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The Traffic Multiplier – Six Minutes to Massive Traffic

There’s one thing about traffic that you need to know BEFORE you start trying to get more of it. Everyone who has made it beyond "newbie" status knows this — in fact, their business lives and dies by this. Whether or not you enroll in my traffic course, watch this video and do what it […]

There’s one thing about traffic that you need to know BEFORE you start trying to get more of it. Everyone who has made it beyond "newbie" status knows this — in fact, their business lives and dies by this.

Whether or not you enroll in my traffic course, watch this video and do what it says — even if you don’t think you need to. And what you’ll discover is exactly why I call this a Traffic Multiplier.

Watch this video till the end — In it, I’ll offer you a SIX MINUTE SOLUTION — and I want to know if you want it.

To Your Success,


p.s. I’m closing down the Scholarship applications for the traffic course at Midnight tonight — so if you haven’t applied yet, go do it now. You’ll find it at

Also, people have been writing me personally asking "WHEN IS THIS TRAFFIC COURSE GOING TO HAPPEN!?!?! QUIT MAKING ME WAIT!!"

Well, I’ve got some news about that, too. (It’s a lot of work to put something of this magnitude together, you know!). Registration will open EARLY NEXT WEEK — either Tuesday or Wednesday.

But, keep watching your inbox. There is more you’ll want to know. -M


130 replies on “The Traffic Multiplier – Six Minutes to Massive Traffic”

Hi Mark, Great video on Google Analystics (I hope I spelled that right) I use it and really like how it tells me what I need to know about my traffic. Some parts of it though I just don’t understand how to read and so it makes it difficult for me to analize what I need to do or not do.

Can’t wait for more videos from you your information is great and I always learn something new.

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This video was okay. It at least got me to put a comment here to get the free video about Google Analytics. But then again, the video was free and I like the shortness of it and how it was not filled with a bunch of trying to sell me on the latest and greatest next course or item which most people eventually get tired of.

Thanks Mark,
You’re right. I didn’t know where my traffic was coming from. I now have a better understanding of traffic and conversion.
Good Work!

Hi Mark;

Good presentation on both the subject (Google Analytics). You make a compelling case for using it, and demonstrating the incredible value learning the system provides.

I will definitely watch your “6 Minute Marvel” to learn how to install it on my soon to be built first site.

I also felt that your video presentation was very well done.

Best Regards,

Hi Mark,
Thanks for this video. I am currently paying my web host for this type of tracking info. So am interested in looking into google analytics. We are just at that stage where we are starting to make a little money, so I look forward to the course.

BTW, where in the world can you buy a cup of Starbucks for $2? 🙂

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the tip on Analytics. Been meaning to implement it for awhile now. You’re right about one of your last comments: The only step missing is getting it done.

Thanks again.

Hello Mark

Thanks for the video on analytics. I couldn’t help but notice that you have rearranged some of the locations of your hair since I last “saw” you. Wait until you catch up with me and start considering an “ear hair combover”;-) All kidding aside, please send the video. I am anxiously awaiting your traffic course. If it is half as good as the education and advice I’ve received from you in the past, it will be THE definitive course on getting optimum results in generating traffic that I can actually rely on as opposed to the vague lip service I’ve received from so many self-proclaimed gurus. As always, thank you for your unparalleled expertise, integrity and assistance.


Hey Mark… I know, I know I need to be testing and tracking. I think you just gave me a kick start with this short video.

I love Google Analytics and I know I am not using it to it’s full potential.

Going now to set up more tracking….

Thanks for everything… Debra

Great video Mark.

It makes sense. I’ve bought 3-4 traffic trackers. I’m going to switch over to the free one you mentioned in your video.


P.S. Can you send me a copy of the “other” video.
Thanks 🙂

Hi Mark …

Great video I guess I’m in the traffic brokering business where my sales ad sends people to my website and hopefully from my site the click on the apply button and if they are accepted by my vendor I get paid simple but at this point very very complcate to accomplish … not sure if your system wil work for me ….


Some good advice there, Mark, on making web analytics work for you. You’re absolutely right of course that stats are the key to ultimate success.

In fact some go so far as to say that you sculpt your site with the stats. I can’t disagree.

Google Analytics is hard to use for the average site owner, I think, so perhaps you’ll do some tutes for this. CamStudio is excellent for this purpose but needs a PC with some serious beef in order to run it. The resulting tute vids are really excellent though.

There’s a very useful function in GA that some of your more expert readers might not know of: the ‘compare sites’ feature. You can compare your site traffic with that of any other website that runs GA. And that’s a lot of ’em!

You’ll have some fun with that one…

Good video Mark, it is more incentive to get off my duff and get the codes on my site. I will stop thinking about it and do it tonight! And yes, please send me the link to your 6 minute video.

Thanks, Phil

Well, I like the idea of learning how to interpret the statistics in a way that I can use them to improve my traffic and get more customers.

I would like to see the video you offered.


PS – I am wondering where YOU get the information under the “Submit Comment” button. It tells what my last blog post is. That is very unsettling that your software would know something like that. My last blog post was on my own website!

Hi, Mark —

Thanks for your generosity. The video was convincing and I’m ready to install Google Analytics.

I’m just getting going with my website, and you’re the third recommender of GA, so thanks!

One comment about your video: I know you had a lot to say, but it sounded like you were reading the script as quickly as you could — I got out of breath just listening! I think you could engage us a little better by slowing down just a bit.

Thanks again, Mark. I’d love to see that video.

Janet Hilts MPH, EFT-ADV

You left me wanting to know more!! With all the “stuff” out there, you really seem to cut through all the fluff and give it to me straight up.

Hey Mark

Now this is an interesting way to get people to leave comments…I’m going to start doing it asap 🙂

Your emails and posts are always informative and the video had me rolling on the floor! You are taking it to the next level my friend.

Good luck on this new course which I think is exactly what the market needs right now. Hope it is can push everyone over that hump!

Thanks a million

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Great content you are making available to newbies… and those that have been studying for years but haven’t implemented.

I would love to get your six minute Google Analytics step-by-step email.

Cheers… and keep up the good work!


Hi Mark,

I was just talking with my web designer friend about statistics. I’m definitely interested in the video, Google Analytics, and the traffic course.

Lead on!
Sherri 🙂

PS – Love the new look – I like the van dyke. I think you look younger. 🙂

I liked your video. I am a complete newbie and feel like I’m floundering around out in the middle of a big lake. I know that tracking and monitoring what you are doing is important in any field of work you are in. I would like to get Google Analytics and the video on setting it up.

Hi Mark:
Thanks for the Google analytics info. I’ve got your Landing Page Cash Machine, really great and seemingly easy to use, but I seem to have been attacked by “stupid paralysis” my results are 0, despite your hand-holding and simplicity of delivery. Yes, stupid, I am!
Please send me the link to the Six Minute Solution video.
I remain optimistic and still believing I can DO it!

Hi Mark

Liked the video about Google Analytics. I already have it set up on my sites but have to say I seldom pay much attention to it. Does that make me dumb or smart?? 🙂 Any way I want to see the free video so that I can learn how to maximize the tool.

Thanks for educating all of us.


Hey Mark!

Are you the same guy in the suit who usually shows up on your other websites? For a split second, I thought you were Steve Jobs!

Your “Triumph of the Stupid” e-book and your “Traffic-multiplier video were both extremely eye-opening.

Thank you so much for Google Analytics!


Hi Mark,

I enjoyed the video but I really liked your presentation style.
Would like to hear about your forthcoming program.



Thanks for the information. It reminds all of us that just be cause something is FREE, it may still have GREAT value! The example you cite is excellent… how Google Analytics is now free but used to cost $2,000 to use when the technology was owned by it’s original founding company. Like you said… Now go get it and start using it!

Best Regards,

Mike S.

Hi Mark, the info surely “moves the free line” as Eben Pagen tells us. I have a suggestion – scroll the URLs you want us to visit. Fade in/Fade out or crawl along the bottom – that way we can pause and jot them down.

I am one of those “newbies” you referred to… definitely like the “easy approach” used in the video you posted. Will see how I do because I am just starting this whole “Internet Marketing” gig.

That is a term you can relate to which will suggest how old I am… probably right up there with you, Mark. haha


G’day Mark from Australia

I setup Analytics over a year ago but found it very confusing. Not quite sure what I am supposed to do with this. Maybe TOO MUCH Information…

Will your Videos cover (not just the features) but also the benefits and objectives of this program?

Love the casual style BTW 😉


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Google analytics! Hmmm you got my attention.

Sounds like I could use that setup video too.

I look forward to the traffic course.

You got the right idea for sure…… get it dome!!!!

The video was that extra ‘kick in the pants’ that I need to get Analytics organised. You have a way with words – all good.

I look forward to the extra video on setting up Analytics.


Thanks much for the advice. I actually come from an analytical background [process/systems auditor in the banking industry] and I know it’s key to be able to not only track your visitor / sales activity but to also use the right trackers and tools to do so.

Thanks again, Great Job!


Great video. I’m still trying to get everything up and running. The only thing I’m not quite sure about is how to get traffic to my site site once I get it finished.
I’m looking forward to more videos.
Thank you so much for this video, it helped some.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the video I’m one of those newbies overwhelmed by it all. Like you said traffic is the key,but tracking that traffic is equally important. A video showing how to install it will be very help.

P.S I think I forgot my website
Hi Mark,
Thanks for the video I’m one of those newbies overwhelmed by it all. Like you said traffic is the key,but tracking that traffic is equally important. A video showing how to install it will be very help.


Thanks for the insightful advice! I am definitely interested in the 6-minute video – and I’m ready to get started and get it done!


Hi Mark, it sounds pretty interesting, I´ve heard about G. Analytics but I always thought it was very complicated to set up, If you could please send me a copy of your 6 minute video I´m sure that would really help me undesrstand the basics

Yes your video was compelling, I already have analytics set up but haven’t figured out how to implement it with E-junkie sales yet.

I think that it is good that you don’t try and come across as a know it all hot shot. I am getting very tired of having to sit through so much ego bullshit to learn such a little at a time!

You have a beard! I’ve been looking at your online photo so long, I didn’t recognize you. But your voice is unmistakable. Kudos for your speaking style: crisp, clear, to the point. Unlike a lot of speakers, you end your sentences. You don’t string them all together in one long run-on sentence. I’m eager to take your course.


Mark, I have google analytics on my sites rght now. That was one of the first things that I did when I opened my adwords account. But I never really new how to use it. Now I have a clearer understanding on what to do. Thanks Mark.

Mark, great video. Good information all though I am very visual so of course I like to see things explained as well as hearing things explained.

I also like things explained without a lot of fluff which you hit the nail right on the head! Looking forward to your traffic course.

Thank you,


Hi Mark,

Again thanks for the incite on Analytics. I will be adding this to my written to do list for my new online business.

You are an Inspiration.


Hi Mark, thanks for the video. You do great!

I already have analytics set up. But the thing is, I haven’t figured out how to track sales correctly.

I can’t find out where they came from, a few weeks after they subscribed to my newsletter…

For example, it looks like there is a high conversion from hotmail account users, but how did those buyers found my site?

It seems Google Analytics forgets about a visitor after a while…

Hello Mark,

As always, a clear and concise introduction to the topic at hand. No baggage or pointless digression or self-aggrandisement.

In other words, you talked about trarric and not about you. That’s what makes YOU interesting – you’ve not invested in the cult of personality so prevalent in IM today. But I name no names.

So, I look forward to the course as well as this six-minute offering you’ve promised. Best wishes,



Great video- and I completely agree with about tracking your web stats (metrics). If your serious about staying in business online it’s paramount that you understand where your leads are coming from and respond to your metrics to optimize your marketing efforts while reducing your financial exposure.

Hi Mark. Thanks for the info on Analytics. I am learning more about marketing from you. I can’t wait to get it all together (get it done) and begin to automate with autoresponder series. Please send me the set up video on Google Analytics.

Great vid Mark. I was surprised to here you say Google Analytics. For IMer’s the old saying “You Snooze You Loose” should be “No Tracking, Cash Lacking”. Great stuff as always, Mark.


Excellent video. The key element to remember
for me is: tracking…but first traffic?
I have explored google analytics before and it
is very comprehensive. It would be great to
have a tutorial on how to use it.

Appreciate your clarity/boiling things down and keeping them simple. In this age of internet guru’s the problem is not information, but way too much information.

Thank Mark!
I see this info as one more step to putting it all together and start making my dreams come true. The deal is I just can’t buy in to any thing more. I have used up all my cash and credit trying to get it together. now I am trying to find all I have and learn what I have going so far, and this will help. I need all the free help I can get at this time. so I can get it going and make more investment money, and make it big. Will stay in tough if I can keep my electric on.

Hi Mark,
good to get to know little pieces of the puzzle that make this whole web experience work better. Still tip toeing around the perimeter, but getting closer to the focus every day
Thanks and i would love to see the analytics in action!!

Hi Mark,

Thanks for this video. It was short and to the point, and while I knew the importance of google analytics, the point you made was to the point… I need the numbers to know anything about my business. If I don’t know who is buying, how and from where… I can’t maximize or improve.

And, you were correct, just thinking of using analytics can give me a brainmelt… from the outside. so…

I would love the video on analytics.

Thank you for sharing such clear content.


Hi! Mark
I like what you are talking about I am thinking of a website I need to know about the traffic. Iwould love your video.
Thanks Shirley


Your right spending money on traffic without real time stats is like talking to a french speaking person in chineese…it just doesn’t work. I would love to get the 6 minute video on how to set up google Analytics.


Hi Mark,
Thanks so much for giving me the motivation and instruction I needed to install google analytics. I have a question. The sign-up area refers to “dynamic” content. What is it? I don’t know if I have it or not. And should I pay any attention to this at the beginning?
Aloha, Judy

Mark, I appreciate the pace and clarity of your communication. I think I could actually learn from you without becoming overwhelmed.

I would love a scholarship to your course and also look forward to watching the next 6 minute video you are offering for my comment.

Hi Mark –

thanks for this video! I’ve always known I need to use Google Analytics and do testing and tracking, but have never DONE it! Now, thatnks to your gentle “push” and setup training video, I WILL. Thanks!

This video was brief and to the point, which I understood was to let us know about your course, and also about Google Analytics and that you should use it. I’ve been quite puzzled by some of the Analytics features so I look forward to seeing your short Analytics video.

Hello Mark,

I agree with every word you are saying. And at the same time, I’d also want to shout out “I’m guilty!”. I have websites, some popular some so-so and I still have not use the expanse of all of Google Analytics functions and features. I think I’m just getting the first few layers of features in. I know I’d get more information if I sit down with you in one of your seminars or talks. I’m in the States now, so I hope to swing by any one of these days.

I like what you say about measuring and succeeding. Figures that it’s like an athlete knowing what measure to aim for and actually hitting the mark.

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