The Triumph of the Stupid

Give me a minute before I explain the title “The Triumph of the Stupid”, to talk about TRAFFIC for a second. You know already that in the survey I ran, 91% of everyone who responded said that Traffic was their first or second MOST IMPORTANT thing they needed to make their online business a success. […]

Give me a minute before I explain the title “The Triumph of the Stupid”, to talk about TRAFFIC for a second.

You know already that in the survey I ran, 91% of everyone who responded said that Traffic was their first or second MOST IMPORTANT thing they needed to make their online business a success.

So I got to thinking about why that is. Why is getting Internet TRAFFIC such a PROBLEM for you?

And I started thinking about why some OTHER people never have a problem with traffic. Some are famous (Kern, Filsaime, Mandossian) and some are totally unknown. Either way, this group of people KNOWS EXACTLY how to get hordes of people to their site.

But I’ll tell you something shocking. It’s not because they are so SMART.

No, it’s because they are … STUPID.

And I’ve got PROOF. You’ll find it here:

And once you see the proof, there’s an ebook waiting for you that will dive deeper into why YOUR OWN INTELLIGENCE and creativity are keeping you from the online SUCCESS YOU DESERVE.

This sounds like a joke — and to be honest, I’m sure you’ll laugh a little at the beginning — but the subject is extremely serious — and important to me.

It should be important to YOU, too, unless your online business is just a hobby.

By the end, you’ll be saying what these other people have said:

“Everything you said is absolutely
relevant and vital for becoming
successful in the world of online

“Once again you have shown sincere care
for the problems of people. I like your no
nonsense approach!”

“Great work Mark! You are the first
marketer that I truly believe is in
this business to help people succeed. In
fact I think I’m gonna unsubscribe from
all those other self professed gurus
that place my wallet ahead of my

So go now, see the proof, and read the ebook that is there waiting for you.

It’s free to you — I’m not asking for a penny — so go get it now.

I truly care what happens next to you.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

p.s. Once you read the book, let me know: did it offend you? Did it help you? Whatever your throughts, leave your comments below.

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I think this is a great inspirational piece for people who start and stop. I myself could use a Checklist for Creating Traffic. I know Perry Marshall has a checklist for writing AdWords (that is a little outdated, at least my copy) which is very useful.

I wonder if there is a step-by-step checklist you could create for generating Traffic.

I’ve never been able to afford the level of coaching I feel I would need to get the hands-on attention to build a site to extreme profitability. I’ve never followed One System enough. I’ve gotten distracted, hired people who did things a different way, launched things with limited success. This book is inspiring, and yet leaves me wanting details on article marketing, the latest on adwords, a diagram of where to start, what to do next, how to direct someone into basic SEO.

As an overview it is inspiring. As a starving crowd, I want more.


Was the book written for me specificially?!

The problem with Ambition:

This is my one.

I think I am a loser if I only agree to do 10% of what I want to do and am in theory capable of doing if I was as maniacally excited, disciplined, motivated and focused as and slept as little as Tony Robbins.

Its like Quentin Tarantino said: I wont live long enough to complete all the films in my head.

Perry Marshall said: ‘An entrepreneur will never complete all the projects he wants to complete.

I feel like I am a jet fighter trying to make its way around a childs crazy golf course!

No wonder I keep crashing and burning.

And if I block my time into two hour chunks I get so much done its unreal.

Plus I enjoy my life too.

But that’s the rarity of when I am pushing the jet fighter around the crazy golf course.

Perhaps when I get to the 18th hole THEN I will be able to take it for a spin for enjoyment purposes!

Then I will be upgraded to the adult golf course where I can spread my wings a little bit more.

Plus also awareness cures and when I start focusing on block time it brings into focus how far I am away from my goals so I like to retreat and avoid that horrible reality – even if it means I don’t do anything!!!

Strange but true.

As you say I need more clarity on bigger reasons. They are there like diamonds I just have to honour their existence, mine them and wear them.

Mark, you are really adding value with the Triumph Of the Stupid. Unique approach on all this!

You’ve created gold gems and I’m sure others will get the insights they need.


Hi Mark,

About the time I figure something out, you write about it.

Seriously, Mark, just yesterday I came across something I’d discarded before as too simple and here I am, tearing down my CREATIVE version and using yes, the (your definition of) stupid one. The one that’s worked a thousand times before.

I wish I’d read this two years ago.

Just one friendly suggestion. You may want to re-think the clowns.

Sincerely yours in parenting success,
Debra Sale Wendler
Helping You Change Your Child’s Behavior

That seemed like you have been looking over my shoulder. Not that i’m that smart, but seem to be making all the same mistakes. Thanks for the insight and possible solutions.

So, now what?


I can see how this title could stir some.

What it did for me is cause a BIG curiosity.

The simplicity of which you broke things down spoke directly to me.

I have never forgotten the true potential of what is possible for an internet business and I seem to complicate it.

You broke it down into simple useable pieces that spoke loudly.

Your ‘stupid’ is what I say bringing myself back to a ‘beginner’s mind’…like it’s the first time I’ve ever heard what is being said…then I can access the brand new and act accordingly.

Thank you for this gift,

Dr. Debbie Thompson
“Igniting your best health & well-being from the inside out.”
“Be the solution.”

Hi Mark…

I loved your book! And I could relate to so much to what you are saying.

I had no Web experience whatsoever and have a clinical counselling background. The first six months were a huge nightmare — I was so overloaded trying to learn a lot of new stuff. And I did what you suggested in the book — get one thing done and then move on to the next. It’s like you have to tame beast at a time!

Multitasking can only be done reasonably efficiently when you have reasonable knowledge and systems put into place… multitasking on two different topics you have very little knowledge, confidence, and skills in is a surefire way to not succeed.

You hit the nail right on the head — we do try to overcomplicate things… I know I certainly do! Most of it isn’t rocket science but we need to give it and ourselves time to learn it, feel comfortable with it and then apply it.

I get so much from your teachings Mark… thank you muchly!

Jeanne May

Thanks again Mark.
PS you helped me REMOVE A LOT of doubt from my internet life in our one to one sessions (I know I know I was lucky to get in!).
This was great and the upshot is that I am now making a profit on my adwords spend, building a nice list, and am really really clear on who i am in my niche and feel TOTALLY confident i can dominate it.
It should be done in six months!

PS I really get distracted by all this “I made $54million last week on a launch in two hours and I only work 17 minutes a week” nonsense that I see everywhere.

Look at Mike Filsaime he was up working for his clients till 7am yesterday….

When I get centred again I get the feeling it is just me against myself and that my little mountain is the most important thing in the world.

Thanks Mark

Love the information contained in the Triumph of the stupid. Everthing you said is absolutely relevant and vital for becoming successful in the world of online business. And surely the message of keeping it simple and staying the course to complete tasks is of utmost importance. However the clown scares me to death 🙂

Great work Mark! You are the first marketer that I truely beleive is in this business to help people succeed. In fact I think I’m gonna unsubscribe to all those other self professed gurus that place my wallet ahead of my success. Thanks for the free copy!

Keep it coming Mark

BTW hows your wife doing with twitter and all those other social web things?

Best Regards

Hi Mark,

Just read your e-book.
To me it’s not offending.
I also don’t think I’m smart to be ignorant.
I found that many things in this script of yours are pointing to my experiences and thoughts.
In fact….. they are the same.
Your guess? or thought, knowledge (if I may call it), that being “smart” witholding people to act…
is really a point of reality and truth.
(to me that is!)
Your book explains it in short sentences the heart of the matter. I think it is great.



I’m to smart for this book! It brought out the dust not only from the many programs and ebooks on my hard drive, but from my brain also! I almost sneezed from all the dust that I had accumulated over time.
So many times I’ve started to learn a new program or project only to get distracted to something else. Its back to basics, or the old KISS adage,
“Keep it Simple Stupid”

Great book Mark, and thanks for sharing it with us!

I’m the kind of person who would see someone calling ME stupid and have to find out WHY!
I thought your book was very good, insightful and pretty much right on the money.
It was kind of a back-handed compliment. I don’t consider myself as all that SMART when it comes to IM, but after reading your description of smart and stupid – I obviously need to be more stupid! I’v heard it before, but it still remains so true!, And something I need to print out in large letters and pin up next to my computer: “KEEP IT SIMPLY, STUPID!”
I liked your book and I also appreciate your diligence to be a valued teacher!
Thanks Mark

Mark, nothing could be more truthful than your statement: “The Triumph of the Stupid – How your intelligence and creativity are keeping you from the online success you deserve.”

I get great ideas, follow through like gangbusters until I get about 75-80% there and then bam! I get another really great idea. It’s so hard to finish and I’m afraid I’ll forget the one great idea that will put me where I really want to be. I can’t ignore the timely opportunities.

I’m good at everything and great at nothing. To gain the kind of success I want, I need to learn to be great at just one something.

Thanks for the wake up call.


I think you’re stupid. I mean, look at you, just calmly following a methodical, straightforward plan to create buzz and excitement for your new program. Dragging those of us on your email list here like fish with hooks in our throats.

Brilliant! I mean really stupid.

Yes, I totally agree with your book and can identify with it totally. I’m a professional programmer — been one since 1986 — and one of my biggest hurdles to success on the Internet is getting past doing everything myself. It’s the easiest thing in the world for me to identify a need I have for my web site and immediately start designing the solution — and then jumping into programming it. Of course every hour spent programming is one hour less available for actual marketing.

The problem is that my “smarts” with programming get in the way of my being “stupid” enough to use what someone else has created and keep myself focused on Internet marketing. Programming can bring a person a good wage in certain industries, but rarely does anyone get rich programming. I’m sure you’re well aware of that.

Great angle on a topic that too many suffer from to be successful on the Internet.

Mark you are so wise, it just hit me that I can’t get anything done because I have too many ideas floating around in my head, writing them down and then work on something else, which never gets done! Now I know to take a certain amount of time and work on one thing at a time. Fear is a big part of it too! I want to make sure everything is done right, than to just get it going. Your free little ebook made lots of sense to me Mark, And I am grateful to have you in my life, even if it’s only on the computer. I wish you all the success in the world…

Hey Mark,

You know better than almost anyone how distracted I get by multiple projects and interests.

This book is timely and helps me to once again realize the necessity for me to be the one working on, rather than in, the businesses I’m involved with.

Thanks for once again producing an incredible piece. I hope others will apply it as much as I will.

– Jonathan


I did think of one other thing that muddies the water a bit here.

Sometimes when a resource I’ve bought tells me to do something, I’ll come to a step which I believe is morally or ethically wrong. For example, when it’s suggested that I state in my sales page that the price is only available for a limited time, but yet I have nothing in place that even attempts to enforce the restriction (i.e., the statement is a bald-faced lie), I can’t take that step.

In some cases leaving out one of the steps either prevents me from following the rest of the procedure or prevents me from getting help from the gurus, because I’m “unwilling to follow the steps exactly as they’ve set them forth.” So sometimes a person’s view of integrity can get in their way rather than their “smarts”.

Personally, I think it’s not right to expect someone to compromise their integrity. My guess is that you would agree, but I thought I’d raise the issue, because this issue sometimes creates stumbling blocks for some people.

Baptism for Children Rob Faveros last blog post..4 Funny Baptism Videos – These are Classic Video Clips

Mark … you found me out

‘Stupid’ people are the ones actually DOING SOMETHING with their plan every day, relentlessly, right?

OK, check out this piece of STUPIDITY:

After reading your book yesterday, I talked for an hour with one of my marketer contacts.

I was shocked. He does more than $9,000 in sales every day, seven days a week, and does it very, very easily. All affiliate stuff, none of his own products, and virtually none of it Internet Marketing material.

His processes are almost unbelievably basic. Yet, he does over $9000 a day

Stupid? I’m trying to dumb down Mark. Really, I’m trying.


Mark, I stopped one of my two ‘main’ projects to read this – and ended up getting insulted. THANKS!!! I needed that. Funny though, yesterday I read where successful people are good at juggling many projects. I’m confused!! I’d be interested to hear your take on that.

Thanks for the book. I’m inspired, Glenn


Outstanding ebook!!!!!!!
I saw myself in every aspect of that book, being way to smart to get traffic to my website.

Thank you so much for writing something like this, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in how hard things are and we forget the little things. And it’s those little things that make you successful.
You made me remember a time when I was listening to Tellman Knudson and he stated that the one way he got his business successful was to act dumb and stupid, even tho he thought differently, he had to act stupid and follow what he was being told in order to be successful.

And you are right all those gurus and successful folks are Stupid!!! I am going to be really stupid from now on!!!


Lauras last blog post..Where does your website live?


Ah-Haw moment.. About 35 years ago, an employer told me that I had an over-active mind. Finally, I understand what he meant!

Great little book – Thanks for the awakening!!

Give us more… The world needs simplifying.

Cheers, Dean

“Helping Ourselves By Helping Others”


The world is amazing sometimes.

I got home this afternoon, kissed my wife, sat down on our deck with a glass of wine, and pondered why I wasn’t getting anywhere.

My *first* thought, just sitting there, was to finish one project at a time!

Then, my wife went to get changed out of her work clothes, so I decided to go read my email. I received your email about The Triumph of the Stupid, and went and signed up with a bodgy email address just to see the ebook. (The video was quite funny by the way – seeing all those big names….)

So then I read your ebook. Clicked right away, and it was exactly what I had been thinking not 10 minutes earlier.

So I won’t be signing up for your most generous offer – I have an off-line project, and I am going to “get it done”.

Thanks for backing up my own original thought.

Mark, this book has a great angle, really makes you think about how things are being over complicated.

The plan of breaking down each task or area and mastering that before moving on to another is obviously a plan for success.

What I think happens with a lot of people though is they expect results fast, maybe even they’ve put additional pressure on by quitting the day job and thinking their online business can make $1000s in the first month or two, and explode exponentially form there.

If you take the time to master each element, well, it does take time! And if there are income pressures, people don’t feel they have the luxury of taking a week to learn how to set up Adwords, or starting a regular blog, or optimising their website, or starting an ezine and autoresponder or a hundred other things.

What I’d be curious to know is how many elements you think there are to an thriving online business, and how long you can expect to spend mastering each area, taking them in your suggested approach of one at a time?



Dan Goodwins last blog post..Goals?! But I’m an ARTIST!

Oh man. Do I feel stupid knowing I’m too smart for my own good.

Mark – you just made the most sense I’ve heard in ages.

Being simple isn’t being stupid – it’s being really smart.


Great little read Mark. Yes, it made me stop and think as I know I get tempted to go off and start something new when I don’t get results as quickly as I’d like, or expect.

There’s great satisfaction in seeing a project right through to fruition though, and having an income from it, rather than several half-baked websites with little or no traffic and sales.

We often need reminding though, and your report does that, and more, very well. Thanks. 🙂

Warm regards,
Richard Beale

I need help – starting with constructing an effective website with opt-in, auto-responder, squeeze page, newsletter, blog, shopping cart, etc. The copy writing I feel more confident about – it’s the technical that got me overwhelmed – learning the necessary bits, putting them together effectively, and being able to manage the website and the business. Oh, and learning enough html to make it all fit and work together properly.

Driving huge traffic to my sites is great – having a site designed to effectively serve that traffic is essential.

Do you provide this level of mentoring and coaching also?

In the meantime, I work on developing my product(s).

Best regards,


It appears you’ve written this ebook just for Rick Butts. You may as well have put “Rick” everywhere the word “you” appeared because it hit me right between the eyes.

Though I’ve had my fair share of success in online marketing – your book made it undeniably clear how much I’ve left on the table – and how much stress I’ve induced by not following your “stupid” ideas.

This book hit me smack between the eyes – and I am beyond grateful Mark. Oh, I downloaded it and read it all in the same brief sitting – devoured it was more like it!

I plan to let everyone I can know about this fantastic resource!

Amped and Energized – – – –
Rick Butts

My dear Mark, where do I begin. I have to say this is the third time in my life I have heard this very concept of focus and do one thing at a time. The first time I heard it was from Napoleon Hill in his classic, “Think And Grow Rich.” The second time was from Joshua Shafran’s “Don’t Shoot The Guru Yet.” But of course it had to take the smelling salt of your ebook to wake me up.

Thanks for the rude awakening and reminding me what my problem is. I’ll be working on being the Forest Gump of the internet from here on out.

Thanks Again!


The problem with hiring an expert is this: “Who can I trust to help make my business a success?”

For instance, it’s wise to pay someone a fee if you actually end up earning way more than his or her fee.

But the reality is this. Few experts can do what they promise, but most are quick to blame the client for their poor results. See?

Finding the right person to guide me has been harder than I thought it would be. Every one has their hand out and they want a lot of money, but I really don’t know who I can trust to help me.

Mark, how much would you charge me to make my online business a success? Or if you can’t help me, would you tell me so that you don’t waste my money and my time in meetings with you?

Hi Mark
THANKS: In you ebook “The Triumph of the Stupid” you often state the obvious but the obvious is not always the obvious, especially when you are to smart to make money online. Over the years I have multi-tasked myself out of a fortune. My previous mentors have bombarded me with so many alternatives for making money online that I have been swamped and distracted with too many alternatives and too much information.
Thanks for dumbing me down so that I can concentrate on ONE JOB AT A TIME.
Kindest Regards
David (Your 67 year old pupil)
PS. I was a training Manager and should know better.

Ouch…you’re stepping on my toes. I can relate to most of what you said in your report. It always seems that if you can

1.master the basics than you’ll do much better than the people who are always seeking the next big thing.
2. Be consistent with what you do.
3. Do something now to get started. Once you do something, regardless of how small you start to break your inertia.

Great report!

I enjoyed your brief rant. If you ever come out with a TRUE “step by step” program (i.e. for online success), please let me know. Just be sure to have it proof read (and tested out) by a complete neophyte, before you roll it out. I’ve grown tired of all the “step by step” promises that are currently gathering dust on my virtual shelf, from all those who have “forgotten” what it’s like to be the student, as you mentioned so insightfully in your book. I hope YOU won’t make the same mistake.

I gotta say “Awesome” book Mark. You explain exactly who I am.

I didn’t even know I was too smart. I want to thank you for the great information and the inspiration to actually “Do” what I already feel I know.

I spent so much time learning and not enough time doing. Just like the book, I have mulitple projects and ideas that I cannot focus on any “one” given project.

I could only hope to be as “Stupid” as you someday and thanks for the specific niche targeting idea.

I always thought I had to create something for everyone to make the most amount of money. Boy was I wrong.

Thanks again for the great book.

Michael Ottman


I really enjoyed your report, I couldn’t stop reading until I finished. (Finishing what I start is one of my new habits.) This is good advice for more than just internet marketing. I’ve listened to the Emyth Seminar several times and I have been systemitizing quite a bit of my offline business as well. It is so true what you said about having experience to go along with knowledge.

Thanks for the insights.

Jack Q

Simplicity…some of the worlds greatest books, movies, plays, marketers, offline businesses and websites are based on simplicity. I am “Stoopid” enough to know you are right!


Your video lead-in to The Triumph of Stupidity was one of the best uses of video I’ve ever seen.

Keeping in mind that all people relate to faces and that Americans as a culture have an unquenchable thirst for novelty, your video was so effective on so many levels it is impossible to praise any one element more than another.

I hope you will make the link to that video and your PDF, of course, to others as a starting point for a discussion in what constitutes effective video marketing.

I would like to reply to McEwan Patterson’s comments that he wishes he could have “….. details on article marketing, the latest on adwords, a diagram of where to start, what to do next, how to direct someone into basic SEO.”

I would like to invite him to e-mail me for a free download of my book “Notes from the Gurus” in which I have set out in note form (just for stupid people like us…!!!) all the strategies that the Gurus use.

It should give the fundamental bones of how to go about all these disparate functions in order to bring your internet marketing experience together.

Thank you, Mark!

That was so inspirational that I’m going to “Get My First One Done” right away.

Guess what it is! Mark Widawer’s “Landing Page Cash Machine” that I purchased 18 months ago and filed away.

I’ve saved all your emails to me also.

I’ll let you know what happens when I’ve completed it.

Thank you for the eye-opening kick in the teeth!

Brennan “I Thought I Was So Smart” Kingsland

Brennan Kingslands last blog post..Chicago School Boycott Troubles!

Hiya Mark, I guess I am just too smart. Thank you pointing out that that is what has been wrong with me all these years because I sure have been trying and spinning my wheels in the mud on the Internet. What a blinking curse, to be too smart when there are so many stupid people in the world who are obviously doing something right while I am barking up all these redwoods around me. Criminey, to think it is all so simple. I’ll just try and remember the KISS principle from now on and try to keep my brains out of the way. Thank you for pointing all this stuff out to me. By the way, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and your picture of the marketplaces (or where to find a starving crowd) was a perfect illustration of that. Great Job. Julie

Mark my brother… Now you’ve gone and done it… You didn’t call ME stupid.

Haha I love it!

When you first showed me the video and the book I must admit; I felt like you should have been a little MEANER, that you should have carried MORE of scandal.

But then I read the book.
By the eighth page you had me completely hooked.

Every concept you laid out is nothing if not STUPIDLY simple, HOPELESSLY direct, and BEAUTIFULLY thought out.

If your readers, customers and friends can do themselves ONE favor this year, I highly recommend that they read “The Triumph of the Stupid” and then put it into ACTION.

If they do?
They simply cannot fail.

Well done my friend!

Eric Farewells last blog post..Epic Tales…

Great content thanks Mark – made me laugh – cause most people think it;s hard to do this stuff.

It took me AGES telling myself that I need to do “this” before i could do “that”


Needed to buy “this” before I could do “that” etc etc

Then I found your landing pages course thanks to Perry Marshall…

The funny thing is – the EASIEST part is the traffic generation.

Insane easy. It blows me away.

Thanks again – You’re a good egg.


OMG, Mark! GREAT content… it definitely hits your message home and by HIT… I mean CLOBBER! I have been too “smart” for my own good and boy oh boy I’m ready to be “stupid”… your little book (I liked that because some of us smart people are reading massive documents and thinking that makes them smarter) actually helped me realize – QUICKLY – the things I’ve been doing that are great for “smart” people, but not so good for the “stupid” ones… i.e., purchasing many programs, starting things and not finishing – multi-tasking is my middle name! – and just plain getting DISCOURAGED. Thanks so much for helping me to see that I truly need to focus on getting one thing done before moving to the next… just one thing: WHAT DO I DO FIRST???????????????? 😉

Entertaining read full of hard hitting facts!

Probably the greatest mistake made in starting out online, I know I was as guilty as many of the posters before me.

Great resource,

I have finished reading the books and watching the videos.
I know how to get my pages onto the first page of Google and I target the niche market just as you show in Diagram “D”, but unfortunately I am guilty of never finishing a project properly before I start the next one and like you say, it’s like starting all over again when I go back to the project after a few weeks.
I’m going to start writing thing down and make a “What to do list”. People think am just dreaming about my goals because they take forever to get finished but I know now that I wasn’t dreaming. Thank you for waking me from the nightmare I was having.

Holy *rap! Thank you! I’ve had this niggling thought rattling around my brain that maybe I’m too smart. I know that sounds immodest. ‘Cause that brings up the old saw, “If you’re so smart,
how come you’re not rich?” Anyway, you hit the nail on the head and drove it home.


Excellent — and timely — information Mark. Thank you.

I have been thinking about issues like these a lot lately.

You see, I have been guilty of doing too many projects at once, leaving most in various states of incompletion.

I thought I could handle it… I thought I was “smart,” you might say.

But in reality, having multiple projects was really just a way for me to avoid the challenging bits of one project by switching over to the easier parts of a different project.

Over the past couple years, I have learned a lot about marketing and invested heavily in my education — in both time and money.

I believe I now have enough knowledge to succeed, or at least get started on the road to success.

And although I have been doing, now it is time to FOCUS the use of what I have learned.

Ironically, that means (in addition to other things) cutting out distractions like the dozen or so email relationships with various marketers’ mailing lists, including yours.

So while that means bidding farewell for the moment, I will fondly remember your insight and integrity, Mark. Thank you for that, and keep up your important work.

And know that I will be back some day, just as soon as I have COMPLETED a project. 🙂

Best wishes,


The book was great! It really helped me get back on the right track. I have been working the site listed, but my “multi-tasking” of it, prospecting people for my business, and my full time job has taken me a few months to get 7 pages done. Thanks for the re-motivation.

Key Learning
1. Start and finish vs Multi-tasking.
2. Gimmick value of calling internet marketing experts stupid – fascinated me and made me click through from Jeff Herring’s newsletter.
3. Need to document a system to make everything happen.
I look forward to reading more of your wisdom, after I’ve begun my Action Plan!
A big thank you


I don’t have a web site as yet, but I have been toying with this for way too long now. I just finished reading your article and I’m feeling very stupid. I like the feeling much better than I used to. Thank you so much. This has helped me a great deal. I am on my way.


Mark, good insights as always. I joined the stoopit Mike Filsiaime here in NY over the last couple months and right now we are doing the launch of with full focus. We are all in the conference room together all working on our parts of what needs to happen for a launch of this size. Hope you talked with Joe J and have your bonus for your clients.

I have seen exactly what you were talking about with too many projects going and losing interest as they just did not seem like they would make the quick bucks promised and left by the wayside.

I look forward to more information on your “First on Done” series.

Keep up the good work.

Rick Dearr
V.P. Operations Inc.

Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, John Reese, etc. Stupid!!
Just who was this guy telling me all the top gurus were stupid. I couldn’t resist. You got me. Hook, line and sinker.

I think this was the first time ever that after clicking a link from an email that I followed each and every step right through to the end of the ebook and then felt that I had to immediately post a response.

I have to agree with everyone else that the information you presented in this ebook was exceptional, eye opening, timely, thought provoking, and insultingly true.

My lack of focus IS my biggest problem. You gave me the stupidly simple answer to the constant distractions. I am going to “Play Stupid”.

To steal a line from “Larry the Cable Guy” of the “Blue Comedy Tour” I just need to “Gitter Done”.

Thanks Mark for that slap upside the head that I needed to remind me that by taking only one step at a time I will reach my destination of success.


Good book that really rings true for me. Often I have so many things going on, or that I feel I should be doing, that I get very little actually completed. I usually resort to lists that require me to complete an item before I can cross it off!
Thanks for understanding the problem so well.

Thanks, Mark
Your little ebook is a reminder that it’s not all that complicated and doing something imperfectly is better than doing nothing. I’m an info junkie if I let myself be, and would gather information indefinitely if I didn’t rein myself in. I’m printing out your book and keeping it on my desktop as a reminder to JUST DO IT.

Incredible Mark!! I could totally relate to so much of what you said, it was very inspiring!!

I am going to put a little note on my monitor that says – KISS!! (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Thanks so much!

Trish Oleary

Thank you Mark! Probably the best advice one could get. Should be a mandatory first read for getting started with anything in online ventures.

Kind of humbling when you read it. It’s like you’ve been following me around for the last year. And taking notes.

It can be universally applied also. Basics first. You’ve read it before but it didn’t stick. You just opened my eyes. Thanks again Mark.

Ugh…I even can’t believe this is my second comment on people’s blog even though I know how to write comments since long ago. It’s just seems like so hard even to write a comment…may be I should shift my mind to do the things I want to do as procrastination work instead of procrastinated ones.
oh man…I got U.A.A.D.D (ultra advanced ADD)…

Looks like more and more people got ADD since internet intoduced

I almost didn’t read this report as I really didn’t like the word stupid in the title and the promotion. However, I suspected stupid was a reference to how we work and not our intellect.

The report is an easy read and has valuable advice. I remember attending The System seminar a number of times and the first one ever attended, I heard the single most important formula to understand related to marketing is traffic and conversion…build traffic and convert traffic to customers.

You report reminds us of the fundamentals of building traffic and converting that traffic. For you and your readers I mention I am seeing results with video that I personally have not experienced with other techniques. All are welcome to view the entire training series at

Steve Pohlit, President
International Business Consulting Resources

Steve Pohlits last blog post..How To Use The Robust Cauliflower Conference Call System For Your Business

Hey Mark,

We read your eBook and as relative newbies — we began just 3 1/2 years ago after having been therapists — what moved us most was the simplicity of what you say and how you say it. We are the smart ones and we were burdened by our smartness. What we took from your eBook was a better vision of just how simple it is, or at least can be. It’s not that we haven’t heard it before, it’s how you said it that made a difference. Thanks.

Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski
Bridging Heart & Marketing

Mark – awesome piece! Thank you for the reminder to get the FOCUS and keep it. You are so right on target with the ideas of our smartness getting in our way (you already knew that!)

I translate “conocer” as “to know OF” something rather than to know it. I like how you use that as an example.

“When the student is ready, the teacher who was always there becomes visible.” This is my version of the old adage about teachers and students. Thank you for pulling back the veil to reveal the teacher standing there saying, “FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS”

How To Brew Beer

Good bit of writing, Mark.
In a sense you are applying the basic principles of focus, goal setting/completion that many of us know but often fail to apply to the fast moving web marketing world. But those principles are still the same.
Thanks for the entertaining and effective reminder.

Hi Mark,

Being the ultimate newbie, with no web-site as yet, I’m researching all avenues in preparation for my future highly profitable on-line business. Your practical incitefull ebook is exactly what I need to hear, initiate and implement.

Thank you for sharing your wisedom with us.


Am I You or, Are You Me?

I’ve just finished reading your TOTS report and just could not believe how accurately you described me and all my faults, so much so I had to stop and ask myself “Am I You – or Are You Me”?

Like most people who have been online any length of time their mailbox is full of messages all crying out for their attention, all offering the ‘silver bullet’ or ‘the secret’, resulting in ‘information overload’ and no action.

It’s because I’ve let this situation become a habit, in fact an habitual habit, that I’ve spent in excess of $20,000 on reports, courses, cd’s, dvd’s, etc etc none of which I’ve read completely or watched, or listened to, from beginning to end.

It’s the same habit that has taken every spare minute of the last six years of my life – with very little to show for it! And almost destroyed the relationship with the person who I hold very dear to me – almost!

However I’m now making a concious effort to wean myself away from this addiction and break this habit.

Because of this I ignored all your recent mailings relating to your upcoming traffic course, although I have bought and own many of your other products and can recommend them all.

However last night something made me read your latest blog post, watch the video and download ‘The Triumph of The Stupid” report.

It was the first thing I opened and read this morning.

I’ve just finished – the effect it had on me was the same as the effect the ‘E-myth Revisited’ had on you!

I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been and now realize, as you say, “I’m way too smart to be successful online”.

However one of my strengths is persistence so, I will be on this course, providing of course it’s within my means.

I NEED to “GET MY FIRST ONE DONE” even if it’s just to salvage some self respect.

Smart but Stupid

PS – ‘Forrest Gump’ was one of my favorite movies also.

Mark! Two thumbs up xD

Many thoughts of gratitude and laughter, a little bit of tears and one sentence of thank you.

“You made my day.”

TOTS was great reading. It really ‘spoke’ to me. But I believe you’ve found the key. We’ve all ‘heard’ and ‘seen’ what we need to do online, but it’s the first hands-on “getting it done” experience that is our biggest hurdle to getting our business off the ground. And I like that you modularize the training to focus on one specific skill at a time. But, alas, I will have to forgo this training session on Traffic as I have just joined Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive program and I don’t want to get caught up more training than I can handle successfully.




Brilliantly written, very wise. Your report does a great job of “putting a fire under my ass!” I’m pumped up just reading it. Thank you for reminding me that I just need to get my hands dirty and do work!!


James Wedmore

P.S. “Del dicho al hecho, hay un gran trecho” is NOW my Quote of the Week!!

Great! Thanks Mark! Now I have to go back over all those wesite one by one and make the damned thigs work, starting with the one I made in 2000 that still gets very little traffic and makes about $1 per month.

I figure that I should be done in about 10 months after checking the SEO and getting links and traffic to each of them.

Still I should be pretty good at it by then and I might be making enough money to have a rest.

Oh well, must stop reading blogs until it’s all done.

Thanks Mark,

I enjoyed reading “Triumph of the Stupid”. Good point about things left on the shelf. I keep working at this stuff maybe I’ll do something with it someday.


Hi Mark,
I enjoying reading every word of TheTriumphofTheStupid and parts made me laugh. I am working on my web page, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Hi Mark,

I have ONE e-book to recommend to ALL the people online … “The Triumph of the Stupid!”

This gets down to the REAL problem of why most people are not successful online and even offline! You know, Mamma was right about those box of chocolates, lol!

Hi Mark,

Just finished TOTS, very on target. I see me in a lot of what you are talking about. I decided to give you a post from my experience with TOTS and the first person who posted, MacEwan, is some one who I am connected with on some social pages from early on. Good validation for both of us. He got here earlier and I made it too!

A while back I came to the realization that I needed to focus on one project at a time.

First was to get my basic site and blog up and on line. Its been up for a few months and is currently seeing 3700+ hits a month. Not a lot yet, but functional with no product.

THEN, to develop a product and a sales page. That is now done. This is only getting 35 hits this past week and mostly spyders and bots.

Your process is great for getting traffic, only I seem to have missed how to capture this great rush of traffic and also noticed that on my site I am missing that aspect too! OOPS!

I now see that my next project should be how to capture this traffic information, then increase the volume of traffic – directories – social pages – more articles – basically back to the beginning of the circle of stupid, AND write down each step so that I have my own manual of operation.

Thanks Mark, looking forward to more of your information.


Keith Halls last blog post..Learn Self Hypnosis

Thank you Mark. This is one of the most inspiring and inspired words I have read.
Thanks for showing me the direction my online efforts should take.


I have saved a launch of my product because of your advices in your book. thanks a lot. Maybe I am became more stupid now. Thanks

Hi Mark,

My projects had bogged down and I needed this to get going again. It reminded me of the old aftershave commercial where the guy gets slapped in the face. Then he says, thanks, I needed that. That is what this did for me.

Thanks,Gotta go to work now!

It is fabulous. As I read it I thought you wrote it for me. I’ve spent over $5,000 buying info about how to make money on the internet. I think your report will help me. Thank you so very much.

Thanks Mark! I need to reread this regularly. When I used to coach, I used the phrase,”the curse of talent”. Meaning? People who have a lot of talent may be cursed in two ways. 1. they can do too many things well so they never specialize and develop anyone area fully. 2. Even when they focus in one area, they can achieve a fairly high level of performance quickly and never develop the discipline and practice habits to develop to their highest potential level.

All that still applies to me only in the internet marketing/website development arena. Thanks again for the reminder. -Val

Hi Mark

A tear came to my eye at the part about you crying while reading the ‘E-Myth Revisited’ (guess we both cried at the same point in the book!)

I also started to choke at the story of your wife’s attitude to her way forward.

I am going to take the next positve step of completing one of the uncompleted courses I subscribed to in the past (just hope I don’t blubber my way through it 🙂

Joking aside… your article was every bit as emotionally powerful as that point in Micheal Gerbers book.

Thank you for your insights and the experience I had through reading them.

Hi Mark

Just read the book…yep i have been guilty of this myself and sure a lot of people have. A refreshing change to the usual material wish i’d read it years ago

All the best

Hi Mark,

This e-book is really amazing. Why? because, in my situation, I have bought lots of e-books, but they did never teach me the “experience” concept.

In other words, I just learned the word “saber” but never learned the word “conocer” because they do not want to assist you step by step. There is no commitment.

So, for sure I will be waiting for your “First One Done” series.


Mexico City.

Hi Mark

I’m VERY new at this. Google adsense just rejected my blog because “Page type: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time
because we feel that your site does not comply with the Google webmaster
quality guidelines. More specifically, we believe that your site does not
add value or provide unique content.

Not that I even understand all of this yet. Thanks for your advice and guidlines. I just need to get “the fist one done” Focusing on one project at a time.

I’m not giving up. Many thanks
Nell van der Loo
South Africa

Hi Mark,

Thanks for such a great ebook. It’s hard to be offended by the truth. I don’t know how long i’ve had your ebook, but this morning I was in the process of clearing clutter from my laptop when I came across it. I finally took the ime to read it. How timely! I have several unfinished projects and my mind goes in so many directions that I want to do everything. Today I am ready to become stupid. Thanks for the inspiration. I have chosen my one project to work on until it is complete.


Hello Mark,
Thanks for the book and most importantly for sharing such a “down to earth” advice!
I am in my transition from a knowledge worker to become an entrepreneur, and it’s not so easy.
Our brain has been “trained” to jump from one thought to the next in a flip of a second, maybe because we watch too much TV or maybe because we think we are more efficient in doing so.
Doing is what makes things happen, take action and learn from the results is the way forward. Maybe we all suffer from information overload, while I call it “collection information syndrome” we collect stuff, although never have the time to process it.
It’s time to focus more on doing and learning from the results, it’s time to become a child again and playing and learning to enjoy the ride again. It’s time to doit now.

See you again when my first one is done.



I rediscovered “The Triumph of the Stupid” while in the process of figuring out why I have all that stuff on my desktop. Your book was in that stuff.

You’re right – I’m too smart for my own good! This year I’m going to try to be stupid smart.

I’m going to start by posting a link to The Triumph of the Stupid on my blog so other novices can benefit from your insight.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mike
What can I say about your awesome book
you have said every thing one must know about getting traffic and being successful online
I encourage every one to have a look and read this book right now ,it can really change the way you think

One Again
Thank you Mike
Eslam Talaat
The Net Income .com
.-= Positive Mind´s last blog ..Such A Beautiful Story =-.


I read the ebook in about 20 minutes and really like it. I am a retired technology lecturer and can relate to what you say about keeping it simple and about people learing best by observing and then doing. This is how I teach my clients and how I taught my students, and is how we got students achieving results within very short time frames that amazed both the students and the lecturers.

I look forward to receiving more information from you.



Excellent reading. Nothing I didn’t already know, but so much I don’t DO.

I try to follow this advice (no idea where it originated): “Ours is not to understand but to DO… and in the DOING comes the understanding.”

John Counsel
CEO, The Profit Clinic

Mark – I just finished Triumph of the Stupid…excellent ‘meaty’ stuff!
I always look forward to your info and I’m glad you decided to increase the frequency recently. I unsubscribed from several lists that were sending me too often but with not enough content, so that’s to show that I’m not that easy to please.

I don’t normally comment but had to give you a shout Cuz you directly asked so nice and politely.

Keepit coming.

Typos are cuz I’m typing on phone and it’s a pain to go back…

Wow, Clay.
What a nice comment. I really appreciate it. And yes, I certainly understand the struggle with typing on a phone.
Typos excused!
I’m going to update Triumph some time soon, because I think the message goes beyond traffic.
Thanks for the note, and I’ll continue to try to exceed your expectations.


THis goes WAY beyond traffic. I’ve always thought it to be useful to know and do a lot. It’s not. Focus is the key.

Thanks for shining the light into the corners.


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