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Stomping the Search Engines V2 vs My Traffic Course

I’ve received some questions yesterday about “Stomping the Search Engines Version 2”, and how it’s going to compare with my new Traffic Course, so rather than answering those questions individually, I thought I’d let everyone know what I know. Now, in case you haven’t heard about Stomping the Search Engines Version 2 (STSE2), it’s a […]

I’ve received some questions yesterday about “Stomping the Search Engines Version 2”, and how it’s going to compare with my new Traffic Course, so rather than answering those questions individually, I thought I’d let everyone know what I know.

Now, in case you haven’t heard about Stomping the Search Engines Version 2 (STSE2), it’s a complete SEO course on DVD created by some of the top experts on Search Engines in the world: Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, and the rest of their very well known and highly qualified faculty.

Brilliant people, all of them. And many of the are my friends.

There are thousands of people like you (and some more advanced) who are paying upwards of $800 a month to learn from Stompernet, and for many of them it’s a great investment.

The STSE2 package is a digest of all of SEO packed into about 16 hours of DVDs.

The weird thing is that they’re GIVING IT AWAY right on their website:

(Note: Yesterday was supposed to be their opening day, but they had some server problems. They said the site would be up on Thursday.)

To get STSE2, all you need to do is pay for shipping and agree to receive their $40/month Search Engine newsletter — also full of good information, and cancellable at any time.

But here’s the problem…

STSE2 is 16 hours of video lecture. It’s pretty much ALL of SEO, ALL AT ONCE. In other words, if you’re a beginner with SEO, it’s like drinkin’ from a firehose. And because it’s just a video lecture, if you’re more advanced with SEO, it’s way too slow.

So how does it compare with my own upcoming Traffic Series?

Well there are THREE very IMPORTANT differences.

* First, my series is not just about SEO. It’s also about Article Marketing, Blogging, Web2.0 Strategies, Online PR, and more. In other words, it covers MORE than STSE2.

* Second, STSE2 is a complete course. There’s a LOT of information in there. That’s really great news if you’ve got the time, but my sense of you, if you’re like most of my readers, is that you don’t have a lot of time to spend on the teeny tiny parts of SEO.

My sense is that you want to know the core strategies for getting traffic to your site in the least amount of time possible. That’s why my course is built around a modified 80/20 rule — we’ll focus on the 5% or 10% of the actions that will give you 90% or more of the results.

In other words, my course will be LESS WORK than STSE2.

* Third, while STSE2 is a lecture series (powerpoints, with narration, and so on), my series is going to focus on actually GETTING THE JOB DONE. In other words, during the sessions we’re going to do the work. And then we’ll have follow up workshops where we can work on YOUR site.

I’m tired of seeing people like you spend good money after bad, still trying to get your first site up and selling for you. That’s why my course will be different.

Nathan Anderson is one of the world’s foremost SEO authorities, and he’s received the product and reviewed it. He’s even written on his blog about it. And in a nutshell, what Nathan says is that it’s pretty much just another SEO infoproduct. No action in there. Just information.

In other words, by the end of STSE2, you still won’t have anything DONE unless you do it on your own.

So the question that people ask is “Should I get STSE2 or Mark’s Traffic Series?”

My answer is…

For so many of us who are overwhelmed with “do all of this FIRST”, and who keep buying more and more courses, only to be again overwhelmed by the mountain of DVDs and manuals filling up your bookshelves, it may just be more of the same.

My course, on the other hand, will be anything BUT more of the same. If you want someone to take you through the process, step by step and make it extremely clear, then my course is what you want.

I’ll make it STUPID EASY.

So now I’ll make this answer stupid easy, too:

With regards to STSE … it’s free! Why the heck wouldn’t you get it? (You can cancel the newsletter at any time, and your first issue is free.)

I’ll be getting a copy once their site is repaired, here:

Go there and watch their video. It’s fascinating and extremely well done, and explains the course very well.

Does that help?

I hope so.

But I’m curious what you think. Are you going to get STSE2? Or are you more interested in a course like the one I described, where you’ll actually get your first ones DONE?

Let’s talk.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. And since this is the very first time I’ve really spoken about my new traffic series, I’m sure there will be questions. So go ahead and ask me your questions by posting it as a comment below, and I’ll answer all that I can.

Expect more news in the days to come…including something that you’ll likely say is…very…well…STUPID.

P.P.S. Here’s one other clue about my Traffic Series: Nathan Anderson — that world renowned SEO authority —

is on my faculty, and will be showing YOU the basics of SEO, what search engines care about, and how to make your site ready BEFORE the search engines come looking. Critical stuff. But we’ll make it EASY for you.

Get on the priority list for my course now.


3 replies on “Stomping the Search Engines V2 vs My Traffic Course”

Last few days I watched the first version of the Stomper DVD’s. Yes, I got a few smart SEO and research ideas out of it, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Besides, it seems it is for eCommerce sites and not for information products.

KISS, Keep It Stupid Simple, right? That’s why I will get your new traffic course. When is the launch?

Hi Mark;
I liked your answer. I ordered the StomperNet course because it might come in handy after I’ve got all the other pieces in place. And I like the price (free!).
I just happen to be someone that loves to learn new things and am always interested in increasing my knowledge.

Hi Mark,
I’ve been getting your emails for the past year and I just really got into some of the articles that you talk about. I’ve studied marketing for a while but sometimes it takes time for this stuff to really sink in. It’s sinking in and I’m ready to get some stuff accomplished that really works. I like the idea that your course operates on the 80/20 principle. I understand implementation is more important than the info itself. I’m gonna get your course but will it really work with any type of business or just info products?
I’m gonna create info products but I also have a junk removal business that I’m in the process of putting together systems to license it and I’m always creating ideas for other businesses.

Jeff Turner

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