

So far, I never encounter any bad incidents.

Hi Mark,

what a nightmare — and scare, what with someone walking right into your room while you sleep! I used to feel like I was being way too paranoid for not feeling safe with leaving my laptop in my hotel room and instead lugging it with me everywhere I went, but no more!

I did have my checkbook stolen once while I was in a cafe, and that made me feel pretty violated. Another stupid thief, fortunately, who went to the bank to cash my checks, refused to show his ID and said that one of the tellers knew him. She did indeed, and I got to meet her in court, where she testified against him.

But my laptop — half my life’s in there! Sure reminds me to back-up before I go on my next trip.

Thanks for sharing this experience and good luck with hopefully getting your laptop (and ipod) back. I’ll be looking for your advice in upcoming emails.


I can feel the horror!! The data is by far the most valuable thing on there for all of us…

Here are my top suggestions for laptop security and data integrity:

1) Drive Encryption – as mentioned earlier, is a good idea. I may have to look into it sometime.

2) Data Backup – I use Carbonite and love it. Yes, I get free months for referals but I am not doing that today. The price is good for unlimited backups at $49.95/year. If you ever need to restore 1 file, you can. The restore all files, log into account on website and tell it to restore everything. I have it set to backup things immediately if they change. I have 60 gig backed up now…

3) Password Manager – I use Roboform ever since my PayPal acount was hacked. You can have really complicated passwords you don’t need to remember. Just click a link and it goes to the page and logs you in. You only need to know the master password that unlocks them for use. Free to try.

4) Use a cable lock even if laptop is in your room. Never let go of laptop if out in the public. Not even to stir your coffee. It goes to the restroom with me too.

5) Be paranoid about it at all times!!!!!!! Well, maybe not to that extreme, but you have to be vigilant all time.

Now for other security things while traveling:

1) Traveler checks
2) Leave wallet home and get a small credit card holder to carry. Only carry in front pocket.
3) When in the Navy, I carried wad of cash in my sock under my foot and only a small amount in my pocket. Seen pickpockets work their magic to many times. Wisdom and experiance in this area.
4) Leave jewlery and watches at home. Get a cheap $5 watch to wear.
5) Don’t let waitor take credit card out of your sight. EVER!!
6) Hide everything in your room, bury in suitcase, putting under matress is agood place too. The more they have to rummage, to sooner you wake up.
7) Digital Camera – use a wrist strap.
8) Pocketbook – don’t have on shoulder to one side, put it over your head then hold onto it in the front.

I am sure there is more tips to be had as everyone has had diferent experiances.

I was thinking, maybe it is time for an eeePC for those traveling times. Small and VERY hideable!!



Horrible story. Opportunity for a great lesson.

Chances are they only cared about the hardware and don’t put any value on your data.

All my portable devices are set up with user accounts and passwords, and they all require the password – even to come out of sleep mode.

Hardware can be replaced, and lost pictures are unimaginable. But stolen data can wipe out your company.

As I was reading your post, I am thankful that my days of owning a Corvette that had a LoJack theft system in it made me aware of this technology. I use the LoJack technology for my laptop also. If your computer gets stolen, contact the LoJack company and they will locate it as it emits a sound that can be tracked worldwide on a GPS system. Well worth the money! But the post I read about encrypting the hard drive made me think also….

Hi Mark,

My stomach just did a couple of twirls around. I
am so sorry that happened to you. What is this with these hotels now a days. I might be going to South Carolina in a month or two. I think I would die on spot of a heart attack if someone broke into our room at night. I don’t have a lap top right now but I’ve been wanting one for a long time. Mark, repeating what all the others have said Thank God you all are alright. There is nothing more important than your health. I know. I do think I understand part of how you felt and that was pretty crappy, someone invaded your family’s privacy, how dare that SOB do this to you, that was your private things they took. I think I’ll be dam cautious at night. Maybe even get one of those door sticks that people can’t get in when you put it up against the knob of the door. I wish you and your family well Mark and I’ll talk to you soon. Warm Regards,
Carol Huard

Hi Mark,

While I have not had a laptop stolen, I did lose a wallet many years ago. So I can somewhat relate.

The first thing that came to my mind about your predicament was identity theft. The best protection available is from You can get 10% off with this coupon code: countryc

Take care,

Hey Mark, sorry to hear the news.

Here’s one worse than that.

You don’t have to have your laptop stolen to have your Identity stolen from it. I see the last poster talks about lifelock which is a great product, but lifelock and all the products like it do not protect you from Identity Theft on credit you already have.

Every time you use your laptop you’re putting your Identity at risk of theft. Everything you do online can easily be seen by others in the area. This includes your email, logins, passwords, sites you visit, online forms you fill out – everything.

Just by watching you login and read your email you can easily have Identity Theft committed against you that can cost $10,000 or more. And it’s completely unstoppable once they watch you read your email.

For a full step-by-step example of how this happens and how to easily protect yourself, go to my website:

I have articles that break this down step-by-step, and a simple service that completely secures everything you do online anywhere you go in the world.

Please use the contact for for more information, make sure you ask about our free 25-page report on how wireless works, common security measures so-called experts tell everyone to do, why they don’t really secure you, and how our security works fool-proof.


I lived abroad for a year in Bahrain.
I had had one of the most creative years of my life over there in terms of my writing work – I had written two new books and TOTALLY reorganized all my hard dirve folders and file sturtuctre of the last ten years.

When it came to leaving the country i thought i better get round to backing up(!)

I delayed and delayed until it was the last night and purchased a 1tb hard drive that got delivered.

Some files wouldnt transfer so i got my computer engineer in until 1am to get the file transfers going (NOTE: do NOT try to copy and past 20 folders of at least 2gb each all at the same time!!!!)

I left it going overnight so that when i woke at 5am ‘it woudl all be ready’ (!!….)

When I woke up i discovered that BOTH hard drives were totally empty!
NO folders and NO files in EITHER drive anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will admit to slumping on the floor and crying.

No one would take my calls at 5a.30am (yes i tried the engineer and in the end just sms’d him that i will be committing suicide soon if he doesnt sort this out)

I then remember thinking that all was lost and i may as well go to the one tourist attraction i hadnt seen in Bahrain – the ‘Tree Of Life’.

This is a tree that has been growing for hundreds of years right in the middle of the desert with no other trees around it for miles.

I got so lost and eventually came across a police car who took me directly to ‘The Tree Of Life’.

I remember sitting next to and with the tree for an hour just coming to terms with my loss of data (cavemen didnt have to deal with this type of thing!).

I came to the conclusion that the data and books and time etc can ALL be replaced and improved upon.

I realised that I am the source of my light that I shine in the universe and that I can ramp up my game starting from now.

So I drove back slowly to my new ramped up and data free life.

When I got back, I made a call to my previous pc engineer in Dubai.
He eventually got me to finding out that the first drive ACTUALLY HAD all the files inside it, but that they had just gone invisible under the strain of all that ‘copying and pasting’.

I will admit to crying tears of joy and relief (only when I got off the phone with him though because I am British after all).

I was still annoyed at the first engineer though for not knowing the risks of copying and pasting rather than proper back up procedures.

So my message to you is to ramp up your game, be the light… and please back up!

I lost a lot of information on my 4GB Flash Drive.
I was at a new location at work on a different computer and as I went to ‘save’ if was as if everything disappeared.
Needless to say, I cried like a baby for so much information in reference to my business – speaking and writing was stored there.
I learned that you have to have several back-ups for you never know when it could all be gone.
Now I am starting over to recover some of the files and yet will not give up on a miracle to retrieve the information.
I also learned that when things happen in life we have to accept it and move on. It is a hard pill to swallow and yet you keep going.

My experience was slightly diffeent; I had someone steal money from me and my roommate when he was sleeping 6 feet away on the couch!
Similarly, I have come in and seen my roommate with another person sitting at my laptop! This did anger me. I am not too worried, I have nothing of ultimate value to steal by way of computer. My laptop needed several assists after that incident, and is still weird at times. Ah, the wonders of the hacker, and spyware, and God knows what else! I am not rich enough to care. That may seem an odd outlook, but really, even if I was rich, what can you do that is totally foolproof in today’s tech world? Eventually the person will get caught, and in the meantime, life goes on.
I am fortunate to live in a small community in Alaska. The banks know me, most of the community knows me, and even the other cities know of me, so it would be very difficult for someone to benefit from stealing my personal information.

I am sorry this happened to you, and am keeping your page under favorites. There is a lot to learn, and I doubt I will be able to learn it all in this lifetime. I am having a hell of a time just keeping up as it is!

Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Hey Mark,

Sorry to hear about this. Makes me want to hug my laptops.

I can see why someone wanted your laptop. I sure did!!!

Thank you for turning your loss into a wealth of resources we can use to prevent or at least mitigate a similar crisis.

Just a quick update. Your training my daughter Lulu (16) started something wonderful. This summer she built our entire membership site (200 pages plus) and several opt-in pages. She’s editing video. And the list goes on and on.

Thank you for inspiring her to conquer these skills fearlessly. And avoid the pain of working at some diner for $6 an hour, and hating it (as most of her friends are doing this summer).

She was positively beaming when she showed her big brother what she had done. It was a proud moment for me too.

With deep appreciation and best wishes for a speedy recovery,
Debra Sale Wendler

I travel a LOT with my laptop, and often sit in cafés and hotel lobbies in Europe with it (far too visible), and admit to have an attitude of “it will never happen to me”, or “I use the powers of the LOA, I transmit good energy”, blah blah blah. That’s not enough to protect me! I own a travel company and often the data I have put on my laptop from an R&D trip in Italy or France is the only record I have of that trip (except maybe some scribbled notes of route directions) – so to replace it I’d have to pay for another trip there. A huge waste of money and time. Just for THAT I need to get better at this, not to mention the actual loss of the laptop or other data (that is on my computer at home). Thanks for the reality check. I need to take some serious steps to protect my data and laptop.

Jennifer Sage

A Bummer indeed.
I feel sorry for you. I also recently had a couple of mishaps. I Spilled liquid on my keyboard and my laptop died. I had the motherboard fixed and got the unit back after a couple weeks. Was happy until I plugged in my SimpleTech external drive in to listen to some music and found that it also had died from probably being banged around one time too many. I loved my SimpleTech drive. I thought it would last forever…Threw away the warranty card and receipt semi accidently. Now, I’ve lost mucho, mucho, mucho info forever.

Dude, I feel your pain. Thanks for the tips. Sorry you had to go thru that experience.


Mark mentioned Acronis for backups. I’ve been using it for about a year. Best backup software I’ve used. Simple and effective. I shuttle my laptop between home and work. When I get to work, I plug it in to an external USB drive. Acronis starts automatically at a time I’m likely to be there and performs what they call a differential backup. Takes about 15 minutes, and my laptop is 100% backed up every day.

Hey Mark,

That really stinks. I’m really sorry to hear about it. Carrie and I were talking about this just a few minutes ago and realizing that for an Internet Marketer or world traveler who relies on their laptop, if you don’t have your laptop backed up, losing it is about the mental and emotional equivalent of losing a job (plus having the added fears that that job may later come back and steal you).

We travel a lot (as you know) and I can’t believe the nerve it would take someone to actually come in to your room and steal a laptop while you were there. That’s crazy. Definitely the first (and hopefully only) time we’ve ever heard of that.

One thing you may want to look at advising people to do is Earth Class Mail (would work for Mark Prefers as well). As you know, I’ve worked with helping people with Identity Theft for the last 5 years, and not having sensitive mail delivered to your home (or forwarded by the post office to another address) is a good step in prevention. Plus, if you’re traveling, it’s nice to be able to look at your physical mail online.

I really look forward to seeing what other services you recommend and suggest to help deal with this issue… there are likely some steps that Carrie and I haven’t thought about yet, and I’m looking forward to putting them in place.

Again, really sorry to hear about the theft of your “Lap Shop,” but really glad that you and your family are okay.


I have had this happen to me at a Motel 6 in Huntsville, AL. I was visiting my brother and we stayed there while we were in town. We went out for the day and eventually went back to my brother’s house. My wife and I ended staying there that night and the next day we went back to our hotel room my laptop was gone. I own my own business and I used that laptop for work so the files I had on there were extremely important. There was no forced entry in the room and I was told by the front desk that the cleaning lady was the only person that went into my room. The cleaning lady was at the front desk when she told me that and the cleaning lady said she didn’t take my f–in laptop and I must have not had one. Well that pretty much told me who stole it. They told me to file a police report which I did and it has been 3 months now and I have not gotten any help from the hotel in getting it replaced and I don’t think they intend to. Anyways don’t ever leave anything valuable in your hotel room. I never should have left my laptop in my room.

sorry about what happened to your laptop mark,
my laptop was stolen when i came back from my office and pulled in walmart for a sec. i got the stuff i needed and then when i came back i noticed that my laptop was gone. i forgot to lock the doors 🙁

Hello mark and to all the victims of theft. My laptop was stolen from my bedroom while, my landlord let a few people in to see rooms and didn’t pay attention to that third person. I would say it’s my fault since I left my door unlocked, it’s a sucky situation to begin with, I have to use a key to get into a bathroom and kitchen which is part of a hallway. So nothing is connected basically a cheap place to live.

Sad part is, I was looking for a job…I’m a college graduate and I used my laptop for everything. I realize what a waste of money it was, it was a beautiiful macbook. But I accept that it’s a mere object and that I’m lucky to be here, which is main point. I am typing this nonsense all on my phone. What a sad pitiful situation. Here I am with my phone, my pity, my fucking room mate playing music at 3 am, and my stomach churning because I can’t sleep.

I have suicidal thoughts, do you have words to ease my mind? Anyone out there, please give me a calling.

I was taking a nap in the afternoon while my husband took the kids to drop them off at there half day of school. My bedroom door was shut and I had earplugs in. My husband left the front door unlocked. The neighbor across the street said she saw a guy in a hoodie knock on my door, she walked down to lock hers and did not see the man anymore. He was IN my home at that point. The invader walked through and grabbed two laptops, camera, ps3 controllers, diamond ring, nintendo dsi, cash, gift card and more. I guess he shoved them into a backpack, he left a huge pile of bleach white tees behind our chair. He walked out the front door and that was it…GONE. Luckily I have backed up my info regularly but I’m sad because I didn’t for the past few months…I lost a lot of precious photos and videos of my three children. This guy keeps trying to come back, he is checking to see if we are home constantly. The cops are patrolling our area regularly. I hate him, hope he rots in jail. We are not well off, my husband makes $12 an hour to support us…that loser stole things we can’t replace. Our insurance deductible was $1K which took a huge chunk of money. We only had those items because we worked hard, saved and I sold a lot of things online to pay for them.

I’m sorry for your loss, Heidi.
Go buy yourself an inexpensive video camera of some sort…one that is motion activated. If the guy is truly coming back to strike again, he’s catchable! Good luck.

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