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1,000 WordPress Themes In One

Yesterday, I showed you how easy it is to find and load new WordPress themes. Today I’ll answer the question “Which WordPress theme should you use?” (Note: f you want to watch a quick 6 minute video about this new WordPress theme instead of reading about it, go here: WordPress Theme Customization Video ) This […]

Yesterday, I showed you how easy it is to find and load new WordPress themes.

Today I’ll answer the question “Which WordPress theme should you use?

(Note: f you want to watch a quick 6 minute video about this new WordPress theme instead of reading about it, go here: WordPress Theme Customization Video )

This question is one that has always stumped me when I wanted to start a new blog, because without fail, each theme I looked at had SOMETHING WRONG with it.

I mean, they were lots that were NEARLY perfect, but there was always that one thing.

For example, it could be perfect except for

  • That goofy header graphic
  • The header text wasn’t big enough for the title of my blog, or the wrong color, or the wrong font
  • Or maybe the background color was just horrible.
  • It could be that I needed the sidebar on the left, and it had the sidebar on the right.
  • Maybe it had no easy way to put ads on the site

Or maybe it was just plain ugly.

I dunno, it just seems that there’s always something wrong, and it was usually a deal breaker.

My friend Joel Comm just introduced a blog theme that pretty much eliminates all those problems, and lots more. Joel is the guy who is best known for showing people how to make big money with Adsense ads on their websites, and has now written several best selling books on making money online.

He knows a bit about this, and has incorporated almost all of his online smarts into this product.

Here’s what I think is most cool about this new theme: It’s got a built in header generator.

That means that you can totally customize how the header of your blog looks — without being a photoshop expert! You just click a few buttons to pick any one of the 160 header graphics that come with the theme, then type in your text, click a few buttons to put it where you want, change the font, size, color — anything — and you’re done.

It’s really THAT easy. And like I said earlier, it’s like buying one theme and getting thousands, because you can do just about anything with this system.

Here’s a video that teaches you, in 6 minutes, how to customize your blog: WordPress Theme Customization Video

By the way, it’s called “Socrates” — I think because the theme is so smart. Here’s what else is built into the theme:

  • Built in Header Generator
  • 160+ Niche Header Designs
  • Custom Navigation Bars
  • Optional Built In Adsense and Clickbank Ad Bar
  • Social Media Slider
  • Choose from Dozens of Backgrounds On The Fly
  • Custom Styling and Color Options
  • Affiliate Program Integration
  • Custom HTML Rotator
  • Multiple Sidebar Layouts
  • Internet Marketing and WordPress Training
  • And More.

Needless to say, the theme is designed to make setting up your blog EASY, and to make customizing the blog EASY and to make “making money” from your blog EASY.

Joel gave me a copy and I’ll be using it on some of my blogs, too.

I’ve already played around with it, and it is amazing how well and how easily it works.

At the very least, go watch this video to see how it works.

WordPress Theme Customization Video

To your Success,



Got a blog? Want a little “google juice”? Go ahead and leave a comment below about or your biggest blogging question. I’m always looking for things to write about, but what I’m also inviting you to do is leave a link to your blog in your comment as well. The only rule is that you’ve got to leave a good blogging question, too.

Or, you can comment on this post, or comment on the Socrates theme, of course.

I’d be VERY interested to hear your feedback about Socrates after you’ve installed it.

WordPress Theme Customization Video


16 replies on “1,000 WordPress Themes In One”

Hi Mark, I’m still wondering about my question from yesterday…

HOW does one change themes after a blog is already up and running. Can you just say “I want to use this one” and it all transfers with a problem, or does it mean uploading all your old content all over again?
.-= Marte Cliff´s last blog ..First, They Need to Trust You =-.

Hi Marte,

yup. That’s basically exactly how it works.

Once you have uploaded the new theme (s) (or as many different ones as you want), you just click on the one you want to install (there’s an “install” place to click) and bingo — it’s there.

Now not every theme is compatible with every blog set-up, but you’re not likely to break anything either. If a theme won’t work, you can just go back to the old theme and then try something else.

If a theme has a lot of specialty settings, it can get a bit more complicated, but for the most part, changing themes is pretty easy.

Haven’t tried Joel’s theme yet though. You may want to hold out for Mark’s explanation if you want the full scoop on that one.

.-= Elisabeth Kuhn´s last blog ..Rank Well in Search Engine Results =-.


I agree with you on this. I’ve installed the Socrates theme on a few of my sites and have been playing around with it…

It’s amazing it’s taken this long for a WordPress theme designed with online marketers (not tech geeks) in mind.


P.S. I really like what I’ve seen from your new Optimization course so far, great stuff!

Hi Mark,

I agree. I just bought Socrates and am starting to convert many of my sites, some of which were built with Dreamweaver, into WordPress/Socrates sites.

Joel and his partners did a great job with this one and you can’t beat the deal!

Let’s do lunch again one of these days!

All the best,

Tom Justin

Hi Mark,

This is an a amazing Theme. I have used nothing but Thesis on my blogs. But this one has made me a believer. I like what it does. I will definitely be getting this. I’m a member of the Warrior Forum. I saw recently that they have discontinued the sale of any back-link related products from in the Forum. Whats your view on this. I personally have paid a few times for back-links and saw nothing change on my blog. Nothing. I think that it happened because people were complaining they were spending money on a service or services that didn’t work. What is your take on why they did this?
.-= Lyndon Irvine´s last blog ..Life Begins At 50 For An SEO Entrepreneur =-.

Hello Lyndon.
I’m glad you’re looking at Socrates. I’m actually thinking of putting it on this site,
As for backlinks…I don’t pay anyone to put a link on their site back to mine. However I have paid people to build links for me to sites I maintain for clients. Legitimate and helpful links, by the way. Not spammy ones.
And that’s key.
Make sure that all the work you do for your sites is good and helpful to your potential readers.

Hello Stephen.
Google is not OFFENDED by links to your blog…they LOVE links to your blog! In fact, that’s how Google learns that your blog is important to your topic. Now, don’t go making 100 links a day, but a few a day is great, and natural.
Have at it!


I am considering a blog for my business website in order to give customers more information and more ideas. However I also want to blog about other subjects that I am interested in, but are not related to the business.

Should I get separate blogs for my ‘personal blog’? Should I also separate them by subject or mix them all in one ‘personal blog’?


Hello Oren.
The short answer is that if your two topics are at least somewhat related, then you can keep them on the same blog. But if they’re on totally different topics, put up a separate blog for your personal stuff.
Make sense?

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