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Do You Multitask?

One of the responses on my blog to the book “The Triumph Of The Stupid”, was that “Over the years I have multi-tasked myself out of a fortune”. Wow. What a statement. Print that out and tape it to your wall over your computer. You need to I know that getting one thing DONE at […]

One of the responses on my blog to the book “The Triumph Of The Stupid”, was that “Over the years I have multi-tasked myself out of a fortune”.

Wow. What a statement.

Print that out and tape it to your wall over your computer.

You need to I know that getting one thing DONE at a time is THE PATH TO SUCCESS.

Why? Because something actually gets DONE that way.

So I’m curious to know about your own struggles with multi-tasking.

For example…many people who want to get traffic to their site will begin article marketing, and so they write one or two articles. But then they hear that blogs are the thing to do, so they set one up, and write a few posts.

(Heck, you can do both.)

Then, all of a sudden, someone tells them they can get traffic instantly with Adwords, so they set up an Adwords account, dump in a few thousand keywords, and expect the traffic (and money) to roll in.

Well that seems like a good idea…(We’ll just fit that into the schedule, okay?)

Well, hang on…because you just heard that organic traffic from search engines is *free*, so that’s gotta be better. (We can make time for “free”, right?)

So do you get the picture?

You’ve got your hands in a bunch of different traffic methods, and none of them are working for you yet. You have them all going at once, but you never do spend enough time on any ONE of them to get any traction.

And as a result, none of them produce any traffic.

That’s the kind of multi-tasking that can hurt you — BAD.

I saw the movie “There will be blood” a few months ago. It’s the story about Daniel Plainview, an oil man, who buys up some land and builds an oil empire.

And in that entire movie, I never saw Daniel build an oil well that drilled a few inches deep, and a mile wide.

No, not once.

What he did do, though, is drill a hole a few inches wide and a mile deep.


Because that’s where the oil is.

So what’s your multi-tasking traffic story? How easily are you distracted tomorrow from what you said your goal was yesterday?

Look, there’s nothing wrong with having multiple traffic sources. In fact, you NEED multiple traffic sources.

You just can’t start drilling for them all at once.

More on this tomorrow, but I want to hear from you about this today.

Go post your reply here:

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

p.s. Daniel drilled multiple wells, but he didn’t drill new wells all at the same time — until he knew what he was doing. Daniel got his first one done, and then moved onto the next.

I recommend you do the same.

In the coming weeks, it’s my goal to show you how. For now, though, tell me about the traffic you’ve tried to get, and how “spreading yourself too thin” got in the way.


14 replies on “Do You Multitask?”

Excellent article. I think it is very true that being a generalist is somewhat impossible and frustrating–probably because reality is not general. I sometimes find myself writing an article and trying to “cover everything” rather than focusing in on something small and giving it lots of details.

Excellent motto about never becoming rich as a multi-tasker. I guess that’s part of the learning curve. If you are trying to learn twenty things at once, you will probably be crappy at all of them.

jsawvels last blog post..Why is Eestor So Secretive?

Thanks for the post! Yes, I have not multi-tasked any of my blogs so far, but I’ve seen a lot of people do it. Some succeed, some don’t, some bang their heads against a wall (metaphorically, of course) and yet some just end up staring at nothingness when the site reports come in.

I would agree with you that site traffic is as organic as it can be. You have to look into one method, perfect it at most before diving into another. I guess we’ve or some have seen too many Google Ad checks lately and have seen $$$ in their eyes to quickly.

Deep Aroras last blog post..How To Be Productive Despite Technical Difficulties

Hi Mark,

Yes, I believe without a doubt, that my lack of focus on one project, is the reason I am not making the kind of money…I deserve.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, sometimes we can not see the obvious…well, make that most of the time.

Thanks Again,


Hi Mark,

Excellent points and I am teaching a very similar concept through the free internet marketing course I am teaching over at 16 steps to success.

Through 2 surveys I did, I found that 86% of people have no daily written game plan. THIS IS THE NUMBER #1 Killer for people not having success…And these are not NEWBIES…these are mostly marketers who have been working on this at least a year or more.

With so much information comes the thought process that we need to be doing it all.

Your book really nailed it in a big way and I back what you are saying and doing.

I still struggle with this as well and your point about focus on one project at a time is one I have not mastered. It really has me thinking over this week-end and has had a powerful impact upone me…Thank you Mark…Currently I have too much going on and it is impacting my bottom line and efficiency.

I am stuck in this multi-tasking mode for at least another month, but I am going to take your words to heart and make sure as soon as I can, break away from this trend of “trying to do it all” and take on one project at a time and get it profitable before taking on anything else.

Traffic from multiple sources is vital, but as you stated, master one…get it going…track your results and once you are comfortable and successful with that traffic source, add another.

Recently too, Charles Heflin had a great series on Web 2.0 and how to utilize traffic from them, and the gist of the series is that we do NOT need to be on 100 web 2.0 properties. Just become an expert on a few and focus on them.

Until we all understand this, we will all continue to spin around in cyberspace wondering why we are not succeeding to the level we wish.


Sam Clarks last blog post..16 Steps To Success and internet business training program

My wife tells me that I must FOCUS and that I act like I have ADD. One of my biggest problems is keeping my mind from running off on tangents.

Your book was a great way to illustrate the power of focussing. You break a rock by repeated smaller blows in a concentrated point, not by just whaling away at the rock surface.


Jim Montgomery

Have You Fired Yourself Yet?

Excellent post Mark! In these days of the ‘next BIG (sure) thing’, we all fall into the trap of moving on too quickly without exhausting our efforts to current methods; giving it a fair shot.

Sometimes that best solution is the simplest.

Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you HAVE to. FOCUS and GOAL setting is #1 in reaching your milestones. Looking forward to your follow-up post. Happy blogging.

Anthony Santiago

Nice one. One word that came to my mind when reading this is ‘discipline’. When multitasking, I need to constantly focus on ‘discipline’ of myself to make sure that I am not straying off the path. A schedule (and following it) is basically the best discipline for me, and I have a heck of a time keeping on track even on a good day! (cats walking on my desk doesn’t help).

Lukes last blog post..Brad Pitt Internet Risk – Watch Out!

Great post, Mark. I have been a multi-tasker my entire life. In fact, sometimes I look at it as living several lives simultaneously! Others look at it as a classic case of ADD. 🙂

These days I am more focused as a freelance copywriter, editor and book-writing coach. Yet, I remain a multi-tasker because I am marketing and networking both online and off, then doing the different types of work.

It’s a dilemma sometimes and can be overwhelming, I’m open to suggestions!

In addition, I am a student of both my craft, as well as the whole internet marketing thing, where I am a newbie.

The idea is to have enough work coming in so I can farm a big chunk of it to my writing team. They are all full-time professionals, like myself. If I am feeding them work, there will be less multi-tasking all the way around!


I have been trying to teach myself marketing for the last several months, and I find it difficult to focus on one thing because there is so much that is new to me. I did read one book that outlined how to start with a description of your business purpose then it walked the reader through several steps to build a marketing strategy. Because I am not the decision maker, I got stalled and have been working on the easy things. The Triumph of Stupid has me energized again and has given me goals I can achieve. Thank you.

Mark – great post and thanks for the ebook. The Triumph of the Stupid has given me a good, swift kick to get going and stop analyzing everything to death. In fact I need to get back to marketing right now.

I practically fell off my chair laughing while reading your FREE book (thank you) on the absurdity of multi-tasking. I call myself a recovering multi-tasker because I eventually saw how crazy that behavior was making me. Certianly as a woman, multi-tasking is considered the norm. So much to do in no way enough time. And it’s all made up. Who decided what needs to be done and in what time anyway? I FOR SURE have seen that the more I try to do all at once the less I do.
I’ll be blogging about you today as well!
Feel free to comment there as well!
Thanks for your GREAT work.
I will pass the word onto my Priestess Entrepreneur community.
Cindy Morris
Practical Priestess Entrepreneur

Hey, Mark,

Amen, brother. I’m most definitely guilty of chasing “the shiny things”. I can’t even begin to count the number of partially finished projects I have laying around.

My current and future goal is to focus on one thing until it’s done, then move on to the next one.

Thanks for the focus.


“You need to I know that getting one thing DONE at a time is” *** THE PATH TO SUCCESS ***

Yes I did post this on my PC. I been reading this and that and still haven’t made progress at anything. Time to FOCUS on 1 thing and do all I can on that and the rest we fall into place overtime.

thanks much,


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