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Internet Marketing, Pushing Buttons, and Trading Dimes for Dollars

This is an important lesson for any marketer. I was at a private event in February with some of the smartest marketers on the planet. I was talking about some new business ideas (things I’ll tell you about on another day) when John Reese came and sat at my table. Now, if you don’t know […]

This is an important lesson for any marketer.

I was at a private event in February with some of the smartest marketers on the planet.

I was talking about some new business ideas (things I’ll tell you about on another day) when John Reese came and sat at my table.

Now, if you don’t know John, he’s a bit of a legend in the Internet Marketing world. He’s the first guy to do a “million dollar day” for an information product, and has been known for that ever since. But John is ironically a pretty private guy, and not thrown to tooting his own horn.

So today, I’ll toot it for him (please don’t take that the wrong way).

I was talking about an upcoming project of mine that has to do with conversion optimization, and split testing, and John gave me this feedback. (Paraphrased, by the way. Not quoted.)

Conversion is a hard thing to sell. In fact, it’s the HARDEST thing to sell, even though it shouldn’t be. Conversion is all about TRADING DIMES FOR DOLLARS, and anyone who doesn’t understand that isn’t going to be in business very long. But it’s not as flashy a topic as Traffic, and so few people want to learn conversion.

For that matter, John continued, people don’t want to “learn” how to get traffic, either.

What people want is a PUSH BUTTON that makes money. Push the button and make the money.

If they can’t have that, then they want to push a button and have someone do the work for them. Push the button, the work gets done BY SOMEONE ELSE, but then YOU make the money.

Still sounds good.

If they can’t have that, they want to push a button and KNOW what to do. So you’re skipping the whole “learning” thing. You’re just instantly an expert. That means you know exactly what to do, whether you do it or tell someone else to do it, and then YOU make the money.

Last on the list is to have to LEARN something so that you can then DIY (Do It Yourself).

That all said, the costs for each of these levels increases as the amount of the work that is “DFY” (Done For You) increases. That makes sense, right?

So let’s review:
* Push-button money is best.
* Push-button service to make the money is second best.
* Push-button knowledge about how to make the money is third best.
* Actually putting in the effort to learn something on your own, and then do that thing to make your own money, is last.

Now, what John Reese pointed out is that the further you go up the list, the more people would be willing to pay for the result.

And also…

As you go up the list, you’ve got the typical sales funnel.

In other words, your sales funnel might start with giving away some free information (your opt-in product).

Your first for-sale product would then be some push-button knowledge, to instantly give you the information all in one place, that you can instantly use (your ebook, teleseminar or webinar).

Your third product level would be some service to do the work for your customer (a Done-For-Your service).

The last level might be some product that does the work for them (some software, or a machine).

Yeah, that John Reese is a pretty smart guy.

So let me ask you a few questions.

First, as a consumer, where do you fall on that list? Do you prefer to spend little (or nothing) for an education? Or are you willing to pay for the instant knowledge, because you know the benefits and rewards of that education?

Or would you rather pay for the push button “done-for-you” result? How about if that push-button result comes at a cost that’s 100 or 1,000 times the price of the education?

Also…(and this is the real point of this message)…

What is it that you sell or market? Where does your product or service fall on this list?

What do you think your customers would prefer to pay for?

Are you selling the right thing to your customers?

Think about it, leave a comment below, and let’s talk.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. One of the “Done-For-Your” services you might consider paying for is copywriting. You can find a copywriter on Elance or Craigslist for a few hundred or maybe a couple thousand dollars all day long.

Copywriters that actually know what they are doing, however, are far more expensive, costing from $5,000 to $20,000 or more…plus a percentage of your sales.

I guess it all depends on where you fall on the Push-Button scale.

There’s no replacement for excellent copy. For your online business, your entire business depends on it, and no sale is made without it. If you’re looking for a great copywriter, let me know and I’ll refer you to some of the very best copywriters in the business.

They’re worth every dollar you’ll spend on them.

But if you want to be your own best copywriter, and learn the best and simplest “Push-Button” system for writing excellent copy that builds lists and makes sales for you, you can’t do any better than John Carlton’s Simple Writing System course.

Enrollment for the course ends today at 5pm PST, so at least go check it out.

One reply on “Internet Marketing, Pushing Buttons, and Trading Dimes for Dollars”

Give someone a loaf of bread and they can eat for a few days. Thech someone how to grow and harvest the grain and then store it, grind it, and make bread and they can feed a village.

If you must have others do the work then it will fail you and usually at the worst time. If you can do it your self you become master of your life. You also have the opertuinity to work with others, each helping others, while still understanding the process of each step.

It’s time as a people that we take back control and teach others to take back control.

Short term or instant gratification will lead to a meltdown. Just look at housing markets and soon the comercial matkets to see how this works.

If this industory is to prosper for a long time it should charge huge sums for the done-for-you systems for the lazy and for thoes who can afford it while charging very little for the beginning basic, and the basic should be compleat and actually useful. Not just an up-sales system. Then as one becomes succseful at each level and can afford it they can pay higher fees for higher trainning.

We should be about trainning professionals and leaders not scheamers and get-instantly-rich-with no-work types.

I saw the collapse of the auto industory 25 years ago and the housing indusrty 15 years ago, although the rapidness of the future comerical system suprzies me.

There is only so much room for the real pros in any system and we should be putting our sites on creatint thoes while helping as many others as we can.

No, I will not spend big bucks for a done-for-you system or some all inclusive high priced system. I will spend good money for a good basic system of any type and then use the return on investment to aquire better and more indepth trainning at higher fees for each consecutive step.

About the only place I would “spend it all” is for a proven system that would unscramble my brain so I could talk and spell ane write like a normal person! I think hell is going to freeze first.

No product yet, but it will be a biggie. I’ve worked in churches and other groupe orgs. and I’m working at creating a system to teach people to take back control of their life in many, many areas and levels. It might be too lofty but I’m going to give it all I’ve got. If nothing else mabey someone much younger or some group will take it over slowly start to change society.

Keep the good info flowing and those of us who appreicate it will do what we can to pay you back. – R

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