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Mike Filsaime’s TrafficFusion — 2 for 1

I’ve been getting some emails the last few days about Mike Filsaime’s TrafficFusion product. Mostly, I’d classify these as “panic” emails. Why Panic? Because, by and large, they say this… Mark, I’ve been waiting patiently for your new Traffic Course, but lately my email box is filled with people telling me about TrafficFusion. Is Mike’s […]

I’ve been getting some emails the last few days about Mike Filsaime’s TrafficFusion product. Mostly, I’d classify these as “panic” emails.

Why Panic?

Because, by and large, they say this…

Mark, I’ve been waiting patiently for your
new Traffic Course, but lately my email
box is filled with people telling me about
TrafficFusion. Is Mike’s program a duplicate
of yours? If not, how are they different?

And some ended with basically…

Mark, Mike is only selling 2,000 TrafficFusion
Memberships. Can you write me back
BEFORE he runs out?

So here’s the behind-the-scenes about TrafficFusion and my own Traffic Course.


TrafficFusion is Mike’s new tool that makes it REAL easy to swap traffic with other JV partners. Basically, you give them one line of code to put on their “Thank You” page on their website. Then, when someone buys their product, they immediately see an ad for YOUR product.

Cool, eh?

Instant traffic to your site — ALL BUYERS, by the way, too.

TrafficFusion works with Paypal, Clickbank, 1ShoppingCart, PayDotcom, or any other payment system.

It’s all about getting buyers to your site — and buyers are more likely to keep buying than non-buyers.

All in all, it’s a VERY GOOD THING, and you can get it here.


I haven’t finalized the name yet (see below), but my traffic course is all about the major ways of getting traffic. You know, the ways that you know WORK, and have worked FOREVER (but that you haven’t quite mastered yet).

What’s different about my course from other courses is that it’s not going to be a series of lectures. No, not at all.

It’s going to be WAY different than that.

Look, you’ve probably got enough unread and incomplete ebooks and courses already on traffic — SEO, Adwords, Articles, Web2, Web PR…All trying to TELL you what to do.

In my course, we’re going to focus not on the lecture, but on THE DOING!

We’ll SHOW you LIVE what to do, and then do it WITH YOU.

Now…Do you remember what it was like when you learned to DRIVE A CAR? Insecure about every little thing: mirrors, shifting, which pedal is which, turning on the windshield wipers when you intended to hit the turn signals, popping the clutch?

That’s a bit what getting website traffic is for you right now, isn’t it? Confusing and difficult, right?

Do you find yourself questioning your every move? Wondering if you’re doing the right thing? Going the right way?

Or did you GIVE UP already?

Okay…well…Think for a moment about HOW YOU DRIVE your car right now.

My bet is that you get in the car with your destination in mind, turn on the radio, call a friend or two on your cell phone, think about your shopping list, think about your business, daydream about a vacation, and maybe yell at the kids in the back seat (“I don’t CARE if your brother is looking through YOUR window!”).

And then you magically arrive at your destination … astonishingly with absolutely NO recollection of what you saw along the way.

Or what you did to get there.

**My traffic course is like that. **

We’ll start off showing you how to use the blinkers, and which pedal is which…and you’ll end up speeding down the highway.

In other words, we’re going to make it EASY. In fact, you’ll call it “stupid easy”.

So you can see, my traffic course and Mike’s TRAFFIC FUSION are two totally different things. In fact, you could say that Mike’s system is a good complement to my course. It happens to be a traffic source that I am not going to cover.

So, should you get it?

Well, if you’ve got a product, Mike will help you identify good JV partners in your niche, and even tell you exactly how to contact them and agree to promote YOUR product on their thank you page. His system will make it EASY to do what he calls “Integration Marketing” and get lots of GOOD BUYING TRAFFIC to your site.

If you’ve got a product that sells when the right people get to your site, I’d say GET TRAFFIC FUSION.

If you don’t have a product, or your site isn’t optimized yet, then consider holding off.

That’s the best advice I can give you.

(Honestly, the program looks FANTASTIC. In fact, the real power comes from when you start promoting products for OTHER TrafficFusion members. I expect good buying traffic will pass around ALL OVER that network, and it’d be pretty darn smart for you to be in the middle of it.)


So what if you want IN on Traffic Fusion…AND you are planning on taking MY course, too? What then?

Well, I have an idea.

If you get TrafficFusion — even if you split the payments — I’ll let you into my traffic course, FREE. In other words, you’ll get TWO for the price of one.

News about my course is coming in just a few days…but TrafficFusion might not be available that long. As I mentioned earlier, Mike is only allowing 2,000 people to get into TrafficFusion, so if you’re interested, go NOW to sign up.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. I frankly don’t think TrafficFusion is a good name for Mike’s product. I think he should have called it a “BuyersExchangeNetwork” or something like that. But that was his choice, not mine.

That said…As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a name for my traffic course yet.
*I can tell you it’s going to be the simplest course to follow EVER.
*I can tell you that the course will actually result in YOU GETTING TRAFFIC to your site — from day 1.
*I can tell you that there will be a lot of hand-holding and personal involvement by me and my faculty.
*I can tell you that I have a personal care and desire for you to be successful on your site.
*And I can tell you that we’re going to follow the principles in The Triumph Of the Stupid to get the job done.

That’s right, we’re going to be Stupid.

So my question to you is…DO YOU WANT to have a stab at suggesting a name for my course? If I pick your name, I’ll let you into the course free.

Good deal? Just leave your suggestion on my blog, here:

2 replies on “Mike Filsaime’s TrafficFusion — 2 for 1”

Hey Mark Mike’s trafficfusion is a bit steep in price…I think most marketer’s will agree with me. Even with your free offer $1,500 bucks is a good chunk of change for most newbie marketers.

Anyway here are my names for your traffic course.
1. simpletrafficourse
2. trafficfordummies
3. more traffic for websites
4. websitetrafficfordummies
5. brainlesstrafficcourse
6. traffic4dummies
7. easytraffic4dummies
8. traffic4allcourse
9. ezeresults traffic course
10. supertrafficresults course

That was fun…thanks from Paul

Hi Mark…

Hey thanks for clarifying the difference between Mikes and your course — it was getting a little confusing and you’re right… there are dozens of e-mails coming to my inbox about his course — and this isn’t even my niche! Go figure!

My suggestion for your title:
Getting Traffic To Your Website
Course for Dummies

Best wishes

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