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Landing Pages – Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer?

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer?

So many of us in Internet Marketing sure are. Most of us tend to start that way. That's because we hear (over and over again) how easy it is to run an online business and make buckets o'cash.

Well, it *is* relatively easy. Compared to a regular business, there's no store to build, seldom any inventory to buy, few (if any) employess.

'All you need is a website,' they say.

Well, if you've started down the Internet Marketing yellow brick road, only to find some real obstacles in your way, you know building a website isn't exactly trivial if you try to Do It Yourself.

Did you have to learn HTML? Did you have to figure out PHP? Have you figured out how to optimize your page for Search Engines?

It can take a ton of time — weeks or more rather than the hour or two you had thought.

Well, it's for you — exactly YOU — that the 'Million Dollar' Landing Page Template was created. You'll be starting with a proven page template that is organized as clearly as the paint-by-numbers art set you used to play with when you were a kid.

Get the template, pop in your own copy, descriptions of your product, links to your shopping cart, your optin form. . . 'Doing it right' really couldn't be easier.

I guarantee that rank beginners will make your first sales, and existing marketers will make more sales or you get your money back.

Plus, you'll find it easy to use, quick to complete, and extremely educational. That's because the ebook that comes with it explains everything that the Landing Page does, and how to tweak it for maximum effect.

It even comes with split testing built right in, so you already know that you'll be making more sales next week than you are making this week.

The 'Million Dollar' Landing Page Template is now available here.

To Your Success,


P.S. People who act early will get extra discounts and extra bonuses that will only last a short while. It's worth your while to get on the list now, before Monday.

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Trouble with Web Developers for Marketing

Do you have a problem with Web Developers? If you're like most beginning and intermediate Internet Marketers, you do.

And a big one.

I've actually been a web developer. I owned a web development and hosting company for almost six years, but have been building web pages since the mid 90's, so I know what I'm talking about here.

Most web developers have no idea how to build a website that sells.

When you're trying to hire a web developer, what you'll mostly find are

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Big Seminar, People, and a $500 Discount

My business really took off in 2005.

*Everything* changed for me.

And as I think for a moment about what started that big change for me, it comes down to just one thing.


It's an interesting paradox.

The Internet is supposed to be this big global, impersonal, disconnected network of computers and equipment. But what the successful people seldom ever mention (and the unsuccessful ones just don't know) is that the heart of the Internet isn't the electronics at all.

It's the people.

And it's the relationships you create with those people, the trust you create, the help you offer, and the team you build around you that really drives business on the web.

So what happened in 2005 that changed everything for me?