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The Product Launch Coaching you asked for…Free?

If you've seen the $100,000 Product Launch Video in my previous post, you've also seen several comments from my readers asking for private help from me to help make their launches successful, too.

And here's a snippet of an email that I got today asking pretty much the same question…

1) What help did you give to Adam and why couldn't he do the PLF himself?
2) Have you helped others to do them?
3) Could you help ME do some [product launches] once I take the new PLF class/course from Jeff Walker?

The short answers are

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Watch This LIVE Product Launch

I’ve had Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula for almost two years now, and I’ve got to tell you that it’s been the single most important product that I’ve ever, ever invested in. In fact, what I learned from Jeff — and have pretty much mastered since then — has earned me and my clients close to a million dollars…and may have just passed a million last night.

Here’s why.

I have a client Adam who is organizing a live seminar up in San Francisco. It’s a totally non-internet marketing related event. I’ve been coaching Adam on the launch sequence and getting his site, his cart, and all the rest of his marketing ready for last night’s Launch at 6pm pacific time.

We’re using a whole bunch of tools from Jeff’s toolbox to get people chomping at the bit to place their order right as soon as the order button appeared on their screens. And bang, we had our first orders in the bank just two minutes after we launched.

It didn’t occur to me, though, to switch on Camtasia and track our progress until about 6 minutes after the launch time. Adam’s Goal was $50,000 for the day, but by then, we’d already had $30,000 in sales.

So here’s the live camtasia video of the launch.

Oh, and couple more things before I let you go…Some of the audio is kind of hard to hear — the mic built into my laptop can get kinda funky at times, especially when we took it into a restaurant.

Also, since you’re about to see some real information from right inside of Adam’s shopping cart, we’ve got to cover up the customer names. And here’s the last thing…notice how large — or should I say, Small — the list is that we’re working with here. It’s TINY. But wait till you see what the total sales were by the end of the evening.

We’ve compressed a few hours time into just over 15 minutes of video. Watch it till the end. You won’t believe where this ended up.

If you want to get a hold of me or have any questions about what you’re going to see, you’ll find me at .

Or, you can leave your comments below.

And you can get a bunch of FREE product launch information at Jeff’s site, where he’s preparing the New Product Launch Formula, Version 2 .

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Inside Three Million-Dollar Launches Revealed

It's the weekend so I'll keep this short.
What happens when people like Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and Eben Pagan get together?

Millions of dollars fall onto the table between them.

Jeff Walker has some more free product launch information for you. He went down to La Jolla and talked with Frank and Eben about their recent million dollar launches.

You really want to do what they did.

Oh, and Jeff is going to tell you what another "regular guy" did on his product launch, too, to make a big pile of cash. (Hint: the guy did what Jeff told him to do…which is what he'll tell YOU to do, too).

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. Do you have any questions about product launches?  Ask me. I just recently finished a product launch for a
consulting client that hit over $50,000 in the first 10 minutes…I know a thing or two about this. So ask what you need to know.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Product (and Getting Experts to Promote it for You)

Several of the members of my Squeeze Page Cash Machine webinar series were rank beginners. In fact, MOST of them were.

And surprisingly, a many of those rank beginners didn't even have a product to sell yet.

So some of them asked me after the course "How do I make my product?"

And some others asked "How do I get people to promote my product?"

I was talking with Liz Tomey — she's a mother of 5 who has turned herself into a VERY successful internet marketer over the last few years — about this a few weeks ago, and she told me that to her, the answer to one of these questions is the answer to the other as well.

In other words, she's got a

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Do you write ebooks (yet)? How’s it going?

Are you at the start of your online marketing career or well on your way, one thing that's probably at the heart of your marketing strategy is an ebook.

How's yours going?

Is it done yet?

Is it selling well?

If not, then maybe Ellen Violette can help.

Ellen is "The Ebook Coach." She's coached hundreds of other ebook authors to success, and

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Hiding From Your Customers is NOT a Good Sales Strategy

You still buy stuff in real brick and mortar stores, right? <grin>

Have you noticed a trend with the people who work there? 

I sure have.

I was in a local shopping center and walked into a Music and Video store there, looking for a gift for a friend. And it's almost like they had just watched the old "Duck and Cover" movies from when I went to elementary school 35 years ago…

Except that it seemed as though *I* was the approaching bomb.

Because as I walked down the aisle, they'd