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Why Search Engines Love Blogs

Most website designers believe that a blog is all about how it looks, or all about how it works. That's because a lot of web developers are graphic artists or programmers.
But you and I are marketers, and in today's Internet, really the most important part about a website is what it says, and how clearly it shows that.


Autoresponders – The 7-Day Secret

If you don't know the 7 Day Secret, you really should.
It can make you a lot of money. And in the next two minutes, you'll know this secret.
One of the principles of direct marketing is "Start where your customer is." I was explaining that to a friend of mine just yesterday, but he had no idea what I meant by that.
No, it wasn't about Geography. Or politics.
It was about State of Mind.
If your sales copy and all of your marketing efforts do not speak directly to your target market, then you are losing sales left and right.


Improving your Web Store’s Sales

One of my new Landing Page Cash Machine Workshop members had put up a web store to sell hand painted glassware. He wanted to know how to increase sales.

Although there are many areas for improvement that he could work on, I gave him three specific recommendations to start with.

1) Get to know your customers.

Who is your ideal customer? What is he or she looking for when they end up here?

Why is this important?