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Google Analytics Setup Video – 6 minutes

Wow. I am overwhelmed (in a good way). When 41 requests asking for the Google Analytics setup video came into my blog in the first hour after I casually asked if you wanted it, I was surprised. But at the time of this writing, there are now over 110 requests for the video — which is […]

Wow. I am overwhelmed (in a good way).

When 41 requests asking for the Google Analytics setup video came into my blog in the first hour after I casually asked if you wanted it, I was surprised. But at the time of this writing, there are now over 110 requests for the video — which is a VERY high response rate for a blog — at least for mine.

So it looks like YOU WANT IT. Yes? 

Since this kind of step-by-step training is apparently in such demand, I took a little extra time to make it extra clear for you.

Here’s the thing, though…

It’s not worth my time unless YOU actually get Analytics set up on your site. I got Analytics set up on the video in about 5 minutes, it turns out. And I’m guessing that you — even if you fumble around a bit — can get it done in under 10, no problem.

Believe me, it’s WORTH your time to get good statistics about your website. Everything depends on it — your TRAFFIC depends on it, your CONVERSION depends on it, and YOUR ENTIRE WEB BUSINESS depends on it.

So go watch the video, and then immediately go set up Analytics on your site.

A few more things before you go, though.

There was a comment about my last blog post that cut right to the heart of the matter…
It was from Elaine G, who said

A few weeks ago I set up Google analytics on my landing pages. I get so little traffic there is nothing to measure.

Elaine, I feel your pain. I really do, because I can remember when I first started out online — I had exactly the same problem. But your question is the heart of the matter! YOUR QUESTION IS THE REASON for the Traffic Course PRECISELY.

You need traffic, and I intend to help you get it.

It’s good that you’ve got Analytics installed. Now, let’s fill it up.

I got a comment from Richard who might actually make the case for Analytics better than I have. He boils it down to four short words:

Great vid Mark. I … For IMer’s the old saying "You Snooze You Loose" should be "No Tracking, Cash Lacking". Great stuff as always, Mark.

Very true, Richard. I couldn’t have said ti better myself.

And David C. posted a comment that I wanted to reply to.

Very Timely, I just started looking at GA yesterday. I began working with it, but Goog’s instructions are as usual not very user friendly. Looking forward to your video on GA so I can start using it effectively.

David, the reason I made this video was because you NEED good tracking if you’re going to start working on traffic, and…

There are not a lot of Teachers who really remember what it was like to be a student.

I’m still learning things myself — like all this video stuff. I’m new to it. And I’ve got to rely on SUB-PAR canned training, and the advice of gurus and experts to help me. And believe me, when some expert tells me to do X but doesn’t tell me HOW to do X, I get frustrated.


In fact, things like that have delayed this course substantially, and besides getting me a bit angry (yes, ANGRY), it keeps me grounded and keeps me looking at EVERYTHING I DO through the eyes of a STUDENT.

I hope that comes across in this video. Your comments on the video will help me make the course as effective and simple as possible.

So go watch the video now, go install Analytics on your own site, and then let me know what you think. I REALLY want to know.

Scroll back up and click PLAY. Then scroll down and leave your comment.


To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. The video itself is actually nine and a half minutes long, but that’s because I wanted to set some context for you at the beginning, and give you some action steps at the end. So please don’t comment that I went 3 minutes over. <grin> 

The actual "how to do it" part of the video (which starts when I say "start the timer") is UNDER six minutes.

It’s easy, and you should be able to do it almost as quickly.

So scroll up and watch it now, and let me know how you do!


57 replies on “Google Analytics Setup Video – 6 minutes”

Nice vid, now what do we do with all that data?


I put analytics up but only on one page and somehow it gave me stats for “Pages/Visit”. I only have this code on my home page. Does this sound strange? It makes me suspect that it tracked 2.78 pages per visit over 2 weeks without me having tracking on any other page. Maybe it uses another formula to calculate this. Any thoughts


Hi Mark:
That was really easy to follow and understand. Your teaching style is very simple and clear.
Wow! I did not ralize that putting the Google Analytics code onto any page is THAT simple.
I’m going to do it right now.
Thank you.

Great video. Question though. Do we have to put one tracking link on the home page, and a different one on the thank you page? Or do we just put the same tracking link on both pages, and google will give us the information on traffic separately (meaning how much went to the home page, and how much went to the thank you page)? Thanks..

You put the SAME tracking code on EVERY page. That allows google to just read what goes on at each of your pages.
It counts everything on every page, and gives you some very interesting reports.

Thanks Mark!

You made putting Analytics on a website childs play …

Seeing someone explain something makes it so much easier and then the BIG part is – you can see if you are doing it right! I know I’ve done enough of the wrong stuff, LOL!

I put Google Analytics on all of my client’s sites. I can not tell you how valuable the information is, in some cases almost priceless. It can be helpful even on sites with little traffic. You need to know where your traffic is coming from, and how your conversion is (or not) working.

Do it once or twice, and it becomes a quick process.


Hey Mark that was some very good teaching. Thank you, good looking out for those of us that don’t know everything about computer business. Thanks. D.E.

Your video demonstrated clearly what needs to be done to add Google Analytics to most websites. But I know a lot of newbies use automatic website builders like SBI, Weebly, Squidoo, Hub Pages, etc. These people create their content offline and upload it directly into “boxes” on their pages. There is no code to see when they are in the edit mode. Perhaps you could create a video for them, too.

Elaine Garretts last blog post..Sep 22, press releases

Seeing Google Analytics code up close and personal

Hi Mark,

Here’s a tip for borderline techno-phobes like myself that even after seeing your Google Analytics install video would like to see how it looks within the HTML on a complete page.

Folks can got to Once there click the right mouse button and choose “View Source” from the menu.

In my case, Notepad then opened to show the page’s HTML. I scrolled to the bottom of the page and saw the Google Analytics code in its correct location on a completed page.

Mark, great video. I have two yahoo stores. Do you know if I put the tracking code in my site variables so that it is shows up on all the pages, or do I have to do this on every page? Looking forward to how to read the data that we are going to get.

Mark, thanks for the video. I think my difficulty with GA began because I began using Google Conversioin Tracking a few weeks ago. Conversion tracking has one snippet of code for on action. The use of the code is pretty strairght forward and easy to understand.

When I looked at GA I was confused by the fact I am supposed to put the same code on each page of the website. Also because of my use of conversion tracking I though I had to develop all the goals and other stuff for GA that I do not yet understand right away. Lack of understanding leads to assumptions and major frustration.

I thought I had to eat the whole elephant in one sitting. Conversion tracking was a small meal and easy to consume. GA looks like an elephant and I immediately thought “I can’t eat all this in a million years ack!”

Thanks for breaking it down into small bites.

David Christian Solomon

Mark you also my want to cover the tracking code page. Google mentions the benefits of using the new ga.js code and warns about using the Legacy urchin.js code, but when they generate the code it defaults to the urchin.js code tab.

It confused the hell out me at first until I finally fiquured out what they were talking about.

It’s like saying “Hey kid don’t use the urchin code cause the new one is better but here is the urching code for you to use.” Huh????

You didn’t mention anything about the two different codes in the video.

David Christian Solomon

Hello Shawn,
It takes a few minutes for Youtube to process a video, but it gives you the code to put it on your blog right away.
Until it’s done processing, you’ll get the ‘removed’ message. It’s there now, though.

Fantastic Mark.

I can swear that Google Analytics give the level of insights into the traffic that few can match.

I know most of your readers can easily install GA code in their sites after seeing this video. If someone is still hesitant, I can do it for $20 per site (under 50 pages). If you find thsi useful, you may announce this on your blog please.

You made it easy, and I went to your site and clicked around. I also signed up for something, and then a page came up with a Thank You and a link to “go back to previous page” that doesn’t work.

It brings me to a screen that “We have received repeated subscriptions from your computer. To prevent automated signups we verify that it is a person signing up, and not an automated script.” and asks for me to type in the code that I see.

Tracies last blog english budgie act’s strange in the cage only

Thanks for the easy step-by-step video. I successfully added the code to one of my newest web pages, however, how do you add the code to a self-hosted Word Press blog? My main website is and I can’t figure how how to add the GA to that site.

I’ve already looked at the theme editor and the various pages there such as the Main Index Template which is index.php, but I know next to nothing about .php (someone else setup my website a year or so ago and is no longer available to do so).

Can the GA code be added to that blog, and if so, exactly where does the GA code go?

Dear Mark,

Is it advisable to use GA if you already are using a pretty good tracker/counter script like StatCounter?

Or should a person only use ONE so they don’t conflict? I value your opinion on this.

Thanks for the great training,

Wonderful video!! I got it DONE!!!!
Sure would like to see something “stupid easy” about RSS. Feeders, burners, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

I thought your instructional video on Google analytics was great. It took what at the outset appears to be a very technical, intimidating task and shows how simple it is to install. If all “how to” lessons on various Internet tasks were shown in a video like that, I think a lot more newbies would succeed. Most get discouraged because they can’t figure this stuff out on their own and they quit.

A common problem worth noting is that when you check the ” code detected” part of this process it seems from a look at google analytics groups that it often doesn’t verify correctly ! This cost me hours of frustration ! And I found out here that its best to wait 24 hrs and see if you get any reporting of data,at which point this message goes away ! My point is that it seems like with a lot of software , its what to do when it doesn’t go like its supposed to that counts , not when it works perfectly, which seems rare !

Hi Mark,

This video was brilliant.
It was simple.
You made it easy to follow with your 4 steps
But most importantly, you made me take action and complete the task.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou for this video.

You know, a lot of other marketers just tell us to “go and get an account and add the code” …. and because we haven’t seen what it’s exactly all about, we then simply put off the task. Me included. But thankfully from your quick video, I’ve now completed the task.

Best Regards,

Dear Mark,
I feel so stupid. I left you a comment last Friday and apparently I didn’t do it correctly because it’s not showing up above. That’s a disappointment to me because I had not only thanked you for the excellent motivation and instruction in the video, but I also asked you a question I was hoping you’d answer. The Google analytics site asked if my web content is dynamic. I don’t know what that means. Can you clear that up for me? Also, is the fact that I don’t have a feed on my web yet the reason why I can’t leave a comment here? Thanks and aloha, Judy. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks for answering my question before. I have two more though ; ) Could you put GA on your social sites (squidoo, myspace, hubpages) as well? Also, would you add GA to a wordpress blog the same way? A video on that would be great. Thanks..


Mark – you have the gift (1) of connecting with those of us who’re new / learning (2) communicating it clearly (3) helping me / us to get it D-O-N-E.
Thanks. You can be sure that I’ll be a customer, if not now, certainly in times to come. And you’re doing a great job of building trust, credibility. You give me the sense that I can build on what you give me (and others like me) to do.
Thanks – big time – Wim F

I love your video but I am not sure i have all the information needed to add the code to main pages. I added it to the bottom of the HTML code as described. I added it to the bottom of all my main pages (not sure if it was needed) When I go to my Analytics settings page it kind of looks like the one you show but shows a yield sign with ! and there is no option to check the status. HELP!!!! Thanks! S

Hello Scarlett.
You need to own the website you put analytics on. I’m not aware of your being able to add analytics to someone else’s site, like Ning, Facebook, etc, even though you can update a page. I just don’t think Google will log the data.
So just put Analytics on your own pages. I think you’ll have an easier time of it.

Hi Mark,

Nice video! I just have one question, how do I setup the video player so that google analytics can track number of visitors playing the video and the percentage played?


mark, i have a product that should be selling millions of units not just dollars but its not. our product blows the back2life out of the water as far as effectiveness and how many different areas of pain it works on. back2life sells over 100 thousand units a month but they also advertise everywhere with infomercials. can you look at our site and give me a call. I know it needs help but but dont have a clue. thanx walt 602 625 9803. ps i have spent 100s of hours reading the gurus but lets be honest you guys are mostly selling to people wanting to make money not people wanting a product for pain relief.

hi mark. Saw the video, you could easily apply for professorship.

My Question is: The google code in google analytics.
Do you need the dreamweaver or other programme to upload the code to the website?

Could i not just copy and paste it, save it, then re-start or refresh the website.

Or what are the alternatives of doing it yourself without these expensive programmes like dreamweaver?

You may write to me if you wish at my email ad: Or through the website:

Warm regards

Hi Mark. I just came across your video on setting up Google Analytics on youtube. It’s absolutely brilliant. I’ve been dreading setting it up for a while but it turned out to be so easy. Thank you so much!

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