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I don’t have a name for my traffic course yet. If you help me name it, there’s a big prize in it for you. Here’s what I know. *I can tell you it’s going to be the simplest course to follow EVER. I can tell you that the course will actually result in YOU GETTING […]

I don’t have a name for my traffic course yet.
If you help me name it, there’s a big prize in it for you.

Here’s what I know.
*I can tell you it’s going to be the simplest course to follow EVER. I can tell you that the course will actually result in YOU GETTING TRAFFIC to your site — from day 1.
*I can tell you that there will be a lot of hand-holding and personal involvement by me and my faculty.
*I can tell you that I have a personal care and desire for you to be successful on your site.
*And I can tell you that we’re going to follow the principles in The Triumph Of the Stupid to get the job done.

That’s right, we’re going to be STUPID.

So my question to you is…DO YOU WANT to have a stab at suggesting a name for my course? If I pick your name, I’ll let you into the course free.

Good deal? Just leave your suggestion as a comment below.


I hope you win!


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Hi Mark,

Here are a few ideas:

STS – Simple Traffic System or Stupid Traffic System (works for both)

SOTS – Simple Online Traffic System or Stupid Online Traffic System (works for both)


Joe S.

Hi Mark

How about “Bottle Neck Traffic course”

cos there will be that much its the only way its going to go!!

Terry from Wales UK

Hello Mark

How about “Traffic Show and Tell”
“We show you what others simply tell you”
“Traffic Secrets Applied – A step above”
“We take the extra step so you get actual results”
Instant Traffic GPS
We guide you (turn by turn)instead of just giving you a map”

I hope this helps a fraction as much as you’ve helped me unravel the fluff and hype commonly offered by the gurus I spent thousands on previously. This new course concept is sorely needed and confirms that there is no replacement for experience and a proven track record. Brilliant and timely! You are still ‘da man.



Hello Mark,

How about; “Traffic InstaLast Course”

I thought this would be a great fit because the traffic is INSTANT (you said you’ll see reults within your first day) and the traffic is going to LAST because your hands on approach would have taught us how to repeat this traffic generation process as much as we’de like to because we would have mastered it.

Ode to Stupid Traffic Course – Ode to Stupid Traffic will soon be your “Ode to Joy” when your traffic counter starts smokin’!

Crazy Stupid Traffic – Crazy like a fox, too smart to second-guess, this is your drop dead stupid crazy easy traffic course.

Stupid-Easy Traffic – Please turn off your brain – you won’t need it as you take the proven steps in Stupid-Easy Traffic – but the results will make people think you are Brilliant!

Operation Traffic Robot – no thinking needed – just follow the steps and get great results!

Traffic Mechanics – stop studying how to tune your car – turn the wheel and hit the gas cuz this course is your rubber on the road!

Falling Off a Log Traffic Course – that’s how easy it is, easy as falling off a log.

Simple Stupid Traffic System – step by step simple, so simple its best to pretend you’re stupid while you do it, because it’ll seem too easy to be true – but your traffic numbers will tell the glorious truth!


one pointed mind-web traffic course

one step web traffic

one step success web traffic

one step to success (I wanted to do a seminar with this name but haven’t figured out how to monetize it, so you might as well.)

one step at a time success

deliver me from intellect web traffic course

Hey Mark,

How about:

‘Steady-Hand’ Internet Marketing

There are hundreds of marketing/traffic courses.
The tendency with that much STATIC, is for the student to enter the race confused… uncertain
and lost.

Typically he/she will take a few wild shots at marketing; and upon failing…
become discouraged…
Drift to the “Next-Big-Thing”
Or Quit.

But your “Steady-Hand Ineternet Marketing” becomes MENTOR — calmly watching over the student’s shoulder as he launches his IM Sailboat into the VERY Rough Sea of Internet Marketing .

“Steady-Hand Internet Marketing”, like the Helmsman’s expert hand on the Ship’s Tiller, guides and instructs the Student, Step By Step, with unflinching confidence, advice and successful illustration; until the student finds himself demonstrating the very same CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS through every Module of the Course and BEYOND!

Getting Traffic used to be HARD, now it’s like riding a bike – once you know how you never foget. Mark’s KEEP THE TRAFFIC PEDALLING will show you how, and he’ll help you get your balance
when you start.

“It’s the Traffic, stupid!”

It’s all a bit overwhelming for a newbie.

I have only just got my website together. About to create my first PPC ad + Landing page (using your template).

I know WHAT to do about getting other traffic.

I just don’t know HOW to do it.

All the best,

Ian, UK.

Hello Mark and I would like to say bravo on creating a product that is much needed. At the risk of being cocky or abrasive I went ahead and headed off the smart would be marketers that will read your blog and go and register the contest names on the sly.

So I purchased your name for you at Godaddy and it is yours for free should you decide that I won your contest.

I believe based upon your analogies that the best name for your course is….

Should you decide you want this name, I will happily hand it over to you.

Good Luck

Edward J. Connelly III

Hi Ed.
I think I’d have to explain “push pedal” a bit — especially to the people who are younger than I am who don’t know what that refers to.
Still, that is VERY generous of you.
Thanks so much!

How about one of these:

Traffic Intensive
Hands On Traffic
Traffic by the Book
Traffic Flood
Hand On Traffic Flood
Traffic Avalanche
Hands On Traffic Avalanche
Traffic Storm
Hands On Traffic Storm
StepWise Traffic Flood
Stepwise Traffic Storm
Stepwise Traffic Avalanche
Traffic Bonanza
Traffic Lifeline
Traffic Explosion
Next Level Traffic
123 Traffic

Rob Favero – Baptism for Childrens last blog post..4 Funny Baptism Videos – These are Classic Video Clips

Intersting posts.

TT+SLP=$$ Targeted Traffic + Super Landing Page = $$

All The Traffic You Want

Mark’s Traffic School

Can You Type with One Hand? I’ll be Holding the Other One.

Guided Traffic School

Clone Me

Clone Me for Traffic

Do What I Do, Not What They Say.

Traffic Apprenticeship

Become a Traffic Tradesperson

Trade Time for Traffic

I’ll have to come back and deliver some more, it’s bedtime 😉


Here goes
Traffic swarm
traffic training simplified
Erector set traffic
traffic erector set
easy traffic stream
full on traffic training

Wow. LOTS of great ideas. THANK YOU ALL so much for all of them. I’m getting a good idea now, and think I’m hot on the trail of the winner.
In fact, stay tuned…I’ll be announcing the finalists soon.

“Second Nature Dollars and Sense”
– The First Experiential, Mentor-Guided,
Internet Mastery Course. Training,
Step-By-Step, How To Draw
Paying Customers To Your Businesses
And Products Until It Becomes
Second Nature.

Sounds like a great course.
I love the bicycle example.
how about
“Traffic Training Wheels”
(With you till you’re ready to ride by yourself)

If you’re into acronyms, try something that fits TLC (such as: “Traffic Levelling Course” – like mom, dad and the bike – our learning is a result of the TLC you provide)



“Hands On Traffic Secrets” – some might think of it as the HOTS.

P.S. Today I received the first printed version of my new book “BE SMARTER THAN A CEO IN 30 DAYS”. I plan to break every rule in marketing it on the net.
Website to be up in 3 weeks. The initial testimonials are extraordinary…Jerry

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