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Getting Closer to a Traffic Solution

Let’s keep talking about traffic, because I think we’re getting closer to a solution. And I’ve got an important question for you at the end, so please read all the way through and leave your thoughts. First, an update: I’ve been evaluating some software that might help organize things for you — so you can […]

Let’s keep talking about traffic, because I think we’re getting closer to a solution.

And I’ve got an important question for you at the end, so please read all the way through and leave your thoughts.

First, an update: I’ve been evaluating some software that might help organize things for you — so you can list your site so people in your industry, or serving the same people, can find you. Of course, the whole system will work better if you can send traffic to someone else, too.

(What comes around goes around, you know.)

But, as David mentioned on my blog, not everyone has enough traffic to give away.

“Nice thought Mark but the fact is that people who only get 1 or 2 or maybe 7 unique visitors a day are reluctant to send them away.”

I’ve got two responses to that. The first response is that giving away traffic — no matter how little — is an important way to get traffic. It’s that relationship thing I talked about the other day. You can also think of it as being part of a community, too.

(By the way, did you know that your SEO rankings go UP if you have outbound links?)

My second response is, of course, there are ways to generate more traffic on your own, too…if you know how

Paul had this to say…

“It took me 5 years to get the traffic I was looking for. It was not easy…there is no magic wand or bullet.”

Very true, Paul, though I hope it doesn’t take everyone 5 years to get enough traffic. (Could YOU, wait that long???) Getting traffic is like most other business ventures because it depends on you learning how to get the job done…and then repeating the work over and over again.

That’s how you get more organic traffic…Persistence.

Do it once, and then do it again. And again. And don’t stop (until you can pay someone else to do it reliably for you).

The only shortcut might be Pay-Per-Click advertising, which can start in 15 minutes. But you gotta know how to do that, too.

Okay, but there’s a problem, and Lorne pretty much hit the nail on the head.

“Hi Mark,
Thanks for the offer. I am currently suffering from so much learning and things to implement and not enough time or resources to do this effectively. It seems like every time I open an email, there is a new system or course…Any suggestions?

Angie had similar thoughts. She said:

“I just started a website called Coastal Computerized Information Services and during this process I have read everything I could get my hands on about getting traffic to my site. Unfortunatly I am more confussed now then I was when I started reading all the info.”

Do you feel the same way as Lorne and Angie?

I’m really curious…and I really want to know because if it is, then I think it’s a problem that needs fixing.

Is the problem that you’ve got too much information without enough action?

Or are you not finding the information you need?

Or is it just too darned confusing?

Or … and I’ve got a feeling that this is also part of the problem … is it that you haven’t found information that you can trust?

Talk to me. Leave your comment below.

To Your Success,


29 replies on “Getting Closer to a Traffic Solution”

I am constantly getting bombarded with the next great thing that I must have. It is incredibly distracting to my productivity, because although I try very hard to focus, sometimes I am tempted to read about this or that next must have.

I don’t know what the answer is, except to be even more self-disciplined than I am.

God, yesss! Way out of line too much information to act on. It’s all good stuff, but that’s part of the problem. I wake up ready to take on the world, but that’s also the problem. It’s the whole damned world! Wish I could focus on one thing. Any suggestions?



I agree with Lorne and Angie, there is too much conflicting information out there and it is difficult to concentrate on one or two methods to at least get started.

I have really examined why this internet marketing seems so multilayered and complex. As a professional artist, it took me a long time to Master the craft of making and marketing. I think this is similar to learning the tools and ways that work for you (individually), and sequentially putting those pieces together for a successful outcome. The information seems so dispersed. There is also so much to choose from, that you can spend a small fortune just getting “one aspect” of the whole picture. Would you say that “Traffic” is the first part of the equation, or after the content and salesletter…..?? Traffic seems like getting people to your Play…What good is the show without an audience?

Yes it’s easy to get overwhelmed as there’s so much info and so many “gurus” out there.

I’ve had good results from writing articles as a means to getting traffic, and have a landing page where people get a free ebook in exchange for signing up to my ezine list.

Just to get to that point though you have to know how to get a website up, get a sign up box on it, set up an autoresponder, write an ebook and so on. Plus you have to consistently produce a lot of articles.

Most of us have to learn all this ourselves as we simply don’t have the funds to hire an expert, and don’t know who to trust.


Dan Goodwin

It’s not just that there is a mountain of information it is not knowing which parts,of it are important and what to do first.

I don’t think that most people are lazy but they lack a plan that they can follow. Sometimes they have a plan and get stuck at the first hurdle then they go looking for another plan.

And of course every platform stomping globe trotting Internet Marketer is happy to sell them more plans.

So the plans stack up but the skills don’t.

I used to be a College teacher and we very carefully drilled our students and built their skills before they hit the world of work.

The only drilling in I.M. is the hype meisters pounding our In Boxes with more fantasy promises.

At this moment Mark there is a Google ad just below this comment box promising – yes promising, that you will make $500 in “Your First Two Hours -Guaranteed”

This is why “Newbies” on the net can take years to sort out the facts from the fiction and begin to make money.



Lorne and Angie and now Brian, too are correct!

It’s knowing what to do…FIRST. Then doing it. Focusing on that FIRST THING and ONLY that FIRST THING. And doing ONLY that FIRST THING, solving any problems, resolving any issues, fully digesting that FIRST THING.

But here’s the root problem: We have a dozen or more people emailing us with different solutions. They may be GREAT solutions, but not that FIRST THING. OR it _may_ be that FIRST THING. We just don’t know!

What’s the FIRST THING? And then, what’s NEXT? There’s no one (trustworthy) to help us.

[And nothing against anyone in particular, but just saying, “I’m trustworthy. Trust me!” doesn’t necessarily prove someone is trustworthy.]

I agree with the others – I have read so much info that I feel like my brain is on overload. I only hope that when the time comes I will remember the things I’ve read. Being a newbie and just getting started with a business, products, suppliers and next the website, it seems like all I am doing is trying to figure out how what I’ve read applies to what I am trying to do. I don’t know if that even makes any sense to anyone. But I am going to persevere and I will get it all together someday soon(?) I hope. Thanks for sharing with me. Margaret
PS I didn’t even mention traffic, marketing etc. etc. etc. Smile!!!


This article caused a paradigm change for me. The problem is mostly lack of focus and inaction. I also think that info overload is also my problem. I need to spend more time actually focusing and working and less time reading marketing e-mails and watching videos. I have 30 products on traffic strategies. It is time to pick one and go to work.

I am also going to unsubscribe to many list. I think my and other peoples’ problem is too much information which causes confusion. It is time to be quite and concentrate.

Thanks Mark. That article was great food for thought and I think you are correct. We are getting closer. I think like you, the answer is persistence. I’ll add to that FOCUS and less buying and actually taking one idea and start applying it with focused action. Once I have that one working and producing traffic, then I can move to the next one. Eventually I will have multiple streams of traffic.

Information Overload. This is my number one concern. I need traffic, subscribers, copywriting, web design, SEO, Web 2.0 and a plethora of other marketing ideas. Every single guru online has the ultimate fix. Which one do I listen to…all of them or do I stick to just one?

Everyone is an expert and, in my case, expensive ones. Everyone promises to deliver the world if you will just part with the dollars and that is finished. I don’t expect to get rich but it would be nice to cover the expenses.
I have had to drop a couple of websites because the thousands of dollars I have spent didn’t help me one bit.
“Trust me”, I agree with Phil. Where do I find a recipe to get something, anything, going from step 1 or do I just quit and cut my losses?

Absolutely feel the same way. I have spent over $30,000 on “must have” guru crap over the last six years and been driven to the edge of bankruptcy. This Bozo says do this, that one says do that, #3 says both those things are wrong, GIVE ME YOUR MONEY…
All that has accomplished for me is changing my attitude from one of initial trust to believing that everyone selling almost anything in the Net Marketing niche is a fraud and a thief. I’m beginning to believe that I do not want to associate myself with people who are two steps lower on the “primordial ooze” scale than lawyers (that’s about 5 steps below online lead vendors.
And it bothers me to have have been changed so much by my experiences.
All I want to know is how to have my first $100 day online, then scaling it up to $300, then to $1000+ quickly. I don’t have any more time to goof around with people who do not know what they are talking about or screwing around with “Upsell Joe” -you know the guys with the “ultimate solution” who leave out five of the vital pieces and then willing to sell each of them to you, one at a time, “for just a few (or thousands) of dollars more”.

I’ve been in that unable-toprioritize-or-know-what-I-SHOULD do first overwhelm for about 3 years, (seriously)

I’ve had my first book on a pdf with controls ready to put online and trying to learn WHAT I needed on a website to do that, and HOW I could get what I needed together without paying a web designer $2k to do it for me . . . because then I wouldn’t know what I need to know to tweak the site as I learned more!

Periodically I would get so lost I’d give up and go back to my very hard work “day job” (designing and building gardens for people. Good exercise, but not much of a future. . .

Exactly a year ago I began to study in earnest the tons of ebooks and courses I’ve downloaded, and buying even more – – 5 to 29 hours a day, 3-5 days a week.

Then magically, about a month ago, little things I was reading, and probably had read before, finally began to make sense, and have a sequence or organization.

I think its like trying to learn a completely unfamiliar language, from just the words, no body language, and importantly, no interaction – no questions.

It’s like the information is there, but none of it means anything, none of it at all at first. Then gradually you figure out a little bit of what things are but still have no clue if there important, or HOW they might be important,or what fits with them to make them useful.

In short, those who are good at this taught themselves before they )probably) were old enough to understand how learning/teaching takes place. . .

And now they’re so far ahead of others in their special skills they can barely explain what they’re doing to their contemporaries. There is NO organized, sequential, general->to->specific, overall education of how internet marketing does, or should work. . .

It changes so fast even articles are outdated as soon as they’re written. So maybe we need a Wikipedia – style reference that everyone can continually update. . .?

Robynne, (underconstruction)

It is overloaded big-time! I am no techie — I am a clinician and even though I have reasonable computer skills the whole Web business in terms of being on the operating side of things is a whole different ball game.

I totally agree with the comments above about not knowing what to do when — every aspect of developing an online business is a huge Olympic size learning curve. Very few people can devote their total attention to learning what we need to learn. It’s not that it’s overly difficult especially once you know what you doing — but it’s getting to that point of knowing what you doing, and knowing what you got to!

I’m a whole lot more advanced on the learning curve than what I was early this year — and it does become easier once you know what you are doing. Still a long way to go… Hmmmmmmmm!


I don’t usually read blog comments, but I’ve read the last few days on this one… my compliments to the contributors.

I think it was the problem solving part.

We all know the TRAFFIC + CONVERSION formula, and we should definitely pay attention to it, I just think we need to “concentrate” on the visitor.

My problem is overwhem. Too many ideas; Too much to do… Where do I start!

I think the answer is in “building teams”.

What do you think?

Looks like you’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest with your question Mark, LOL.

But it’s absolutely true. For people to learn how to drive traffic to their website, ther is a mountain of information out there and everyone seems to have the next best way.

If folks are a little new at this online marketing thing the basic relationship building techniques through web 2.0 and the social networks work very well.

Having 100 close business alliances with other like minded people is better than a list of 10,000 names from somewhere on the net.

The relationships you create today will bring you plenty of traffic tomorrow and is being proven over and over again by all the big marketers.

Other than that the basic things to get your wesites to the top of the search engines like article marketing and forum postings are still the things that are working for me.

So sticking with the basic marketing techniques and creating relationships is the way I have found to work well and leave out all the paid for information that is flooding the net.

Mark and all,
I started a site about 6 months ago and it got the google slap…. I went in search of answers and got inundated with a new thing in my inbox every day….

I paid for a couple of Marks books and read them and it helped me to focus on what I needed to do…. some of it was over my head…. but the point was to start somewhere…..

I set a budget and I haven’t gone over it… Amazingly, there is a lot of good free info out there, which helped me. I find when someone wants you to go to their seminar and you don’t go…. later they send you snipets from it anyway to download…. I’m sure I’m not getting the “full meal deal”, but it’s more than I knew before and i can apply it, and it was free…..

You do have to spend money to make money, but you have to have a plan too…..

I got my new site up with an e product and every week I add something to the site or implement something from my strategy….

Am I making millions…. nope, but I’m turning a profit and six months ago this didn’t even exist for me….

Just pick something and start somewhere and stick with a plan that makes sense…. otherwise you will buy yourself into oblivioun and not be able to implement half of it…. Baby steps…..

Here’s some things that have helped me….

got a couple of good books to start with

made a plan, implement it in phases….

joined a yahoo! group related to my field.

Learned what the needs of people were. Wrote articles on it and posted it on the group….. develped relationships with them and many of them bought….word of mouth has happened as a result.

“traded” services….. one of my clients is a VP of Marketing…..he was one of my “raving fans”……so I offered to trade services….

I now have a local speaking engagement because of him and have now also been called by a nationally recognized journal to submit topics to speak for them and also have a contract with a company who is buying my ebook to give to their client…..

It cost me about $300 equivalent of my services for him and about an additional 30 hours for that exposure he has provided me…..

so….. find someone you can network with and trade services…..

I’m no pro, but baby steps is what is working for me…. could I be doing more? Maybe, but I might be accomplishing less if I did…… I re- evaluated my steps with my marketing buddy and he has given me ideas I never would have had.

Best to All in your endeavors.
Dominique Koukol


Like everyone else here, I’m new to internet marketing. And like the others, I am inundated with courses, offers for software, products, etc.

I can look at this information overload in two ways: either I can become overwhelmed mentally, emotionally and financially, or I can stick to the path I’ve always used when delving into something new.

1. I stay within my budget.
2. I remain on lists that reinforce the information I’m trying to process and put into action.
3. Here on the internet, I try very hard to build my site/internet presence daily and do not let free courses/lessons get in the way of that.

I hate doing things over, but these lessons have pointed out that the organization of my site must be over-hauled again. (It’s a curse for writers: we know what we meant to say, but without that cooling period, we don’t recognize we could have said it clearer. Worse, with a website, that information is spread over hundreds of pages. Visitors don’t want to dig for that information; so organization is essential. This is utterly foreign to me as I am used to writing in 8- and 15-inch columns).

A lot of online lessons are given on video. The quality of these videos is not great; if you miss something or need to go back, it is time consuming. I learn much better by reading, but apparently videos are here to stay.

Podcasts, (I think that is the correct term), seem to provide a happy medium between written slides and narration. No one does that more effectively than Eric Holmlund. His videos or podcasts are short, on point, and reinforced with a class outline.

I’m also trying to follow Stompernet’s 30-Day Challenge. This is a huge resource, but I’m having trouble making time for it. Not only is there a huge amount of information given, but it is all video, filled with irrelevant chit-chat and the “meat” is often rushed. Still, the scope of the 30-Day Challenge makes it worth the effort. Both Eric’s and Stompernet’s courses are free, btw. Brad Callen is another coach who offers great insights.

By July, I had earned back my start-up costs and had a small profit. I decided rather than invest in advertising I would spend for one last course. That is John Reese’s Traffic Secrets. So far I have made one sale online. The rest of my meager earnings have been generated off-line. I hoped that I would be able to implement Reese’s course chapter-by-chapter, but it is clear I’m going to have to listen to multiple lessons, then go back to implement it. More time.

I am a novice at the computor an systems It seem to me this industry is the only one that can get away with what it does If this were a car company you would take it back until they made it right and you knew what was happening If it was a flat screen tv the same would apply but in this industry the big way they stay in business is by keeping you confused on the hard ware and software. They must not know what simple is or they do and don’t want to do it. Think about it What other product would you would you put up with this that the more you try the worse it gets.
Sincerely Dick Rowbotham

We don’t really need Traffic but Targeted Traffic,
1) whatever the Proper Entry Point we may use to persuade people : Squeeze page, Doorway Page, Sales page, Home page, Follow-up emails, etc., or Belly to Belly, and
2) whatever the Cost-Effective Marketing Method we may use to attract people : Word of Mouth, Relationships, SEO, Link Exchange, Adwords, Classified Ads, Ezines, Articles, Directories, Forums, Blogs, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Mailing List, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, etc., or Comments.

So the real question is : how to get Good Quality Traffic… to eventually make money?

What do we really need?
1) we need just & only to get a Good Visibility at the Right Time at the Right Place in front of the Good Prospects, that is people who have a Need to fulfill, who Live Where we can Deliver our products or Serve Them, who speak our Language, and who are Willing to buy (or eventually Ready to join for free to maybe buy something sooner or later), and
2) we also wish to get it on Remote Control, or without working too much.

So, if you can create an Affordable & User-Friendly software to remotly find Good Prospects and Attract Customers on Auto-Pilot, you’ll offer the magic solution we all want. And of course, it has to be Multilingual as many people dont speak English (or prefer to use their mother tongue to search what they are looking for).

Way, way too much information. Plus I’ve read several books.

Right now I’m reading Tom Antion’s book ELECTRONIC MARKETING FOR SMALL BUSINESS, which I think is excellent. But with a copyright of 2005 (yes, I know there are updates on his website) surely several of the things have changed, especially in terms of SEO.

I agree with everyone here. I too have spent alot of money trying to have a web biz and so far have a pretty lame homepage. Then the clencher is, I spent ALOT of time doing this and I am too embarrassed to submit the site to the search engines. I don’t want traffic right now.
It seems that everything that comes down the pike, has to be learned some how. I think not having face to face communication has alot to do, with why it takes so long to learn the programs too. So you say you want to be an ebiz entrepeneur eh? Ok now they said THEY could build a website, in 15 min. Sounds like just what I need. Plop out the bucks, wait for it to arrive in the mail, or download it. Cya, they got paid and are gone. If you need help most times it’s not available. Directions can be “read” wrong. So you try try again to get it two work. Then I know for me I get so frustrated, I have to leave. Or I’ll break my computer.LOL
I bought John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 and first impressions are, there is alot of information here that hopefully will justify the price. I started studying right away. The steps are listed numerically 1-15 on one page of the program.I made it to step 4!! I haven’t even scratched the surface.
I got bombarded left and right from affiliates recommending Johns products. I mean they had promotions giving away their programs so I would use their affiliate link. It just makes me wonder, is there a bunch of internet “Guru’s gathering at a Hotel in Colorado taking turns at being Guru’s and laughing all the way to the bank. It’s something to ponder, back to studying.

I can relate to being bombarded with the next “latest, greatest thing that will jumpstart your business to make you millions. Just buy…” Stop buying stuff!!!!! That’s my advice. Just concentrate on one thing at a time until you have mastered it and it’s working for you. If you get caught up in a buying frenzy and studying things to death, you’ll just delay getting your business off the ground.
Most, not all, offers from so-called gurus are long on promises, but short on actual hands-on-how-to. Not only that, but the e-mails I receive clearly show a trend of(incestuous) reciprocal business relationship among the top gurus in the business. Nothing wrong with occasional cross promotion of each other’s product(s), but it has become insane lately. A veritable feeding frenzy. No thanks. I can resist. I know a good offer when I see one, but enough is enough already.
So I just want to say that I appreciate Mark’s approach and his diligent efforts in assisting with the most important area in internet marketing – traffic.

There are many free sources for traffic, which I use and would be glad to share.


It ends up being a combination;

Not finding enough information in places that you can trust kind of leading to too much information, too much mis-information thus not enough information to be actionable.

I had a ppc campaign going great as an affiliate, the company changed the website from content to video and now my ppc campaign is stopped cause I don’t want to pay $10.00 per click. No JOKE. Google said there is no content on the site and therefore it cannot be optimized. I have sent several messages to the program support and get what I call confusing and flakey answers but they insist they have explained everything. They did not know google no longer lets you uses the affiliate link given by anyplace. I have no idea what to do now. I am really confused now. I cannot take my contacts and upload them into another system cause they are only opted in at the affiliate site. Now What???


I’ve been interested in this project of yours — wondering where it might end up. I haven’t commented thus far, because I know how to get both organic and ppc traffic.

In fact, I just put up a website where I’m interviewed about a key element in getting organic traffic. If you check out my website, the interview is posted. There’s no registration required to listen, and I’m not selling anything at the moment. (And I’m not planning a launch either.)

Mark, depending on what you pull together, I look forward to participating. I’m following your progress with interest.

Hey Mark ,

I am a web designer and to be honest it took me a long time to get traffic through ” organic search engine optimization ” but still my conversion rate is very low.

I have tried to read most of your articles, heard your audios, but I still my conversion does not go up.

I would really appreciate if you and others could go to my site and let me know the best thing to do.

Thanks and best regards..

Mr. Daniel Chege
Poppa Productions Web DESIGNS

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