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Ebook Answers #7 – How Can I Stay Motivated to Finish My eBook?

I listened to an audio a couple of weeks ago, and what I heard was kinda funny. The recording was of John Reese and Jonathan Mizel talking about creating an online business.

And one of them (I think it was Jonathan) told a story about how one of his students called him up and said "I finally finished my Book! It’s Perfect!"

And so Jonathan asked "That’s great. How long have you been working on it?"

"Two Years," he replied.


And just today, I listened to a recording that Perry Marshall sent me of an interview with a guy who took 10 months to write his bodybuilding book.

Okay, so I’ve got a few things to say about that.

First, what the heck are

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Ebook Answers #6 – How Many Pages Does My Ebook Need to Be?

If you’ve never written anything longer than a letter to grandma, the idea of writing an ebook must seem daunting.

A huge barrier that you need to overcome…

And I think a lot of that fear comes from the idea that your ebook has to be 100 pages long, or more. (I just heard an audio recording of a guy that took 10 months to write his book…LOL!)

I got this question from Donahue just a few days ago. He wrote…

Someone already asked my question…what is a good rule of thumb for length. I have seen 16 pages to 97 pages. My favorite is Triumph of the Stupid. (not just cause you wrote it).

Thanks, Donahue!

One thing I noticed instantly about this question was that the page count was relatively low. Several of the other questions had the count much higher.

And some of the other comments I received, from people who had actually finished writing their books, was that they had written over 200 pages. And I was on the phone with someone today who said the same thing!

200 pages!

I was astounded, actually.



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Ebook Answers #5 – How to Price Your Ebook

If you don’t have a blog yet for your online business, you should install one. They’re pretty easy to install, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to run one.

And, as a side benefit, if you get in the practice of writing in it frequently, it will make writing your ebook a LOT easier. In fact, some people just scoop up all of their blog posts and publish them all together as an ebook.

You gotta love THAT idea!

But one of the reason I love blogs is that I get to find out what YOU are thinking. We’ve been talking about ebooks a lot recently, and I received a comment to one of my posts today that is indicative of several others I’ve seen — as well as many emails I’ve received. Reverend Roland asks a question that is top-of-mind for most new ebook publishers because they’ve got NO IDEA what the answer is.

The Reverend writes…

Hi, Mark. I appreciate your flow of information. I always learn something of value.
I have written a 130 page book which is now a downloadable PDF, on how to plan your own wedding. I have been told by examiners and proofers that the book is everything you think you oght to know about planning a wedding, and a multitude of things one will never think of. I believe its value is there…<snip>
I have swept up and down in my evaluation of how much to charge. When I can save people sometimes thousands of dollars, and also add concepts of value and appreciation to the wedding day, what can I charge for this product? I have gone around with this, ending up trying from $29.95 to 55.95. I have to come to terms with this. The Inernet is so strange a marketplace, I just want to the book to sell. A small piece of a wide river is better than a big piece of a trickling brook.
I would love to hear anything that you might suggest.
Thanks, Rev. Roland Takaoka
Author, – “Your Dream Wedding”

Hello Reverend,

This question plagues a LOT of new authors, but I’d like to set your mind at ease about it. And that won’t be hard to do, because

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Ebook Answers #4 – Will my Ebook Sell?

Among all the questions that I’m receiving on my blog about ebooks, probably the most important one is this one.

Because without this question — and a good answer — not much else matters. Bob wrote…

"First, thanks for the info in your e-mail and, yes, I would like a copy of your template(s).

I have a wide background in business and usually have no trouble writing but how do you find a topic that will really draw interest?"

Well, Bob, I wish more people would ask that question before sitting down to write (and then writing me for help) because everything — ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING — becomes easier once you answer this questions properly.

* Your title pretty much writes itself, and speaks DIRECTLY to your prospect.

* The ebook content becomes CLEAR to you, so writing the entire book becomes EASY.

* Almost all of the hard marketing work is already done, because you know exactly who to market to, who NOT to market to, and who’s going to buy your book.

And lots of questions never need to be asked, like…