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I was reviewing a bunch of the questions that were posted at about blogs.

Wow, there are a lot!

Most of them are answered in MakingBlogMoney and others are on the MakingBlogMoney Blog. I felt compelled to answer this question for you today, though, because Dennis and his wife are doing a lot of things right.

And they’re so very close to doing much better…

Here’s what I mean…

“I set up a blog for my wife: It links to her ebooks ( and I just put some AdSense links on it. I think it looks ok, but we are not getting any traffic. Each post pings numerous sites – but still no traffic. She has made comments on various mystery oriented web sites/bloggs.

How can you help us generate traffic?”

Blogging Traffic & Conversion

Blog pre-announcement (please read)

Wow, another flood of responses to my question about blogs.

By and large, the answers were:

“Yes, please help me to make money from my blog.”


“Yes, I’d very much like an ebook about setting up a blog.”
(roughly half said this).


“Yes, I want a blog built, but I don’t want to do it
myself…so long as I can find someone who knows what
they are doing.”

I pretty much expected these answers.

And it should probably be no surprise to you by now that
I’ve been working on something that will help you with
blogs and blogging.

My partner on this project is Ross Goldberg. He’s a master
at driving traffic, and regularly takes in $50,000 a month
or more…much of it from traffic generated by his blogs.

Ross is one of the leading Web 2.0 traffic generation
specialists, and you’re about to pick his brain a bit.

He’s set up dozens of blogs, knows all of the ‘secret
ninja’ plugins and WordPress tricks…

And he’s going to help me help you with Blogs and blogging.


And more…

That’s all I can say for now. Just be looking for another
email from me sometime around 10am Pacific time.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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Time Management + Your New Blog = Help!?!

I was speaking with Ross Goldberg about an email I received in my inbox on Wednesday from one of my Workshop members. (The Workshop is my coaching club) It was about blogs. And it turns out that Ross had received an email that asked a nearly identical question.

Here’s the one that was sent to me.


I read both e-books that you created
(for your coaching club) on the blogs
and they both made total sense, even the
technical one, however we are really
swamped and if we could outsource the
work I may be interested.

Are you able to build our blog to the
same specs as what you described in your
techie manual (i.e. WordPress, look,
add-ins functionality etc)? If yes, what
would you charge for this service?

If you can’t take this work, can you
recommend anybody? The link you had for
(the guy who charged $999) was not
working so I’m kind of out of ideas.

Thanks Mark for your consideration and I
hope to hear back from you soon!

–David C

The manuals that David is referring to are a pair of books that I wrote about blogging for marketers and distributed to my coaching club. One was all about