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Conversion Marketing Tools Traffic

Jim Edwards Minisite Webinar

Mark here with an important update…

If you're sick and tired of all the latest 'gimmicky' ways to profit online…if you're looking for the REAL story of how you can quickly get going in online business.. and if you want a simple, proven path to follow that works…

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Teleseminar Registration – Why is it needed?

I got an email from a reader recently about Teleseminar Registration. I figured there must be other people who had this kind of a question about Teleseminars, so I wanted to share my answer with you, too. Here's what he asked me. . .

Subject: Re: [Landing Pages] Affiliate Marketing Teleseminar
I'm not overly impressed with the way I had to get the telphone number for the call. Why make something simple more difficult? Why not provide the number on the original email like everyone else. <snip>

I don't provide the number in the initial email because we want to be able to plan our work, and understand the reactions to it. Our business is marketing and sales, and it's important that we measure everything — or at least as much as we can.

Teleseminar attendance, and response to an email is a


List Building, Skeet Shooting, and Fish in a Barrel

Have you ever tried Skeet shooting?

Odds are, you haven't, but you probably have seen it on TV, or at least know what it is, right?

That's when someone throws or launches a clay target into the air, and it's the shooter's job to aim at where that target is moving and pull the trigger so that the buckshot can be at the same spot as the target at the same moment in time.

It's a real challenge.

Even if your aim is perfect —  but you fire too soon — the target hasn't even been there yet. And if you fire too late, the target is long gone.

If everything doesn't intersect at exactly the same time at exactly the same spot,