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Your “Make Money Blogging” Questions

Can you take a moment to answer a question for me?   You see, I'm working on a project to help you out with something that is critical these days in helping you get more traffic, convert that traffic to sales, and earn revenue from those visitors in other ways, whether they buy from you […]

Can you take a moment to answer a question for me?
You see, I'm working on a project to help you out with something that is critical these days in helping you get more traffic, convert that traffic to sales, and earn revenue from those visitors in other ways, whether they buy from you or not.

What I'm talking about can also SAVE you money.

When Google slapped everyone a couple of years ago, it's GOOD CONTENT that got your cost per click back down to where it belonged.

There was no better place to put that content than blogs.

I've got about a dozen friends who make thousands of dollars a month (some make $1,000 to $2,000 per day) on their blog.

If you knew that this much money was flowing into your bank account every day, how much would that change your life?

Or…what if it was just $100 a day. That might be a more reachable goal for now, right? ($3k/month)

But blogs can do more than generate advertising revenue. They can also help you make more sales of your ebook, your teleseminars, your physical products…ANYTHING at all.

In any case, to generate even a dollar on your blog, you've got to actually HAVE a blog.

So my question is…

Do you have a blog now?

And if so, what kind of help do you need in order to set it up, make it look better, work better, or actually generate revenue for you?

Ya, so maybe that's more than one question.

I just want to know how I can help you.

So if you can let me know using the comment form below and tapping in your questions, I'd appreciate it.



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Here’s what I’d like to learn:
1. How to make each post it’s own page
2. I really like the way your blog is set up… part of the post appearing on the front page with a link for the reader to go to a new page to read the complete post. How is that done?
3. Any and all monetization techniques – placement of ‘ads’.
4. How to make a text link to an advertiser, so it’s incorporated into a post rather than placed as an ad, and so it doesn’t look like an affiliate link.
5. How can opt-ins be captured on the blog without losing them?

Thanks so much, Mark! Your material has been a great resource for learning, and you are a great teacher. I have both your Landing Page Cash Machine and Squeeze Page Cash Machine products. I just got both, so I haven’t been able to thoroughly study them and implement your ideas, but I’m looking forward to spending time on them. I know landing pages are the way to go, I just have to learn how to do them!

Hi Mark
I need to know the answer to all of your questions.
Where is the best place to post a blog?
What is the best kind of content to include in a blog?
How do I get it noticed?
Yup I am new to this but am interested, thank you for your interest.


Which blogging platforms (i.e., TypePad, WordPress, etc.) are best able to accommodate monetization techniques such as placement of ads, capturing opt-ins, etc.? I’m using TypePad to power my Mind Mapping Software Blog, and I find that it’s not always easy to get it to do what I want.

It would be wonderful if you could do a series of “hot seat” webinars where you interview bloggers who are being successful making money blogging, while also building a thriving community and meeting the needs of their readers.

I set up a blog for my wife: It links to her ebooks ( and I just put some AdSense links on it. I think it looks ok, but we are not getting any traffic. Each post pings numerous sites – but still no traffic. She has made comments on various mystery oriented web sites/bloggs.

How can you help us generate traffic?

Hi Mark,
I’m promoting as a sales rep for another company…….
How would a landing page help me?
I’m using the already created landing pages with sign up forms etc….

Don’t you think a potential customer would drift away if they have to
open several pages to come to the real content?


I’ve put up a blog to share information about developing a network marketing business, using online marketing.

The whole idea behind this is to develop relationships with those who are interested in either setting up a mlm business for the first time or trying again after failing at network marketing using “old school” methods usually taught in most mlm businesses.

Tips for “quick starting” the online marketing process for this would be helpful, such as maybe 5 or 6 steps to actually begin a revenue stream from one’s efforts.


I’d like to know what is the best format for a blog.
Should I be doing Video blogging, audio (pod casts) or regular blogs?
How much will it cost to have a good, profesional looking blog?
How do you make money blogging without looking like a typical marketer- providing regular, everyday crap material, hoping that someone comes along and comments?

I’m very interested in learning the ropes and would be open to any advice.



Hi Mark.
Thanks for asking. I have a blog. I don’t have any trouble adding articles.
I would like more information on promoting the blog to drive more traffic there. I see that I am not alone in this question.

I have:
1) a small list: 800
2) a few products of my own: 5 (plus 2 in development)
3) a good understanding of blogging
4) some tech expertise
5) pretty good income from this

My question is: How, when and by what method do I promote to my list?
or to others’ lists –
ads in what places ???
How do I get affiliates for my products?

and here’s a nagging problem: I make sales daily, but I don’t know
where they come from. I need a course on how to implement a good
stats program (google analytics???) and how to read the results.

In other words, I want to launch my business into the stratosphere, but I seem to be stuck.

I don’t have a blog yet.

I would like to have several complete blog site templates to choose from, complete with all necessary plug-ins and widgets installed. Ready for me to substitute my own header and AdSense codes if necessary, add my own content, and start right up.

I would also like tutorials on getting the blog site up and running quickly and smoothly, adding my own blog posts, adding other’s content, adding audio and video, allowing others to comment on my content, keeping the blog spam free, adding advertising, enabling RSS feeds, adding widgets and plug-ins, getting traffic to the blog, etc.

Thanks Mark.

Everything! My blogs are on Google, and I don’t really know how to tie them to my website. I tried WordPress once, but being a non-techie, couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

I wish these programs would come written in plain English and not throw in some term that I can’t comprehend.

With Google I can have adsense, but I’d like to know how to add other things.

And then of course, there’s the traffic issue.

The biggest question – can you make money on line selling something other than products about how to make money on line? I don’t want to be another copy-cat who gathers other people’s information to compile and claim as my own. That practice is the reason why we’re all floundering around, looking for the right answers!

I have a good blog with good traffic, and have just created a product. How do I get readers of my blog to buy? Should I try to move them to a sales page, how best to monetize the blog for a product without screaming money grubbing commercialism? What are good internal monetization strategies.


What are plug ins, why should i have to bother installing them ,and how do i install them, and which ones should i install.

How do i go into the backend of one to updat eit

how do i set up the list of subjects etc along the right hand side of a blog, and then how do i add to that

Hi Mark. I have a blog but I’m not really sure anyone reads it, so I stop posting, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Here is what I want to know:

1) Which platform is best for attracting readership and SEO- better to host on site or off?

2) Are there tested layouts, skins or templates that improve conversion?

3) Are there widgets or ping services that increase readership?

4) Easiest/best way to track conversions. Should I set up affiliate links specifically for the blog to track sales from there? Or use a different feature of 1shoppingcart instead?

5) Best and easiest way to stop blog spam ( a big problem with WordPress presently for me).

Of course, I suppose I could just analyze your blog and copy what you’re doing. 😉

Also, I have two sites that should be database driven due to the amount of content and updates necessary. Should I use blog software to accomplish this? The upside is the built-in database, but I’ve always been annoyed at the lack of flexibility for the home page design. I don’t really want a “daily diary” home page format. I want a more traditional home page look with a back end database. Now I’m whining, aren’t I?

So, Mark the Magic Marketing Man, please answer all these questions for me. Thanks ever so much.


Thanks for your help! My blog questions are:

– How do I add graphic headers to my blog?
– How do I incorporate YouTube videos on my blog?
– How do you set up your page to show just the current post and all comments visable upon arrival?


5) Best and easiest way to stop blog spam ( a big problem with WordPress presently for me).

David–though I *think* I know a few answers to some other questions posted here, I’ll wait for the Blog God to answer the ones having to do with marketing. Stopping spam? What harm could there be?

In your WordPress blog management area, Click on Plugins. If you have one called Akismet, activate it. If you don’t have that in your list of uploaded plugins, scroll to the bottom of the plugin page and click the link for more plugins. Search for Akismet and upload it to you wp-content/plugins directory.

Then go back to the Plugins list in your blog management area and Activate Akismet. You’ll get a flashing message that instructs you to enter your WordPress API key (free from WordPress). Depending upon your WordPress installation version, you may see a new Akismet Configuration option right under the Plugins heading.

Akismet is amazing! Enjoy your spam-free blogging.

PS: David, I see you also want static page design. There is a plugin for static pages, too, specifically a static home page. See mine here: This entire website is written in WordPress.

Hey, Lin, that’s great info, thanks. I will try Akismet. The static home page is a step in the right direction. Looks like it would work great as a squeeze page and also as a membership site. By the way, it looks like you’re doing a lot right on your site (video, squeeze, GET REPORT HERE is awesome). But… have you done headline testing? I think you might dramatically improve the effectiveness of the page with a big promise headline directly to me (WIIFM), the homeowner. How much can you save me? How fast? If my house can pay for my home, does that mean my home can pay for itself? What will I do with all the money I’ll have if I never have to write another mortgage check?

Just my 2 cents. You can ask Mark, but you already know what he’ll say.

“It’s worth testing.”


David Kern: Thanks for the feedback. Busted: I’m not good at testing. I know a few things, but my list of what I don’t know is longer. 😉

The banner is easily changed, and which one appears on which page is a function of css-naming in the style sheet, combined with Ad Spaces (a plugin). For example, here’s a different one in the same blog:

Here’s one that is article-specific, more of a headline than a banner:

The banner you commented on is on a landing page for people searching for “money merge account scam,” so the “Free 25 page Report Is the MMA Right for You?” is supposed to be the big appeal, without revealing that I sell a competitive product. But I can’t say it’s working. (Had trouble with conversion tracking in my last PPC campaign — two more things I don’t know!)

By the way, that site has about 20 static pages, and about 100 blog pages. One of my other blogs follows the static/blog style plus adds membership and forum sections. The forum was build before I installed WordPress, but the membership is inside WordPress. As you see, WP is very flexible.

Thanks for asking. I’m a customer and fan of Landing Page Cash Machine and your Squeeze Page seminars, so I really look forward to your responses to these questions.
Here’s mine:
I have a site and a blog that are meant to help people who think they suck at math. I’ve put up lots of free lessons, content, podcasts, etc. over the years. Unfortunately, I think I’ve come to be known as the guy who teaches for free. The few e-books I offer don’t sell well, because I just have them as little boxes in sidebars on my blog.

Is there a way to use 1shoppingcart to put hoverpops on individual post pages? Normally, you have to add code to the header of the page, but there is no header in the presentation page for posts in WordPress.

Too specific? I hope not. I could use some help.


Yours truly,

Brian Foley (a.k.a. Professor Homunculus at )

Well, traffic is always the question. I was reviewing a video that was demonstrating a method of buying old domain names that had many back links, getting old content then pointing to a blog.

That method generated a 1st page Google ranking.

Does that really work and if not why and what other methods like this could be employed to drive qualified traffic?


Great advice. I’ve been using several tools to drip link filled unique content into a word press blog for about 4 months. This has more than tripled my monthly earnings. Google loves these things.

Keep up the great writing!


I have been blogging for some time, Moguling with
I’m set up correctly, but can no longer afford the monthly charge.
Never have more than 70? visitors.
How can I get more traffic? Google adsense kicked me out for clicking,
which I did not do.
Appreciate some advice

Curious if the blog can also be used effectively as a forum for visitors to ask questions. Right now I get email questions and I respond one-on-one but I’d rather all questions be posted on my blog (or similar forum) for all to see. This would cut down on repeteive questions and provide new content for our website. It would also create talking points for our blog.

As always Thanks!

Hello Mark

I think all of the specifics have been covered in the previous 30 comments. I would like a step by step incorporating all of thse specifics to create and maintain a blog effectively. In simple terme, cut through the fluff and hype out there and direct us toward what really works and what is myth regarding creating, promoting and optimizing the benefits of a blog.

Thanks for your time and insight.

Kindest regards,


I am using My Space for my blog. I am not tech oriented, am new to having this website; don’t even have my own picture on it! LOL! Google cannot validate that it is My website, though I am paying for the hosting, autoresponder, etc. I got the website hoping to direct traffic to my main interest which is Success University, so I have been blogging about what that website has and the benefits to the members who join.

Thanks for the concern Mark.
If you could, I would like to know how to get more people to comment or get involved more with the blog. I am looking at changing the theme. I have been posting and have been getting traffic but near zero comments. I only have some adsense ads and 2 ads from 3rd party.

Hi Mark,

I really appreciate your interest no at this moment in time I do ot have a blog I did but some how for some reason my webhost parked the domain I was using. At that time I was using but have since signed up with Word Press. Traffic is not an issue but knowing how to sell product
on a blog would be very helpful. Also format / layout and colour would be very useful info and would this vary in differing niches.

As an affiliate I’ve sold a few e-books through ClickBank using UsFreeAds, but I figure its essential to have a blog to build a solid business. I have detailed instructions on setting up WordPress, but I found it so involved and complicated, I gave upon it (same with FrontPage – deja vu). I have decided to use as an alternative. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

A software dolt

I’m sure glad to know I’m not the only one who couldn’t figure out Word Press. “Everyone” says it’s so easy!

I’m using Blogger, too, and hope it’s a benefit. I also have a blog on GoDaddy, but with my satellite connection, I can’t even get there half the time. It takes so long to log in to GoDaddy and get to that page, that sometimes the system times out.

Not having high speed is really frustrated for an impatient soul like me!

I have my real estate books on Clickbank, and had not heard of UsFreeAds. Now I need to go check that out. Thanks!

A fellow dolt…


I have my blogs on Blogger because I think Google
is quick to rank blogs on their own system.

What are the best ways to monatize Blogger blogs?

Thanks! I appreciate your advice and enjoy your blog
a great deal.

All the best,

To succeed you need to avoid not knowing what to do.

Because getting into online business is very cheap compared to starting a $100,000 business, many people leave out planning and just start blogging or a website. They have forgotten a very important rule:

” if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail”.

This is one of the major reason why many site do not have traffic and eventually the site dies out and not fulfilled.

As part of your research before leaping to start a blog or a site, you need to ask yourselves many questions and one of the important questions has to be’ how are you going to generate traffic to your site. Like in a business, there should be a business plan where you must have a concrete and proven plan to get customers, so it is the same with online business whether it be blog or website.

In seeking answer to know how to drive traffic to your blog, you will find answer. Once you find the answer, you will be very confident that your work will not be in vain. I actually read some comments here where the blogger said he is now fed up posting because nobody seems to be reading his blog. This happenned because there was no single and effective plan on generating traffic before he got started blogging.

Getting traffic is a major backbone of any online business and to succeed in your niche, you cannot do without it. I would like to stress that it must not be left out of your plan even from day one you are planning to start your blog or site. A business man who hasn’t got a reasonable clue on how to make his business known is a joker.

In real world, traffic is something that do not come easy, unless you already know your ways. What you need to improve your traffic will be based on three processes which are as follows;

1. Content
2. Short Term Marketing Strategy
3. Long Term Marketing Strategy

If you need traffic to your site, my free report will help you indeed.

Mark, I have a blog, but due to the nature i can’t monetize with adsense. Any suggestions? I am looking at adding another blog to my cPanel. How do I add a second blog to cPanel?

what does google look at for SEO purposes: the categories…..or the tags.

is it fair and accurate to say: categories are only used in your internal archives….and tags get blasted out in RSS feeds?

does google count posts as duplicate content if the post is kept in the archives…and as a separate URL

does google search the entire content of the post. for keywords..or just the title…..or just the categories.???? does a title have SEO priority over the post….or the categories?

does google give more credibility/rankings to recent posts…than archived posts……do they read all archives?

what is the best way to use the page feature as a quasi admin panel for a content management system…i.e., i want to create a template for the page…..and then have my content managers post new content whenever needed…..ala a joomla admin panel

what is the best way to request/recruot other bloggers to add your posts to their site?

what is the best way to find other blogs with similar demographic/customer interests

what is the best way to link a sales landing page….or an order form with a blog

how can you add an amazon affilaite store to a blog site?

how would you set up a virtual book tour using blog selling?


almost all of the sites I am looking at use blue, green and orange.

Is there some reason why people are using these colors?



My wife and I have invested in a product that we would like to get help on… we are promoting a
own your own cleaning job; upholstery/carpet
make 3-450 a day…etc….

would love to find a way to promote bring traffic which then they contact a co. if they sign up we are paid….everyone could use an opportunity like this to make additional income and be their own boss…..esp college kids

What I want is a nice set of WEB2.0 bookmarklets so it’s not so much work to add them to a WP blog. I keep looking for a good widget to do it but haven’t found one yet that was reliable.

I really hate editing php in WP or even SMF to get what I want done. Lol, like everyone else I want it premade so all I have to do is add the widget and it works.

I would be more than happy to send other marketers traffic. I’m just not sure how to go about it.

I’m very new at marketing on the NET but learning each day. I am now in the process of changing my landing pages. I am in a very specific business – “Organic & Natural” bedding and home products and only in the US for shipping purposes, so my audience is limited. Even so, traffic doesn’t seem to be my problem – the COST of it is. So far I have only used ADWORDS and the cost is $3-$5 per word with 150-200 clicks a day.(I smile when all the books talk about .05-.10)From my past sales experience in this field I should be receiving at least a 20% Call to Click rate. Out of that my closing rate should be 80%. (THEY WANT WHAT THEY ARE CALLING ABOUT & USUALLY NOW!)I just need them to call. Right now the calls are so few but at least my closing is 100%.

Since reading your book I’m in the process of looking into Adsense as a way of cutting expenses.

Apparently my PROBLEM IS WITH MY WEBSITE since I DON’T receive the calls. I’m more than fairly priced, have an excellent product, ship free, etc. Just like my 4 top competitors. Or my 2nd problem could BE 1 of my competitors (I stopped working for him due to serious unethical practices and he is vindictive) If a client calls him first he WILL LIE about us and there’s nothing I can do about this problem except depend on the “numbers” working in my favor (and control my expenses). This is where you come in.

Do you have a recommendation of who I might get to review my site? I have also purchased Perry Marshalls Complete Course and they do offer 2 site reviews but I haven’t heard from anyone. By the way that is where I read about you.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated. I can’t be the only one with the problem of getting the phone to ring. This wasn’t so with the previous company. He says he’s an internet marketing guru but I know he only uses Google and Engine Seekers, no blogs, no adsense, etc. He spends on the average 800-1200 a day with google. I’m at about 600-700. Does that make sense?

Thank you for your time
Carol Fitzpatrick

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