Subliminal Marketing Tactics

Why do you do the things you do?

If you think you are in complete control of your everyday actions, you are unfortunately mistaken.

I'm not talking black helicopters and voodoo mind control here. I'm  instead referring to subliminal influence. Every day, we are influenced by people who want you to move in their direction, whether figuratively or literally.

Today's election is a good example of that.

Here in California, Phil Angelides is running for Governor against  Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's got a TV commercial where Angelides is walking among a few dozen cardboard cutouts of Schwarzenegger.

The cutouts are interesting, though.


List Building For Profit

The first struggle with any new online marketing effort is
getting traffic. The final focus is on getting that traffic
to buy from you. 

But what comes in the middle?

When I speak publicly, it's usually about my 'Six Simple
Landing Page Secrets'. And I talk about exactly this. Are
you converting at least ONE PERCENT of your visitors to buyers?
If you're not, you're in good company. The average is a
little below that (I've heard about 0.86% cited), with a the largest number of websites bottoming out at zero.

One thing I just can't believe is how many people don't
bother to build a list on their sales page. On average
you'll get 20% of your visitors to opt into your list . . .
that's probably not a surprise. But with a well designed
autoresponder you'll get about 25% of those to buy from you
— five sales.

That probably *is* a surprise.

Marketing Seminars

Big Seminars and Little Seminars

I just returned from Big Seminar in Atlanta and it was filled with goldmines of info. Not only were the speakers terrific, many of the attendees were gold nuggets, too. . . if you could find them.

The thrill for me was that lots of people came to seek me out, too.

Hint: If you ever want to get on the good side of someone whose product you own, pull them aside and tell them what an impact they made in your life, business and overall success. Several people did that for me over the weekend, and that was a real thrill.

And I had a chance to do the same with some of my own mentors there, too.