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Do You Twitter? Why?

Do You Twitter?

I Twitter, though for the life of me I can’t understand why some people — even my friends — use Twitter the WAY they do.

A very good Internet Marketing guru (a good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless for the moment), twitters constantly. You can find out when he’s going to the store, taking a trip, having dinner with friends. One of the posts he wrote was something like “Mmmm. Barbecuing burgers in the backyard. YUM!”

(I expect another tweet from him just like that one this Labor Day weekend.)

What’s the point of that?

I have no idea.

Some people say it’s so that

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Getting Offline Traffic (and maybe even Oprah)

The other day, I wrote you about how bloggers and other website publishers are in constant need for content for their websites.

That’s why you want to write articles — so that they’ll put your content, your name, and your links all over the internet.

Good, yes?

Well, here’s how you can get publicity in the offline world, too.

It turns out that your local newspaper, trade papers, niche websites, the Wall Street Journal, magazines, TV Stations and Radio Stations all NEED CONTENT too.

Here’s how to give it to them.

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Why You Need a Blog if you want Massive Traffic

If you don’t have a blog yet, then you’re about to learn why you should get one set up today, BEFORE you start your other traffic efforts. And, if YOU DO have a blog, you’ll discover how to leverage it to help drive traffic to your site.

Your blog can be used in two different ways: the blog itself can be your business, or if you’ve got a product to sell, the blog can get people to your sales page.

Either way, the blog is critical to your traffic work.

Here’s why.

Blogs are natural traffic magnets. You’ve heard me talk already about how it’s important to set up your pages so that the search engines know what your site is about, right? Well, blogs are naturally built that way, especially WordPress blogs.

All you need to do is title your post with your keywords, and that post title (and your keywords) end up in the page heading — which Search Engines look at to learn about the text on that page. And those same headings also show up in your Page Title (the text in the blue bar), which is probably the single most important


In 20 seconds, a much better Traffic Question?

I think in about 20 seconds you’re going to agree with what I’m about to say about Traffic.

It’s about the traffic question you’re probably asking. I’m going to suggest a different one.


The survey that so many of my readers answered was very revealing. The question was “How can I get traffic to my site?”

And because so much traffic comes from search engines, the question for you became “How can I get ranked High on Google?”

I’m curious…how much would it change your business if your website showed up in one of the top 10 listings on Google for your best, most competitive keyword?

Would it increase sales by 10 times? A Hundred?

That’s a good question, and it would change EVERYTHING for you about your business, wouldn’t it, to be listed on page 1 of Google’s results?

Well, here’s the BETTER QUESTION.

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The Easiest Way to Get Free Traffic

If you do what I’m about to tell you — what one of the expert faculty in my new traffic system will walk you through, step by step, you’ll get links — from dozens to hundreds of them — on sites all over the web.

And as you know already, once you’ve got your website set up to tell the search engines what your site is about, your next job is to get links pointing back to your site.

Oh, and here’s something you probably didn’t know.

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The SECOND reason to use Adwords

Read this Adwords advice even if you do not use Adwords or have no intention to.

Because even people who are already using Adwords aren’t aware of something it can do for them. It’s one of Adwords’ best features — but you won’t even find it in the documentation.

But before we get into this too deep, though, let me ask you a question.

Would you pay an expert in your field a few dollars to tell you EXACTLY what your customers wanted? What would it be worth to you if you KNEW, with absolute certainty, that the buyers of your …let’s use Widgets as an example … that the buyers of your Widgets were more interested in quality and reliability as opposed to price?

Or price rather than quality and reliability?

Would it be valuable for you to know that — by an overwhelming majority — buyers wanted plastic widgets rather than the old fashioned metal widgets?

You see, one of the things that Adwords can do for you — and this is very powerful and important — is to tell you

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Seth Godin Apologizes

Seth Godin’s post yesterday, which many people have characterized as promoting clickfraud, created a firestorm of controversy all over the web.

Seth’s response to the uproar was to post an explanation of his thinking, which to me actually made the problem worse.

I’m sure his inbox was flooded, and a few well-written comments to both of his posts generated the following apology from Seth:

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Seth Godin is Wrong — Here are the Right ways to leave an Online tip.

I love Seth Godin. Seth is brilliant. Seth is my marketing hero. I’ve got all his books. I buy them as soon as I can, without regard to the content or the title.

Sorry. I’m a Godin addict.

And I’m Hoping that one day he’ll come out with a movie so I can be first in line at the theater. Or a TV Show, so I can Tivo it every day. Maybe a live “marketing concert”? I’ll be there!

But today…today, Seth has got it all wrong.

Seth says that “Ads are the new online tip jar” and that you should click on them to say THANKS for the great content.

I couldn’t disagree more strongly, and here’s why.

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On-Page SEO Tips

You’re going to be learning a lot about getting traffic to you site over the next few weeks, but there’s something you need to do first — before you start trying to get that traffic — that will multiply the effect of everything you do.

Before I can tell you that, though, you should understand something…It’s a subtle difference in traffic that some people overlook, but is really very important.

So let me ask you this question…

As part of our traffic building work, we’re going to be getting links from other sites back to your site. So what’s the purpose of getting a link to your site on another site?

There are two. The first is

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Consistent Website Traffic vs Nothing vs Overwhelm

Something has stuck in my mind that I want to talk with you about. I’ve got a feeling it’s stuck in your mind, too.

You need traffic — we know that.

But you either don’t know how to get the traffic (Not *enough* information) or you’ve got so many different people/experts/programs, that you don’t know what to do first (Too *much* information).

In other words, you’re overwhelmed. <-- RIGHT? As a result, you switch from a "free e-course magic potion" to "thousand dollar silver bullet marketing system", hoping and wishing something will stick -- and work -- and deliver the traffic to your site. But it doesn't. It doesn't because if you start in one direction, and then change direction, and again, you end up staying in the same place. Whether you are trying to use SEO …or try your hand at article marketing …or Web2 strategies …or Affiliate Marketing …or Google Adwords …or Blogging… …All GREAT ways to get traffic to your site, by the way…BUT…you