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Your Traffic Secrets Bonus

With all the commotion that a lost laptop brings, I may have fallen down a bit on the job. Please give me a moment to explain… While I was away, I let you know about John Reese’s Traffic Secrets course ( As you know, John is the among the most brilliant of internet marketers, and […]

With all the commotion that a lost laptop brings, I may have fallen down a bit on the job. Please give me a moment to explain…

While I was away, I let you know about John Reese’s Traffic Secrets course ( As you know, John is the among the most brilliant of internet marketers, and an excellent teacher. And you know, with certainty, that what John will show you will create traffic — and sales — for you.

I believe so much in what John is doing, and really want you to be successful online, that I offered you an incentive to get his program. I said to just order through that link, and I’d offer you a collection of four of my most popular programs.

But there is a catch — for me.

Here’s what I offered you…

= = = = = = = = = =
* Squeeze Page Cash Machine — Exactly HOW to put up
a squeeze page that actually works, including the
ABCs of HTML. This is exactly what you need to
turn your new traffic into a BIGGER LIST!

* Prospect Xray — All about knowing your customer,
which you must do before you begin any marketing

* Landing Page Cash Machine — Version 3, updated
with sections on Marketing to Women, marketing
your ecommerce sites, and more.

* List Power — How to build a list effortlessly.
Includes the exact how-to’s for adding an
autoresponder to your web page, how to write your
autoresponder sequence, and more.


If you’ve already got one or more of these
programs, you can instead choose a Landing Page
Review. My landing page reviews can help you
convert more of your traffic more often to sales.
These reviews will be first-come, first served,
and I’ll do one a day. So that means you’d better
get your order in for Traffic Secrets as soon as
it goes on sale.
= = = = = = = = = =

So what’s the catch?

John required that any bonuses be delivered within TWO DAYS…but I couldn’t do that because of my stolen laptop.

Thousands of people bought TrafficSecrets 2, and a bunch of them took me up on this offer, but I’ve only seen a few emails requesting the bonuses.

I must have missed some…maybe yours…and I want to make sure I do good by you (and not get in trouble with John).


If you were one of the people who ordered TS2 over the last two weeks, then just send your sales notification (that John would have sent to you after ordering) to me at, and tell me which bonus you’d prefer.

Now, if you haven’t yet ordered Traffic Secrets, I can only offer these bonuses until the end of this month. That’s this THURSDAY, July 31 (two days from now). I just need to know that I’m complete with this, and no longer need to monitor that email box.

So, send me your order confirmation now if you have one. And if you don’t yet have one, go order TS2 now and get more traffic to your site, make more sales, and give yourself a raise.

Just promise me one thing….

Once you start earning enough money to travel the world….protect your laptop. OK?

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

p.s. Did you get TrafficSecrets V2 yet? If you did, I’d love to hear what you think of the package you’ve received. Leave a comment here.

4 replies on “Your Traffic Secrets Bonus”

Hello Mark–

I think the Reese package has been held up due to loose C-D’s that need a special cushioning before all those orders go out.

But all good things are worth waiting for. I don’t believe there are any exceptions to that rule!!

Kate Loving Shenk

I purchased Traffic Secrets 2.0 the day it was released to “the public”. I was on the site the instant it went live & ordered immediately. I sent acouple of email enquiries about the offered download of TS 1. Got a generic email a few days later saying basically that TS 2.0 was being delayed in shipping & TS1 was not ready to download at that time. Another email a few days later promising another delay in shipping TS 2.0 (this did include a link to download two PDFs from the promised “full download” of TS1) & offering a refund to buyers who didnot want to wait any longer. I accepted this offer & emailed my request to the contact person for TS2.0. I did this several times over a three day period. None of these got through (delivery delay which then led to delivery failure). Finally one seemed to get through (At least it didn’t get bounced back to me). Getting no reonse to this email, I submitted a support ticket at the website (it definitely got through because I received an email confirmation, automatically generated) I have received no response to this ticket. I have received no response to my emails.
Is the program good?? I don’t know – I never received it – or the refund I requested.
Is the support good. I don’t know!! I haven’t gotten any support even though I’ve requested support multiple times.

I purchased Traffic Secrets 2 through your link on July 31st at 8AM. I still haven’t received Bonus #1 that you mentioned on your blog and through your email newsletter. I have seen some really great information for you so I am pretty sure it’s not a yank, but you have been so busy with losing your laptop that you haven’t been able to send it my way. Please let me know when I should look for it.

Thanks and much success,

Alex Yu

From MARK:
Alex, James from my office will be contacting you about this today.

James did contact me and I am all set up. I found the information to be well put together and informative. As many know, the only way to increase your success without more work is creating a scalable system that runs on Autopilot.

Thanks Mark for your hard work in this niche area…your pearls of wisdom will be put to good use.

Wishing You Wealth in all its Greatest Forms


Alexs last blog post..Financial Enemy #1

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