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Do You Twitter? Why?

Do You Twitter? I Twitter, though for the life of me I can’t understand why some people — even my friends — use Twitter the WAY they do. A very good Internet Marketing guru (a good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless for the moment), twitters constantly. You can find out when he’s going […]

Do You Twitter?

I Twitter, though for the life of me I can’t understand why some people — even my friends — use Twitter the WAY they do.

A very good Internet Marketing guru (a good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless for the moment), twitters constantly. You can find out when he’s going to the store, taking a trip, having dinner with friends. One of the posts he wrote was something like “Mmmm. Barbecuing burgers in the backyard. YUM!”

(I expect another tweet from him just like that one this Labor Day weekend.)

What’s the point of that?

I have no idea.

Some people say it’s so that your readers can get closer and more personal with you. But that seems like a waste of time to me — for both the Tweeter and the Tweetee.

My time is valuable to me, so when I twitter — which is not so often — I want to make sure that there is an actual reason for taking my reader’s time.

A few days ago, I wrote about Seth Godin’s Tip Jar post. Someone wrote a comment about how Seth doesn’t Twitter. I thought he did, and I wrote him about it. Turns out I was wrong. Seth doesn’t Twitter at all.

Seth had an impostor that was tweeting in his name. The page is gone now, though.

If you don’t know about Twitter, you can think of it as a micro-blogging system. The question on the home page is “What are you doing?” and they give you 140 characters to say it.

You can receive and post to Twitter using your cell phone or computer, and you can include links, too.

So I can see it’s usefulness in marketing and regular life. But my question to you is…do YOU use Twitter? If you do, who do you follow and why do you follow them?

And finally…do you WANT to read about the personal details of someone’s offline life? What DO you want to read?

Reply below.

To Your success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. My Twitter page, if you want to follow me there, is

Even if you don’t Twitter yet, I recommend you go there now to register a Twitter page under your own name, before someone else with the same name does…or someone does it maliciously (like with Seth).

I invite you to leave your Twitter URL in your comment below, along with your answers to the questions I asked.

P.P.S. To my friends in the USA — especially those of you who work for yourselves or for someone else, enjoy your holiday. It’s in your honor.

And ONE last thing…

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47 replies on “Do You Twitter? Why?”

No, I don’t use Twitter. And most likely I will never do. Why not?

– My prospects/customers don’t know anything about Twitter (nor do they know about RSS)

– It eats time. I rather do 80/20 activities.

But I do follow you Mark. My opinion, it’s not necessary to twitter every day, and personal life details aren’t my thing.

But it would be great if you have an insight to share once in a while. For example, when you joined the Dan Kennedy seminar or Simon’s Adwords conference.

Great post, Mark. I totally agree with you in that some of the people I use to follow on Twitter I’ve now stopped following for the same reasons you mention. Twitter can be a great tool, but quite frankly I’m not interested in knowing every little detail of your life. It’s about getting balance between traditional marketing and building a relationship. Thanks again.

Yes, I do use Twitter. It enables me to inform my customers about what I’m doing businesswise and at the same time to keep up with my friends without having to call each one of them every day. It’s much more time efficient than MSN.

I do have two Twitter accounts. The personal one is locked and can only be read by friends. The public one only shows public information.

My free utility Fingertips ( makes it real easy to send Tweets to Twitter.

I Twitter… although sometimes I think it’s a bit goofy and un-necessary.

I’ve been asked by a couple of my viewers (my herd) “Nick, can I follow you on Twitter?”, so that is reason enough for me to do it. If it pleased a couple of my people, I’ll do it.

Nick Cifonie

I do use twitter, but not that often. I have all my post at my blog automatically sent to twitter, that’s about once a day.

I can’t really think of what to write, and why? I just ate pizza, is that something that people are interested to know? On the other hand, when I read an interesting book, I might send an update to twitter about it.

I think it’s hard to understand how to use twitter right, it would be great to see a few posts about it and some updates on how professional marketers use it.

Jens P. Bergets last blog post..A Major Marketing Challenge


Use Twitter = yes. Actually started as a communication tool for a group project. Project leader was aiming for reliable comm. tool and to foster a group network. A really large group and was hard to manage following the full numbers, so I looked for people with common interests, some variation in geographic locals- some near, others in places I have no contacts. Mostly here as building a social network.

As I moved past that, I still look for common interests and goals. I look for contacts, resources and some genuine networking possiblities. And I listen to a lot of conversations and participate is some, too. But that’s pretty much people already doing something within my goals. Non-business users don’t seem to follow too far outside of their own network just to meet people, not in my own area at least.

As for people’s personal information: sometimes it is just fun. Answering questions, asking questions, posts of articles read, good resources top the list. I actually visit 2 top bloggers sites exclusively via Twitter. Those two post a mixture of personal, resources and promotional.
If someone follows me, I check out what they have and if it doesn’t fit, I don’t return the follow but not always. I still may later if I pop back by their page and see what else they talk about.

Hint: when I don’t have time to read things, I pop it into the favorites to read later. And I am really good at skimming so I rarely read everything.

Ayn Elise still leaves room for under my name at a later date.

I tweet in my and my wife’s name (for her web site), but can’t say that it brings any traffic — Analytics certainly isn’t seeing any traffic from it. But I do like the way John Rhodes (sp?) tweets, and I’m sure he is getting traffic from Twitter. Hopefully I can learn something from his example.


I have wondered the same thing – is Twitter for real? Can it really make a difference in your business?

The jury is still out for me. However I did find someone who uses it in a unique way that allows him to offer meatier posts.

He actually strings several posts together. Ending one post with an ellipsis . . .

. . . and then beginning the next post with one as well. When you see the three dots, you know he has created a single post that runs through two or more separate tweets.

This is something that really allows you to add more value for your followers. I find his posts alot more interesting because of this, as I could really care less who you ate dinner with last night.

Here is his link so you can see for yourself:

I have only been on Twitter for a week and thought maybe you would tell us some tips on using it to drive folks to our site. What I am trying to remember to put in my ‘Where are you’ is my site I am working on at the time. Like, ‘Adding a new article to my site’. Or ‘checking my stats at my site.’ Stuff like that. Don’t know if it works yet. Follow me:

Yes, I do Twitter Mark! It doesn’t take but a minute and it generates a lot of traffic for me and my blogs. I’ve even gotten a few jv’s that were great! PLUS, I guess I’m just a nosy type and I do enjoy hearing personal details from super-successful internet folks! Thanks for asking!

I twitter daily. I usually tweet once or twice per day.

In my tweets I try to serve as a resource, answer tweet ??? and be communal so that people like me will follow me and be a part of what I’m doing.

I usually post links that lead back to articles and content on my blog. I also write about any interesting things I am reading or marketing tools, people, businesses and resources that I have discovered.

I follow people who are in complimentary businesses to me (primarily youth, teen and marketing oriented). I like to see what kinds of tools they are using, stuff they are reading and people they are following that may be good to have in my network. If I start following someone and they are just talking about going to get coffee, drama with their kids or whatever, I just stop following them. I am looking for certain relevant and focused things in tweets.

Hi! I twitter, I am not really interested in personal details of everybody life, but:
1) I consider Twitter a perfect marketing tool
2) I noticed that some news are quicker posted in twitter then the bigger media sharks like CNN, FoxNews
3) I bought in the past Info Products from some Internet marketers, including you, and any update, new version etc is easier to get it from Twitter then from “7 autoresponder e-mails per subject”. The emails are insane now; I get between 50 – 80 per day!
4) Sometimes 140 characters are not enough but I welcome the restriction because this way I am able to read and select quicker what interest me.
To summarize, I like Twitter, I follow you, my id is “Cernescu”.


I absolutely agree.

There are so many distractions, it used to be only
television. Now, you have to be selective.

Some people use Twitter like it’s a Realty Show.
I don’t need to know someone’s personal routine
or activities. It’s really a form or Twitter Spam.

Some folks need to consider, will this be important
to the person receiving the message?

I think, as I believe you are saying, it is just
a polite consideration of other people’s time.

Tom Kennedys last blog post..Pat Marcello endorses The Faster Webmaster 2, Webcast Replay

I personally think twitter is a total waste of time in every way and is a fad that will disappear as soon as it flared up for no reason.
It is about as useful as a tv quiz show or a chocolate frying pan.
Another way to describe it is as a WOMBAT.
Waste Of Money, Bandwidth And Time.
(The time you waste on it = Money!)Even if its the last traffic tool on earth I will NOT use it!!!

Mark –

Twitter gives quick access to some of the best ideas whizzing thru the internets. Like Google Reader, you can set up a quick read of the best and brightest and follow their leads.

Follow someone who might be of value – if all you get is “good morning/good night tweeples” and “Starbucks rules”, etc. – then unfollow – it’s easy. But if the value’s there, what a zippy way to harvest it!

On the give side, sometimes you want to share something that’s not worth a blog post – so 140 characters later, it’s out there.

Now and then, 6 degrees of twitter will put you into a deeper conversation with someone you’d have little chance of getting together with, by chance or choice.

Hey, it works for you or it doesn’t.

Love to all.

I do twitter and I also agree with Vic with being frugal with my time. I can’t understand why some people need to share every little detail of their domestic life (perhaps I missed that chapter in the Twitter handbook)
I think it is useful for:
1. Attracting followers to what I do that I may not have been in contact with otherwise
2. Keeping up with the more valuable posts of internet marketers that provide links of interesting articles, events or videos.
Like any of the social marketing, I believe you need to create a balance and find out HOW it can work for you.
Happy tweeting.

I use Twitter — sometimes.

I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of info
coming through, but I also like making the connections and find it a great networking tool.

Although I sometimes go days without even checking and probalby miss great stuff.

But I’ve also been alerted to fantastic blog posts, events, and other great info by way of Twitter.

Can’t tell yet how much it’s helping my traffic, but it probably doesn’t hurt…

In terms of keeping up with people’s food intake etc., I tend to stop following Twitterers who are too prolific in their output and I also check before I follow someone just how often they tweet. If the tweet every few minutes, I’ll pass, no matter how interesting the person might otherwise be.

Okay, there are a few prolific ones still on my list, and they’ll stay because their occasional contributions of substance make it worth my while to plough through their tweets.


(until a couple of days ago known as Elisabeth711)

Elisabeth Kuhns last blog post..My Ezine Articles Update

Yes, I LOVE Twitter! I follow most people who follow me, but not everyone (& have quit following people who post tons of tweets in a row.)

I also follow people who are sharing useful tools that save me time (how’s that for turning 80/20 on its head?) I don’t mind seeing some posts about someone’s personal life (it makes them more of a real person) & I have posted them occasionally myself, but I don’t want to hear everything they do all day long everyday.

To me the value of twitter lies in
1) the conversation that adds value
2) developing relationships with people for business purposes
3) on the spot ask campaigns
4) direct messaging someone when they are on that you need to get in touch with.

I actually had planned to write a blog post soon about how important twitter is! I am going to be soon unsubscribing from anyone’s IM list who is not on twitter OR is just wants to be followed and doesn’t follow back OR doesn’t ever respond to @ replys or DMs.

Most of the people in the IM world that I have the most respect for use twitter, not just as a tool to post their latest blog post or pitch their product, or create buzz for their next product launch, but to really connect with people and help them in real time.

My two cents…

Juliet Easton – me – program updates

P.S. Twitter is great to use during “dead time” like waiting in line, for a plane, in the elevator, appts, etc.

I was simply reading my e-mail from Mark Widawer (can’t pass them up). When I found out Twitter was good enough for him, I figured it was good enough for me. So I went directly to Twitter and signed up! In answer to the question, Yes, I do twitter!


Hey Mark…
Yep.. I Twitter. I have two accounts – one each for my most profitable niches.

I have made some fantastic connections with others that want to share ideas, meet at conventions and some joint ventures.

If you think about who you follow and what you find interesting… you might find that the personal comments only annoy you if they are authored by people you don’t have a “connection” with.

If you feel that connection with people at conventions is important… then you should think of Twitter as part “after hours meet me at the bar” and part “I want to try to get some face time with the one person I think I can help today”.

If you aren’t looking to help someone… the Twitter is probably the wrong platform for you.

Debra 🙂

Debra THAT Public Domain Divas last blog post..Testing And Tracking Tools For Your Public Domain Website

I never use Twitter before, because I don’t know what it is for. But after couple weeks I met my mentor Ed Dale and follow him on Twitter I’m understood why.
Actually there is a lot of web 2.O function nowadays which people don’t know how to benefit from it, such as Google Reader,Stumbleupon,Digg and ext.
For me I’m using Twitter just to make sure I’m receiving information from my mentors or gurus instantly.
My advice only follow certain people and not everybody because your PC will make so much noise than.

Hi Mark,

I’m on it, but don’t know why. . .yet. John Reese is very high on it, I’m going to learn. My neighbor and friend, Warren Whitlock is writing an ebook about it. He and I had breakfast with Ben Mack, he twittered it and I had several people later comment to me about it.

But, so what? I noticed several new signups to my blog newsletter, The Justin Times. (

So, there’s a strategy to it, and I plan on taking some time to find out about it.

In the meantime, we need to renew our discussions about First Step Internet Marketing!

Have a great holiday weekend,


Hello from beautiful Montana: Yes, I twitter and connect from my blog ( ), but don’t know how to use it most effectively yet.

I am really grateful when someone shares a tiny piece of the puzzle of the internet. It shortens the learning curve for many of us.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

PS: By the way, since everyone hates posts about details of daily life–I couln’t resist.

We are having fresh squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and corn from the garden for lunch today. Eat your heart out!!

Hi, Mark. Like you, I don’t know why I started my twitter account. But, I use it to update some followers on what I am doing at work (in case the bosses want to know). Since the posts are full of people trying to attract others to their opportunity, I find it useful to just let people know how another workers’ day is moving along. Maybe people want to know what the weather is like on another coast, of if someone had a successful day. That way we celebrate together.

I use Twitter and love it! I use it in much the same way as Shonika, Elizabeth, and Juliet above … with the goal of making my tweets 80-90% content or responsive to others (part of the conversation) and 10% personal – to build some insights into me as part of building relationships. That’s what I want from others.

I follow most people who follow me, but selectively, according to the match of personal or business interests. If someone posts constant personal tweets or just a solid stream of links that don’t really add anything of value – and do this over and over – then I drop them.

I have found that I can get quick answers to questions – whether a consumer research question or seeking technical advice – and can give quick help to others.

And there are no “gatekeepers” to keep you from the “gurus.” You can get quick responses to meaningful questions from the people whose opinions you respect the most. Some even develop into personal relationships over time… IF you are meaningful in your “conversation” of tweets.

Be selective, be judicious, share links and info of value, be responsive to others… and you will form some meaningful relationships, and get great visibility for your own conferences, ebooks, launches, sites as you reach out and help others with theirs.

As always, etiquette is important. Respect other people’s time and positions. Be polite. Be supportive. And most important, be REAL! Twitter is, indeed, part of the new “transparency.”

Oh – and tweets are in REAL TIME, often with late-breaking news. The earthquakes in China were reported via Twitter before CNN broke the news… traffic jams… other events… the Republicans in the House wanting to address critical energy issues when Pelosi and the Dem’s walked out for vacation and turned off the lights… Fascinating tweets!

Finally, I’ve caught some product and technology tips and recommendations, YouTube videos and Ustream conferences, teleseminars and more that were very helpful… and about which I would not have known without Twitter. So you bet I love it!

My Twitter? –
Come join me!


Hello to everybody from Turkey.First i have to say that i really make vain efforts to cope with holding English conversations.(Isn’t there anyone speaking or dealing with Turkish?)
I am so glad that I find an opportunity to thank to Mark Widaver, in this line.
He is still going on training me about internet marketing thro his kindly e-mails.I couldn’t write any answer to him but I am saving the informations aside.I belive that i will achieve to bring them to a successful conclusion.But it takes much time…
I had never heard the word “Twitter” earlier but getting read your comments,it is becoming clear. Why not?

WOW! I arrived late to this post. I began using twitter a short time ago (couple of months). I have found some people like to share about every 5 minutes or so, which is way too much information for me. I like to use twitter to drive traffic – hopefully. I probably twitter more now because I can twitter my updates on Squidoo as soon as I am complete, making it easy.

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