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What Can I Do For You?

Losing my laptop was a scary experience, but it could have been much worse.

I could have lost everything, had I not had everything backed up.

I’d have had nothing at all. I’d be starting from scratch…and that got me thinking about YOU.

Because I know, for a fact, that a great number of my readers — maybe even you — are still at the very beginning of your online marketing career.

You’ve got lots of “trying” under your belt, but a long way to go.

You’ve got dreams…
* A million dollars
* A trip around the world
* Owning and driving a fancy car

You’ve got hopes…

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Your Traffic Secrets Bonus

With all the commotion that a lost laptop brings, I may have fallen down a bit on the job. Please give me a moment to explain…

While I was away, I let you know about John Reese’s Traffic Secrets course ( As you know, John is the among the most brilliant of internet marketers, and an excellent teacher. And you know, with certainty, that what John will show you will create traffic — and sales — for you.

I believe so much in what John is doing, and really want you to be successful online, that I offered you an incentive to get his program. I said to just order through that link, and I’d offer you a collection of four of my most popular programs.

But there is a catch — for me.

Off Topic

Laptop Travel Tips

A few days ago I wrote you about how my laptop was stolen while travelling abroad. Since then, I’ve received an outpouring of support, letters of thankfulness that no one was hurt, and empathy from people who’ve had similar experiences.

Some of those letters have come with advice and suggestions about how to prevent such problems in the future. And in hind-sight, I also will now do some things differently when I travel — with our without my laptop.

I wrote the next day about some general tips on how to protect your laptop computer — whether you travel or not.

Today, we’re going to focus on some specific advice for when you travel — whether on business or for pleasure — and bring your laptop along.

And just in case you think some of these suggestions are a bit over the top or unnecessary, please remember what I said last week

Off Topic

How to Protect Your Laptop Computer

Yesterday, I told you about how my laptop computer was stolen from inside my hotel room…while I was sleeping just a few feet away.

Hard to believe, but true.

I was pretty well prepared for such a disaster — better than most, but not as good as some — and my business was saved because of it. But there were other things I could have done — and had always intended to do but hadn’t that could have either prevented the theft in the first place, or helped me to recover even faster.

You might think that what I’m about to recommend to you is a bit excessive. Well I’ll tell you, “It’s always too much until it’s not enough.”

In other words, you might think that doing one or two of these techniques is enough — and you might think it’s excessive. I promise you it’s not. If you lose your computer —

Off Topic

Someone Stole my Laptop

Something very bad happened to me this past week that I want to tell you about…so that maybe you can avoid the same fate.

I hope this doesn’t happen to you…whether at home or abroad.


Imagine this for a moment…

You go to sleep in your hotel room, half way around the world, after a day of sight-seeing, culture-absorption, and fun.

And you wake up in the morning to find that your laptop is GONE from the desk where you left it the night before, and your hotel door is wide open.


Has this ever happened to you?

If it has, then


Answers to Traffic Secrets Questions:

Here are some answers to questions about Traffic Secrets you
may have been wondering about.

Question: I just got Product Launch Formula. Do I need this

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Question: I’m a rank beginner. Will it work for me?

Answer: Yes, most definitely. John’s got a way of talking
with people that helps absolute newbies get themselves up to
speed — and with a high level of confidence that you’re
doing the right thing.

Question: I’m an expert. I know all there is about getting
traffic to my site. Why would I need this?


Three reasons why you should get Traffic Secrets Tomorrow (Tuesday)

Traffic Secrets v2 goes on sale Tuesday at Noon
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Traffic Secrets – This Can’t Be Right

What most people don’t realize about the internet is that everything is changing — and it’s changing more rapidly than ever before.

Okay, that’s not news.

But what is news is what the changing internet means to your traffic generation strategy. John Reese will tell you that in the first 5 minutes of his new video.

He reveals what he now knows to be the number one traffic generation method on the web….and frankly, very few people would have thought that this is a “traffic generation” method at all.

They’d tell you “John can’t be right”. But