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Ebook Answers #7 – How Can I Stay Motivated to Finish My eBook?

I listened to an audio a couple of weeks ago, and what I heard was kinda funny. The recording was of John Reese and Jonathan Mizel talking about creating an online business. And one of them (I think it was Jonathan) told a story about how one of his students called him up and said […]

I listened to an audio a couple of weeks ago, and what I heard was kinda funny. The recording was of John Reese and Jonathan Mizel talking about creating an online business.

And one of them (I think it was Jonathan) told a story about how one of his students called him up and said "I finally finished my Book! It’s Perfect!"

And so Jonathan asked "That’s great. How long have you been working on it?"

"Two Years," he replied.


And just today, I listened to a recording that Perry Marshall sent me of an interview with a guy who took 10 months to write his bodybuilding book.

Okay, so I’ve got a few things to say about that.

First, what the heck are these guys doing that it takes so long to write a book?

(It really shouldn’t take so long, unless you’re writing fiction, which you’ve got to ‘make up’ along the way. A non-fiction book — in particular a how-to book — should be filled with stuff you already know. It’s in your head already! Writing the book is just the act of organizing the info, and putting it into words.)

Second, KUDOS to you for staying motivated and getting the job done…eventually.

I’ve read a few posts on my blog about this too, where people have started books and haven’t finished them. Or they ask how to stay motivated.

Well, I learned of an idea recently, from my friend and mentor Eben Pagan, that might help you. (Eben’s the same person who runs the Altitude business coaching program. An Amazing system, if you want to build your business to the $10 million level.

So what did Eben say about Motivation to write an ebook?

Well, he told me that what he does, at the start of every ebook project, is first come up with the name and concept.

Okay, that’s a given.

But what he does next is something that I used to leave until the very end.

He designs his book cover.

So why does Eben recommend making the book cover at the beginning?

It’s because when you’ve got a cover, the book all of a sudden becomes REAL.

And so not only does he design his cover, but he prints it out and tapes it to his wall above his desk.

SEEING the book every day is what motivates him to continue to move forward with his project.

And I want to suggest that you do exactly the same thing.

Like NOW.

Here’s an easy way to do it. Now, understand that this little process is not going to result in a beautiful 3d cover, like you see on most sales pages. I’m not going to suggest that you hire an artist, or that you even invest in Photoshop or some other cover generating software.

Not now, at least.

What you’re going to do right now is make a simple, motivating 2d cover to put up on your wall.

Here’s how.

(You should have your title and subtitle to do this.)

Go get my Ebook template. The one I offered free here:

Open up the document in Microsoft Word and turn to page 2, which in that document is a Title Page.

This exact page format used to be my REAL cover page for all of my books, and still is for some.

So that’s what we’re going to do now.

Replace the text "Title Goes Here" with the name of your book.
Replace the text "Subtitle Goes Here" with your subtitle.

Adjust the font size and font face however you like. And for our purposes now, you can delete the disclaimer, too. (It doesn’t need to be on this prototype.)

Now, go over to or and search for a photo. Both sites have very powerful search features, so search for what you want.

Now, the photos cost only a dollar, but both services will allow you to have a "comp" image — which is an image just for placement and testing purposes — for free. Just right-click on the image you want, and choose copy.

I recommend you invest the dollar, though, so you don’t have any logos or watermarks on top of your photo (you want the inspiration to come shining through!)

However you get the image, paste it right into the ebook template, and delete the image that’s already there.

You can drag the corners to resize it. And of course, if you know how to use a photo editing program, you can crop it as well.

Okay, now here’s the most important part.

Do you see where it says "Author Name"???


Do that now…and then pause for a moment and think about what that means for you to be an AUTHOR.

Amazing, isn’t it? YOU, an author!

Make any other small tweaks or changes you’d like to make on this page, and then print it out. Just the one page.

Tape it to your wall, above your desk.


It’s real.

Yes, you’ll make a prettier cover later, if you want to. But my Triumph of the Stupid ebook cover is done exactly this way.

But for now, having this cover above your work area is going to have a profound effect on you.

I really don’t want to get a phone call from you in two years telling me that you’ve finally finished your book. I think you can do it 30 days.

Maybe less.

One of my best took me only two days.

And that was over 50 pages long, plus three supporting bonus books as well.

But that’s the kind of thing that will be possible for you in my ebook course. You’ll not only learn how to create an ebook with the marketing built right in, but you’ll also discover how to write your ebook FAST.

You’ll know what to write, and how to write it.

And it will be EASY for you.

And fun, too.

More to come in the next few days.

For now, go make your cover. Print it out. And then let me know that you’ve done it, and what’s different for you.

This really works!

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. If you don’t have my ebook template yet, go get it. It’s free for you (at least for now).


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I need to write a book of my own but would need the neccessayy support from all strata for the book writing.

I know a lot baout relationship and would like to put my experience to bear in this write-up to help people.

Thanks for your anticipated positive response.



Hey Mark!

A few years ago, I lived in Encino, which is a stone’s throw from West Hills. Although I’m back east now, I’d love to meet with you face-to face out in CA.

OK, here’s what just may be the most most serious impediment to everyone’s online business success…

How in the world do we avoid what Frank Kern so eloquently calls “The Shiny Object Syndrome”, which in layman’s terms means that we buy one guru’s surefire Internet Marketing (IM) success system, but before we actually master that system, open one of the gazillions of promotional e-mails that gurus (including you!) constantly bombard us with–and lo and behold, we discover another IM system that we deem way more effective than the one we haven’t quite mastered yet. So, we purchase that one, go through it, and scrap the one we could’ve possibly mastered. And so the cycle continues endlessly without us ever reaching our full moneymaking potential.

Case & point: I just clicked on a link in some guru’s e-mail today, which opened a sales page with the enticing headline: “This System Makes Me At Least $171,168.06 Per Month And You
Can Start Using It 15 Minutes From Now”… I mean c’mon Mark! I doubt that even YOU can resist that shiny object!

I believe that you’re a man of integrity and that your IM systems work. But so do Frank’s, Tellman’s, Yanik’s, and Eben’s. What distinguishes your IM systems and makes it better than those that countless other gurus aggressively & incessantly promote to us?

I’ve tried to just ignore my inboxes until I actually accomplish SOMETHING in terms of completing and implementing an IM system until I monetize it for all it’s worth. But when I do that, there’s always that thought lurking in my head that I may just miss out on some HUGE opportunity to make At Least $171,168.06 Per Month in just 15 minutes! So, what surefire strategy do you recommend for us to avoid the “Shiny Object Syndrome”?

YEP the shiny objectsysdrome has plagued me now for three years.(I TOTALLY relate to you Charles Emory!) I began with MLM in 2005..and lost thousands of big ones. Tried several other shorter term alliances…due to lack of FOCUS plus much too much creativity…I’ve not lived up to my own expectations at all with these biz. Did create my own website in grand hopes of moving my products out there..Hate wading through SEO +++++ to get that targeted traffic etc. Can you help me out of this rough rut? Cheers and prosperity to us all…

This article was so helpful… I have three unfinished ebooks and four articles Ive written for journals that I haven’t re-submitted.

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