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 A couple of weeks ago, I sent a short note to the members of my "Stupid Easy Traffic Course" about an idea that I had for them that would be easy for them, now that they’ve gone through most of the course — and all of the free traffic methods that are in it. And […]

 A couple of weeks ago, I sent a short note to the members of my "Stupid Easy Traffic Course" about an idea that I had for them that would be easy for them, now that they’ve gone through most of the course — and all of the free traffic methods that are in it.

And I got such gushing reactions from the course’s members that I was inspired to reprint it here, on my blog, for you. 

Once you’re done reading it, let me know if you think this tactic might work for you, and what you might want to be known for.

You’ll understand more once you read this brief article.


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This is a GREAT time for you to be cranking out some articles, writing in your blog, and creating a mess of Web 2.0 postings. Oh, and maybe squeeze in a Press Release while you’re at it.

I had an idea today for you along those lines, too.

File this either under "missed opportunities" for someone else, or "a great opportunity" for you.

I heard a commercial on the radio today for a guy named Clark Howard. He is a radio personality who talks about saving money and home economics — in other how to live as cheaply as possible.

And the commercial billed him as "the cheapest guy in america".

And that got me thinking about you.

Not that you’re cheap…but that you could give yourself a label like that, too. And if you did, there’s lots you could do with it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So when I got back to my office, I went to Google and typed "the cheapest man in america" and expected Clark Howard to top the list. But he didn’t.

Several years back, my friend Brad Fallon decided he was going to put his SEO expertise to work and become "the coolest guy in the world."

To this day, if you Google that phrase, you’ll see Brad at the top of the list.

So why did I bring this up?

Well, remember our discussion about PR, and how you can make your own news? Here’s an idea: Create a moniker for yourself, rank high for that phrase, and then tell the world about it.

So as soon as you become "the best resume coach in the world" or "the best team logo store in the world" or "the number one satellite internet expert in the usa", you then tell the world about it.

That is News!

Can you see the press release now?

"Joe Smith declared the best accountant in the Los Angeles area"

And then you tell your story. After all, if Google says it, it must be true, right?

Now here’s why this is an EASY project for you.

Theres a greater chance that SEO-savvy accountants are going after "los angeles accountant" rather than "best accountant in the los angeles area". It’s a less-competetive long-tail phrase.

And of course, the people in this course, being in fields as unique as they are, have an even greater chance of ranking for a "best in the country" keyphrase than Joe the fictional Los Angeles accountant.

And once you issue your press release, there’s a good chance a news organization will pick up the story…especially if your field is offbeat or unusual.

So give it a shot, if you’ve got a few extra brain cycles to spare.

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So I’ll ask you, could this work for you? I bet it can…especially if you ARE the best accountant in Los Angeles.

To Your Success,


p.s. The LIVE version of my Traffic Course is almost over, but we may open up some spots to get the downloadable version shortly. The best way to be notified when it’s available is to download my free report about why most people fail at their internet marketing business. It’s called "The Triumph Of the Stupid", and it will open your eyes and motivate you to do the right thing like nothing ever has before. Enjoy!


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That bit about Fallon is almost to funny for words. That’s the bad part about the net, if people read if often enough they’ll believe it and swear it’s true even when it’s proven it isn’t. 😉

Seems like this falls under being an “Expert” at something. Lol, even if it’s a self made expert.

The Master Minds last blog post..Whats holding you back?


That is awesome advice, thank you very much indeed.

I wasted 1.5 hours on a live 1 hour(!) webinar last night (which it transpired was a thinly veiled sales pitch for a $500 product) simply because the host refused to record it!

But this morning I found your email, and it’s just so refreshing to find great content without any blatant attempt to sell.

I shall be implementing your suggestion shortly, and I’m guessing that a spot of article marketing to review oneself is probably a good way to do it?

If I buy anybody’s product, it’ll be yours!

Thanks again,


Hi. I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks. I have been following your blog The Best Free Traffic Lesson in the World! | Traffic and Conversion for a month or therefore and have picked up a ton of excellent information along with enjoyed the means you have structured I am attempting to run my very own blog however I assume its too general and I need to focus a lot of on smaller topics.

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