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Marketing Wisdom from Frank Kern

I'm at Frank Kern's Mass Control event (Sunday, 4/20/08) , and just heard Frank talk…but first, I have a confession. I've learned from a lot of very smart people. Perry Marshall, Rich Schefren, Alex Mandossian, Jim Edwards, Jeff Walker, Armand Morin, Kevin Nations, Joel Comm, David Garfinkel, John Carlton, Eben Pagan….. I could go on […]

I'm at Frank Kern's Mass Control event (Sunday, 4/20/08) , and just heard Frank talk…but first, I have a confession.

I've learned from a lot of very smart people. Perry Marshall, Rich Schefren, Alex Mandossian, Jim Edwards, Jeff Walker, Armand Morin, Kevin Nations, Joel Comm, David Garfinkel, John Carlton, Eben Pagan…..

I could go on for a long time.

But I don't know Frank Kern.

I've heard people talk about him for years. But….and here's my confession…I've never met him, never read a word of his material, and have only seen his picture a few times. Sounds strange, but it's true.

Okay so back to today…and YOU….

I'm in the room here with Frank, and he just finished talking.


So much wisdom, such good information, so important…and so understandable for everyone.

So I wanted to take a minute to share with you what he just said, because I think…actually I know…it will help you.

(No cameras or recording is allowed here…this is straight from my notes. I don't *think* I can get in trouble sharing this with you.)

I've spoken before about why people buy. Frank just talked about…


Here are three reasons.

1) They don't WANT what you have to sell

2) They don't have the MONEY

3) They don't BELIEVE you

So here's how to deal with those people.



Ignore them. If they don't want what you have to sell, don't bother trying to convince them.

Waste of time.


Most marketers focus too much on service. VALUE does NOT equal SERVICE. If your value equals service, then you're a servant. You've got to provide value far in EXCESS of your service. (You do that with your copy.)

Use social proof. If everyone says you are high value, then you are. So, get people to say you are high value (testimonials, blog posts, social media, etc)

Manufacture your own social proof. Start rumors? Spread news.


Some people want what you have, but still don't buy. That's because they DON'T BELIEVE YOU.

So how do you get them to believe you? 3 Ways.

* Build TRUST. There are very few things that build trust faster than if you CONFIDE in them…and then THEY confide in you. Think of the events that made you close to your friends. (I'd NEVER heard this. Have you?)

* AUTHORITY. You can claim authority easily. Better if authority is appointed by others. (ref Social Proof)

* LIKING — Get people to like you. People will do business with people they like. Build "liking" by creating AFFINITY. People do business with people that are LIKE them. (Different use of "like" — this 'like' means 'similar').

Also, REPRESENT the desired outcome that your customers are looking for. (Frank surfs all the time, which represents "the good life" to a lot of people. That's why he's so popular. Finally FUN! People do business with people they have fun being around.


On that last point, FUN. Oh My!

Frank is HILARIOUS and very counter-culture. Frank SHOCKED a lot of people in the audience. But he conveyed the information in this lesson probably better than anyone else possibly could.


These notes can't do justice to what Frank said, but it's all I've got. Now…does this make sense to you? I think that it can do a lot to build your business if we flesh out what Frank said. (He's talking again later today, but I think about something different.)

So go now to and comment on this now. Ask a question, disagree with this, agree, add your own experience. I think this is HUGE and can help you a lot — IF we can go deeper and figure out how to apply this to our marketing.

It doesn't matter if you write your own copy or just own your own business and hire out your marketing, it's going to help you.

(When Frank releases the DVDs of this event, make sure you get them. But if you ever have an opportunity to see Frank at one of his events, do it. Amazing guy. Brilliant.)

Anyway, go now to

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. Frank happens to be speaking at Big Seminar next weekend. I think it's so important for you to go, and I think it's so important that you see Frank live, and experience one of the most important Internet Marketing seminars of the year, I'll actually pay you to attend.

More info here:

(Frank suspects he might get thrown off the stage, though. Can't wait to see if that's true!)

13 replies on “Marketing Wisdom from Frank Kern”

Hi Mark,

I could not agree more with your notes. And the key seems to be really focusing on those that don’t see the value or don’t believe. I’ve seen so many people in my networking group waste time trying to convince a person to buy their product when the person has stated they have no interest in the product itself. Why waste time? Not everyone is your client! Let it go. Focusing on those who don’t believe, however, that you can change, by building relationships and trust. My business is solely referral and networking-based and boy does it work! I confide in my clients all the time and they in turn confide in me- many have even become my friends. It is because of this that I am successful and LOVE going to work every day.

Keep posting the great info!

Onward and Upward,

Elizabeth Sullivan
Click Point Marketing

This is great information for ANY business, online or off line. Thanks Mark, we sometimes forget even the basics. They say that 90% of training is reminding us about what we already know… we know this stuff, we just have to USE it …

Thanks Mark – of all the clutter in my inbox your emails are ALWAYS opened. To a large degree you do all of the above (I’m yet to see you in board shorts though…).

If you are promoting something, I trust what you tell me, because you’ve built up that trust over time, and your advice is great. And the best part – you’re not on the same marketing “bandwagon” that so many others are on.

Will look out for those dvd sets. Oh – and pick through all the “bonuses” that every man and his dog seems to offer, when you could just offer it without any bonus, and it’d be more than worth it…

Cheers, Dave

Right on, Mark!

I agree it’s mostly information we’ve already learned and have to remember to apply.

As for Frank Kern being counter-culture, in my best recollection,he used to be a truck driver, back a few years, before he got involved on the Internet. I’m thinking late 90’s.

My husband and I just watched a video he sent out about ten days ago, with Bob Serling, in which Frank was barefoot, and long-haired. He does sound smart, though.

I, too, read almost everything you write to us, but I do get turned off when I get affiliate letters from you and three other guys, all pushing the same other person’s stuff, and recognize it’s not your own wisdom or product you’re pushing.

I also agree with your poster on all the nonsense bonuses that are offered. Everyone either getting rid of stuff that didn’t sell, or trying to get in on the publicity by including their books/programs. It’s also a turn-off.

Thanks for you being there.

Hi Janette,
Thanks for your comments. You’ve been with me a long time. Thanks for that.
I hope during that time, I’ve provided value to you.
…and I hope you get value even from the emails that are promoting other people’s products. Whether someone else is also promoting them or not, I try to send you messages that give true value.
For example, this particular post (and email) promotes Big Seminar. Frank is speaking there, and I think that everyone should do what they can to hear him live. I’m truly impressed by him, how he teaches, and what he teaches.
But I didn’t want to just TELL you that. I wanted to SHOW you that, so I gave you my notes from his presentation.
My goal was to educate you. And to help you be more successful with your business.
Ninety percent of the words are about real content — Frank. And in this case, even the reference to Big Seminar is real content because it’s a very good place to learn some very important things.
Especially from Frank.
Thanks so much for taking the time to write your post. And thanks to everyone else, too.
Knowing your there, and knowing what helps and what doesn’t, is very helpful to me personally.
To Your Success,

p.s. Just so you know…I won’t tell you about something that I don’t think will actually help a great majority of my readers.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing those notes of yours…

And yes, I agree with you that Frank is hilarious… as I heard Frank Kern LIVE (I mean, in person) speak about Mass Control at Rich Schefren’s New Beginnings 2008 Seminar at Orlando two months ago. For more information, just visit my blog at: http://www.Roger

Your notes are real gems that every marketer should know and apply. The wonderful thing about putting them into notes like you did help one to be very clear and therefore able to focus.

I particularly like that point about focusing on giving VALUE rather than service – and I shall apply them when I conduct workshops/seminars for my own clients.

Roger Loh

Thanks, Mark. Keep up the great reporting. 🙂

For folks in category #2 (Don’t have the money) I like to prepare and send a “Find the Money” report. This basically gives them creative ways to make the purchase either by saving an expense or selling more or both by using just the info I’ve given them in the proposal. Then, I follow with an ROI analysis that provides “sense of loss” if they _don’t_ find the money to make the purchase.

For both #2 and #3, another big factor that I’m sure Frank mentioned is “Cialdini’s” reciprocity. Frank gives away so much valuable info, in such a likable way that, when it comes time to buy, I’m sure some people buy if for no other reason than they feel like they “owe it” to him.

Kelly Conway

Hey Mark, as always… you shared some great ideas.

I find it hard to differentiate between those that are “like” me and those that think I am an authority.

If they are “like” me… then they already know most of what I know… If they think I am an authority… then they don’t know most of what I know.

Where is the line? And… which side is more profitable.

I think the answer is they think I am an authority because I have gone through what ever problem they are having now… and I can help them figure out the answer.


Hi Mark,
When I was conducting my sales training(retail sales), I always taught my students that right before the customer entered the store, particularly when they were aware that they were going to be dealing with a sales person, they had 3 questions tucked away in their subconscious. These questions “demanded” answers QUICKLY:
1.Will they like me?
2. Will I like Them?
3. What’s in it for me?
The customers “answers” those questions within 30 seconds of confronting the sales person- sometimes sooner!Needless to say, these 3 questions point to the importance of making a good first impression. Sometimes we have a tendancy to make human motivations and interactions more complicated than they are.

Thanks for sharing the great notes, Mark. It’s difficult to let go when you believe so passionately in your products and services, but it’s so important to spend your time working with the people who truly need you.

I continue to learn a lot from you and look forward to reading more of your emails.


Another great post with great advice, as usual (from both you and Frank)!

Our problem is that most of the products we sell (to treat Canine Parovirus) are needed like yesterday, as Parvo is an incredibly aggressive and fast-acting virus that can kill your dog in a few days, or less.

That means we don’t have time to build up any relationship with our customers / prospects, and have to rely on sales copy alone. This is difficult as we’re selling natural / organic / holistic solutions that almost automatically generate an air of distrust (except to the already-converted) from the word go.

I guess that means we need to increase our perceived credibility with even more social proof and testimonials, or more poignant ones at least, but it’s certainly been an uphill struggle this past year.

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