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Time Management + Your New Blog = Help!?!

I was speaking with Ross Goldberg about an email I received in my inbox on Wednesday from one of my Workshop members. (The Workshop is my coaching club) It was about blogs. And it turns out that Ross had received an email that asked a nearly identical question. Here’s the one that was sent to […]

I was speaking with Ross Goldberg about an email I received in my inbox on Wednesday from one of my Workshop members. (The Workshop is my coaching club) It was about blogs. And it turns out that Ross had received an email that asked a nearly identical question.

Here’s the one that was sent to me.


I read both e-books that you created
(for your coaching club) on the blogs
and they both made total sense, even the
technical one, however we are really
swamped and if we could outsource the
work I may be interested.

Are you able to build our blog to the
same specs as what you described in your
techie manual (i.e. WordPress, look,
add-ins functionality etc)? If yes, what
would you charge for this service?

If you canโ€™t take this work, can you
recommend anybody? The link you had for
(the guy who charged $999) was not
working so Iโ€™m kind of out of ideas.

Thanks Mark for your consideration and I
hope to hear back from you soon!

–David C

The manuals that David is referring to are a pair of books that I wrote about blogging for marketers and distributed to my coaching club. One was all about how to set up a blog. It shows you how to…

* Install a WordPress blog in just a few minutes
* Load and use plugins (little programs that make
blogs do extra — and sometimes money-making —
* Find and Change the theme of a blog (a “Theme”
is the look of a blog, which you can change with
the click of a button)
* How to optimize the site so that search engines
rank it higher for your keywords

But even though the book makes it very easy to set up a blog, David still wanted someone else to do the work for him.

I understand why he asked that…

David KNOWS he needs a blog to further his business. It’s not that he CAN’T do the work himself, but he just doesn’t WANT to take the time to do it.

It all has to do with knowing how you want to spend your time.

I respect David for knowing that about himself, and for valuing his time the way he does.

I’ll write back to David that I may be able to help him with his blog installation, but I’m also curious about YOU.

* Do you have a blog yet?
* Do you think an ebook about how to set up your blog in just
a few minutes would be helpful to you?
* Or would you rather just find someone who can put the blog
up for you?

Whatever your answers, let me know. Simple “yes’s” and “no’s” are fine. Just go scroll down a bit and type in your answer as a comment below. No obligation, of course, if you say you want a book but later change your mind. I’m just trying to get a sense of what you need and how I can help you.


Tell me what you need now.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

p.s. Remember all those other questions about blogs that my readers sent in? One of them said “I see all the questions, but where are the answers?”

I’ve got ’em — they’re nearly ready for you — and I’ll be making them available to you very, very soon.

31 replies on “Time Management + Your New Blog = Help!?!”

I would love to have someone set up
blogs for me, with the plugin’s I want
to use.

That would be a great service.

I could do it myself, but I feel that my
time is better spent doing other things.

Both… it for me and a book….If I get the time I’ll use the book….if not I’ll outsource…..and of course I could simply give the books to someone to use to build my blogs for me!


Andy Clarke

Do I want someone to build my blog?


The perfect question Mark.

Exactly the right question. I think there are THOUSANDS who would want their WordPress blog built.

It is all very well for those with noses in the air to say with a smug smile that it is easy.

It is NOT easy.

After you understand a technology it seems the easiest thing in the world, and unbelievable that anyone would not be able to do it themselves.

Really? Sure I can slap up the Kubrick. But after that?

Instead, I have someone building mine right now.

I have no time to learn how UP FRONT but will BACK LEARN it after it is built beautifully by someone who is a power user and can do in two hours what would take me two (wasted) weeks.

Sound like rant? It is. I had the devil of a job to find someone competent to build mine. Am waiting to see the result. Will they follow my instructions? Or get creative and ‘interpret’ my ideas?

We shall see.

Whoever sets up a WordPress blog building studio will make a blind fortune – if it is promoted properly. In fact I would be one of the first affilates of such a program and promote it wildly.

Hey that’s all.

Out of rage now. ๐Ÿ™‚


Go for it I say.

Hi Mark…

Thanks for the info you have generously given to us! It’s so greatly appreciated.
I do have a blog and I’m posting very very regularly and I also have a website… what I would love to know is how to convert my readers to buyers… I have good content, and offer lots of free things… but how can you convert people over to buying something.

Best wishes

Hi Mark
thanks for the information. Yes I would like help putting blog in and yes i would love to have someone do it myself.

Better yet it would be good if it were cheap for us. Better yet work a program with people for a percentage of what they make and do it free.

I bet I have most of the books on blogs that have been written. Hell, I bet I tried blogging to the bank, blogging to the Moon, Mars and Jupiter and so so, several times, be a blogger and be all you can be and so on.

I probably have spent enough on books on blogs and other items for the net that I could have taken a vacation to Costa Rica or somewhere else.

So yes help would help a lot of people.

I do not think we/I/us are stupid and by the same token I do not think it takes a rocket scientist to do it. Maybe it takes a degree of “geekism”, “nerdism” or something to do it right, I dont know.

What I do know is I and most likely a lot of people, have spent a lot of money, time and frustration and have nothing to show for it but piles of printed out books and virtual piles of them as well.

I am in the rough diamond business here in Sierra Leone and believe me when I tell you that what I have spent on courses, plans and so on to make money on the net, I could have bought a very nice diamond and made very good money.

I keep a copy of my paypal payments just so i can have a good cry now and then. Pages and pages of things bought that I cannot use(for one reason or the other) or did not read the small print or it was written a few years ago and is being touted as the new big deal to make your fortune.

Anyway yes, I personally could use some help and would like to know how to do it and be shown.

If need be I would like it to be installed for me. Eventually I want to know how to do it.

Thank you for your time and I hope this helps a bit.

Ps. Maybe some of us should stay with our day job and forget the net as a means of income. It seems we are not destined to make it for whatever reasons.

PSS. forget the above statement. I will accomplish it one day and it is just taking me more time then most i think. Remember the legnd of the Chinese Pung bird.

Hi Mark
I have two blogs and the take a huge amount of work posting original articles with great content every week. They were built for me however they do not function well as e commerce sites.
I guess the thing I would like is a really efficent template to use for e commerce and some advice on how best to monitise them.

Tony “InternetMarketingVirgin” Bennett

yes. this is exactly where we are right now.

am getting ready to launch the ebook and am setting up the site. have tested the book in a pre-release version and it is selling.

Want to have a “gold club”: where folks can post for a monthly membership and get answers from me (can read blog for free).

Am in the midst of learning to set up the blog.
Could use some help, don’t have tons of cash right now though cash flow is positive. Would like to have the book to try to do it myself.

Dominique Koukol


I own a blog make with Blogger. My native language is Spanish but I’m trying to do the things also in english. This blog is an example of this.

I’ve checked in creating WP Blogs but I think is not so automatic like Blogger but results are more beautiful. Is more like a normal website with your own domain.

The advantage with WP is that you have all control not Google.

I would like to learn more about to setup a WordPress Blog in a easy way and faster possible.


Hello Mark,

The reasons I continue to subscribe to Landing Page Cash Machine are because of the way you seem to understand the different needs marketers have, and you willingness to help with all aspects of marketing.

Your ‘how-to’ webinar sessions have been invaluable, and you’ll have gathered by now that I’m passionately in favour of your continuing to write about and demonstrate the technical aspects of internet marketing/seo/advertising psychology,
etc., etc. Please, please keep it coming.

I’ve put up test WP blog using one of my domain names and the system offered by my host. But I feel there’s something missing if I can’t create and put up a blog site independent of the WP software on my hosting account, and change its heading graphic and general look…am I missing something here?

Best wishes,


I’d love to be able to hire someone dependable to “tweak” my current blog. There are a few things I’d like to change about it.

I have a couple of blogs but what a struggle for me to get them up and running (still in process) in an effective and efficient manner for commercial purposes. A step by step how-to would be appreciated by me and all those who follow.

It would be particularly helpful to demonstrate how to set up a blog to make effective use of Web 2.0 traffic building resources while keeping your blog theme intact and functioning properly.

You know – blog – traffic – monetizing – conversion – with blogs – you know – the simple stuff We non-techies don’t ask for much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks again for all you do!

Val Spangler, The Old Fart Golfer

I would like to have read a book about it and learn to do it all myself, Though I have been learning all about blog writing and I am working on put together one as it is. So thank you for asking and everyone and thank you for your help too ๐Ÿ™‚



Although I have uploaded WordPress successfully with “one click” Fantastico in my c-panel I am mystified by the plug ins. I would just love someone to set it all up for me.

I already have a blog on e-blogger but that was a piece of cake compared with WordPress


I have several blogs. In WordPress and Blogspot. I’d like to be able to outsource the moving of one (maybe two) of my blogs to a self-hosted WordPress to take advantage of those benefits, or at least have an ebook on how to do it quickly and painlessly. My fear is that I have to move one post at a time! Also, I want all the great plugins. This is the one I want to move: I’d have to change the name, right?

Yes, I would be interested in an ebook on setting up a blog as I don’t have one yet and I also, do not have the time to do it as my expertise lies in creating product. Even if I outsource my Blog set up I want to make sure I am getting the best return for my investment.

For my 401(k) plan edcuation site, I set up a basic WordPress blog. But I would like to set my blog up llke yours–with my picture in the banner; categories and archieves on the left side and my RSS feed and opt-in box on the right side.

If I have step by step instuctions, I can do the work. Easy! Will you give us the step by step instructions on how you set up your blog? How much will you charge us?

Also, I did not get an API key when I used Cpanel to set up my blog, nor is my API key on my profile. So where can I get an API key so that I can install the Akismet plugin?

YES!!! Book would be great. Having someone do it would be greater. Or book AND set of step by step video tutorials would be real cool.

Mark, I’ve no blog yet but will launch one soon (B2C).

Your e-books on this subject are great, I’ve read them twice already. It’s very easy now, thank you.

Using your advice I’m sure I can put up an optimized blog within an hour or so. In my opinion there is no need to have programmer to put up a blog and besides, it takes more time to explain preferences and get them to understand itโ€™s not about looks but about conversion.

However, Iโ€™ve another question on blogs. I’ve original, fresh content I like to publish on other blogs to get more traffic to my squeeze pages.

I would love to get your insights and advice on how to get bloggers to post my stuff for free on their blogs.

YES! What I want is a template – i can change the colors, add in photos and videos and then all I have to do is write. Quite happy to write all the content… but the links, the autoresponders, the click/link/back/tags whatever… I’m struggling mightily. I can’t do KickStartCart, I’m lost with Clickbank, aWeber feels like a foreign language and…Paypal? Well it was fine for eBay!

NO MORE BOOKS, videos, teleseminars, just do it for me. If those other tools were gonna work for me, I’d be doing it already. Some people just aren’t wired for technology.



We have several (WordPress) blogs, and they’re easy enough to set up.

What takes the time is installing and configuring the plug-ins that we like to use, and then, of course, finding the time to post to these various blogs amongst all of the other business activities that we undertake.

What would be good would be info on how to monetise blogs without using AdSense.



i’d love to find someone to install plugins, make sure they work, also someone that could do maintenance on the site on a regular basis. a go-to blog tech person.

Here are my answers:

* Do you have a blog yet? Yes, but I only know the basics of set up.

* Do you think an ebook about how to set up your blog in just a few minutes would be helpful to you? Yes but help from someone ‘live’ would be more helpful!

* Or would you rather just find someone who can put the blog up for you? Well, this could work, if you knew who to trust!


I have a blog. ( problem I find is not having enough time to keep it up to date. I have several 100 pieces of content for it and would like to find some automated way to add content on a regular basis, then come back and add some personal information when I get a chance.

Blogs are easy to setup, but keeping them current is a real time consuming task.

YES, I’ve doped out a few things I have yet to see anyone address (yet are surprisingly basic things!):

I see frequent reference to “hosted blog(s),” “hosting for your blog,” etc. Does this mean that only hosted blogs (as distinguished from free) are suitable for monetization?

If so, for what reason(s)?

Isn’t the point of blogs to escape the expense of conventional, hosted websites (& benefit from the user-friendly simplicity)?

Does magnitude of subscription to your RSS feed “count” in AdSense’s eyes where your traffic is concerned? Or does RSS, by delivering your post, actually “discourage” visiting your site (making RSS counterproductive where valuable page visits/traffic concerned)?

I see use of autoresponder opt-ins (AWeber) on WordPress blogs; any way to use one-off survey forms from 3rd-party developers on a free WP blog?

Have been assured virtually everything on WP blog can be stripped off, incl timestamps, but haven’t found this to be true. Again, is this a function only of hosted blogs?

Etc; THANKS for everything – you guys rule!

1) Yes I have a blog, but have not done much with it.
2) Maybe a book would help
3) I want to be the person getting paid $999 to set up the blog!

I do all my own blog building. I don’t have the capital to have someone else do it. I am ot at the stage of making enough money to have someone do it for me.

Although I do have a good knowledge of how to do it. And in the future when I have others build them for me I will know if they’re done right.

Understanding the functionality and postetial uses of blogs is a big challenge for the self learner. My searches over 18 months have not yeilded good practical sdudy guides despite several purchases. As for plugins , widgets, tags and pings, SEO and linkbait – enough said!!
The standard advice to outsource to RAC or E-lance is terriffic – provided you know what to specify in the design brief. We’re on phase 6 of development for precicesly that reason and have just gone live after 10 months of work (I,m afraid the site does not look that spectacular at a glance).
So if you guy’s have something useful to release which provides information on setting up and running/organising a WP blog I will certainly but it.

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