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The SECOND reason to use Adwords

Read this Adwords advice even if you do not use Adwords or have no intention to. Because even people who are already using Adwords aren’t aware of something it can do for them. It’s one of Adwords’ best features — but you won’t even find it in the documentation. But before we get into this […]

Read this Adwords advice even if you do not use Adwords or have no intention to.

Because even people who are already using Adwords aren’t aware of something it can do for them. It’s one of Adwords’ best features — but you won’t even find it in the documentation.

But before we get into this too deep, though, let me ask you a question.

Would you pay an expert in your field a few dollars to tell you EXACTLY what your customers wanted? What would it be worth to you if you KNEW, with absolute certainty, that the buyers of your …let’s use Widgets as an example … that the buyers of your Widgets were more interested in quality and reliability as opposed to price?

Or price rather than quality and reliability?

Would it be valuable for you to know that — by an overwhelming majority — buyers wanted plastic widgets rather than the old fashioned metal widgets?

You see, one of the things that Adwords can do for you — and this is very powerful and important — is to tell you WHO your customers are. Adwords can tell you where they come from, what they want, and what they are searching for.

Okay, so you thought that Adwords is for sending paid traffic to your site…and it is.

But the tracking and reporting tools inside of Adwords give you accurate information about which keywords are the most important and popular for your business.

Let me explain.

The way I use Adwords for a new project is I do some brainstorming early on. I think up every keyword that might apply to the product that I’m promoting. I put all of those keywords into a single Ad Group (an Ad Group is a collection of keywords, along with the ads that will be displayed when someone searches for those keywords). And then I let the ads run for a week or two. Less time (like a day or two) if there is a LOT of traffic.

Here’s a shocker: I don’t expect to make a single sale.

But what I KNOW that I will find, when I log into my Adwords account, is a list of all of the keywords I thought of, ranked MOST SEARCHED to LEAST SEARCHED.

What’s the value of that?

PRICELESS, because I’ll now do two things with that list.

I’ll take the top keyword or two and create a new Adgroup for just those individual keywords.

But more importantly, those same top-ranked keywords are the ones that I’ll be using on my ORGANIC search work.

I’ll focus on those keywords when I write my articles. I’ll create Web2 pages with those keywords as titles of the pages I make. I’ll write blog posts all about the topic of those keywords.

Do you see how that works?

I let the entire population of the internet tell me exactly what keywords I should be going after for all the rest of my marketing. It’s going to save me TIME. It’s going to eliminate DOUBT. And make my business MORE SUCCESSFUL.

And that, my friend, is PRICELESS.

During my upcoming Traffic Course, one of my guest faculty is a highly respected and well known Google expert. In fact, he used to work at Google from the very first days of Adwords, and helped create the Adwords Optimization team right inside of Google. He knows Adwords, and he’ll be sharing what he knows — hopefully even a few things he’s not supposed to say publicly — with you in the course.

If you want instant Traffic, Adwords is as close as you’ll come.

Registration for the course isn’t open yet, but you can get on the Priority List today so you’ll be among the first to get access to the course once it’s open for enrollment.

Members of the Priority list will also receive the biggest fast-action discounts, and will have access to the early limited bonuses. There’s no commitment if you get on the Priority list, and there’s absolutely no downside either.

Get on the list now.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

p.s. I mentioned above that I throw a bunch of keywords into a single Adgroup, just to see where the traffic is. NEVER leave your account that way. It will lower your quality score of your Adwords account, and raise your cost per click.

But this technique is extremely valuable to find out where the traffic is, for both your Adwords and Organic efforts.

There’s a tool I use to make the big list of keywords — and I’m going to give you access to it now. It’s a tool that I built several years ago, and that thousands of people still use today and every day. It used to sell for $17/month but I now offer it for Free to my readers.

It’s called the Keyword Turbocharger, and you sign up for it here:

It’s my gift to you.

The tool comes with a free keyword lesson, and online audio help to talk you through the whole thing. Go sign up now for the KTC — and don’t forget to get on the Priority List for the Traffic Course.

There’s more helpful traffic advice coming your way!


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What is the name of the category within adwords that allows you to list your keywords by popularity?

Isn’t this the same as


Thanks for the helpful tip. By the way, I tried to sign up for your free keyword system and it tells me the links are broken and won’t let me continue. I finally got in to sign up, but could not get your site. Just wanted you to know.

Thanks again,

Hi Mark,
I think this is a very clever approach. It sounds a bit like the one I heard of “advertising the e-book BEFORE even weriting it”.
But my problem is: Where do I send the people that click on the ads? (You didn’t expect to make a sale), but you DID have a product to sell though?
Thanks for a word of additional explanation.

Mark, excellent idea.

Martina, I would send the traffic to the squeeze page (offering free high quality advice). By getting their contact information you can cut the costs down or make some profit. Also, you can do A/B tests with your landing page. If there’s no product to sell yet, you can sell them the new product in the future. That’s how I did it.

If you just want to test the want in your product and you have a big ad budget to spend, I would send them directly to the sales page. This way you screen for serious buyers and get trustworthy test results soon. (Didn’t do this one yet however.)


great idea. I’m going to give it a try on a new project I’m working on.

A couple of questions first.

1. Does the keyword type make any difference? i.e.
keyword = broad match
“keyword” = match exact phrase
[keyword] = match exact term only

2. In the campaign settings do you choose to “Show My Ad” on Google Search, Search Partners and The Content Network or just Google Search and Search Partners?

My gut tells me just Google Search and Search Partners and not The Content Network. Since the ads on The Content Network aren’t generated from actual search results but rather from content on sites that display AdSense ads.

Thanks, Barry O.

Barry Os last blog post..You’ve Got Less Than 5 Seconds. Go!

I would make a list of keywords, do them all broad match plus match exact phrase plus match exact term only. You can keep an eye on the website statistics. If that’s confusing, I would use [match exact term only].

Also, I wouldn’t test in Google’s Content Network as it indeed isn’t generated from search results and it can be very expensive. Besides, they show an off topic ad everywhere in the content network if it has high Click Through Rate.

Mark, what is your take on this?

Adwords is a really great tool for promoting your website, forum or affiliate link. the ppc cost of adwords is even cheaper than Friendster or Facebook. before, i used to advertise on facebook but the ROI is so low. Adwords gives me a much better ROI compared to Facebook ads.

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