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How You’ll Finally Get Traffic To Your Website

Over the last few weeks I’ve been dropping a few hints about the traffic course that I’ve been working on. And so I got this question the other day from a reader of mine, Ben, and I realized while answering it that I’ve answered this SAME QUESTION dozens of times before for other people who’ve […]

Over the last few weeks I’ve been dropping a few hints about the traffic course that I’ve been working on.

And so I got this question the other day from a reader of mine, Ben, and I realized while answering it that I’ve answered this SAME QUESTION dozens of times before for other people who’ve asked…and so I thought I’d answer it for you.

Here’s what he asked (copied right out of skype):

[9/15/2008 9:55:40 AM] Ben S says: What makes it
different from STSE and TS2?

“Great Question,” I replied…Why would I spend so much time and effort on a NEW traffic course, right after Traffic Secrets 2.0 and Stomping the Search Engines?

Didn’t they cover everything? Aren’t they good products? Didn’t EVERYBODY get those?


Here’s why I’m making this course for you.

In my Traffic Course, although you’ll learn plenty about getting traffic to you site, THE FOCUS IS NOT on LECTURE and education. The focus is on GETTING IT DONE. And specifically, getting your FIRST ONE done., and your second, and your third.

It’s not about BRAIN LEARNING, it’s about MUSCLE MEMORY.

So here is how the course is going to work, and why this course is VERY different.


DO YOU REMEMBER when you were a child, and you were learning how to RIDE A BIKE?

My guess is that MOM OR DAD helped you learn. Am I right?

At first, they told you about how a bike works, where to put your feet and hands. They held onto your bike and FORCED you to balance, PUSHED the bike forward as you moved your feet on the pedals, and helped you GET THE FEEL of what it’s like to be on a bike.

The next day, you tried again.

They held onto the bike a bit more loosely. You pedaled, you steered, but Dad kept your balance for you, letting go once in a while so you could FEEL what it was like to BALANCE ON YOUR OWN.

Even if only for a brief moment.

More practice like this resulted in Mom or Dad jogging ALONGSIDE YOU, only grabbing the bike when you were about to tip over. But they kept you upright.

You kept trying. And maybe you even fell down when you tried on your own.

But your CARING MOM helped you back up, fixed your boo-boo with a band-aid and a kiss, and you tried again.

And in a matter of days, Mom and Dad just watched from the porch as you rode your bike with your friends up and down the street.


Remember HOW PROUD YOU WERE when you rode by and said:

“I’m Riding…Look at MEEEEEEE!!!!”

Well, GOOD, because that’s how this traffic course is going to work, too.


Let me give you a solid example.

You’ve heard about ARTICLE MARKETING, and how it is one of the best, most natural, most persistent, and easiest ways to get traffic to your site, right?

You just haven’t done it effectively yet. At least, not well enough to matter.

So, to help you, I’ll bring on my expert faculty member — in this case it’s JEFF HERRING — and we’ll talk for a short bit about what Article marketing is, how it works, what makes it as effective as it is, and why it needs to be a part of your Traffic strategy., and we’ll talk about HOW to do it.

Well, that’s where other traffic courses END.

You’ll get some lecture, TELLING YOU what to do, and you’re finished — but nothing is DONE.

And the result is that NOTHING GETS DONE because that’s not how people learn!!
The moment you turn your attention to your own site, you’ve got no idea what to do!!

(This, I think, is the reason you have so many Internet Marketing products on your shelf, unread, unfinished, and unsuccessful. Yes?)

But WE are going to do something different. We’re going to PLUCK SOMEONE FROM THE AUDIENCE and actually write an article for him or her, LIVE during the webinar.

So, Jeff is going to instruct me and our volunteer (maybe YOU?) about how to write an effective article. You’ll watch and listen as we go through the entire article, start to finish, LIVE. I’ll be typing. Copying and Pasting. Editing. You’ll be watching, EXACTLY how A MASTER LIKE JEFF gets an article done (quickly, too).

You’ll hear all the questions that our volunteer will ask. You’ll get to ask questions, too, via our live online CHAT.

Then we’ll go to one of the best article distribution websites and submit the article. Google will slurp up the article within a day (maybe hours), and our volunteer will have his first link back to his site.

You’ll be right HERE as we get the FIRST ONE DONE.

Now, you go off and copy what we just did, but for your own business. Give it a try. Got a question? Send me email. Need help with something? Well, I’ve got a surprise for you.

TWO DAYS LATER, we’re meeting again. You send me your articles, and I’ll go through them LIVE on another webinar, one by one, and answer your questions. We’ll bring up your article for everyone to see, and we’ll critique it, change it, fix it — whatever.

We’ll do as many as we can during our time together. And whatever we don’t get to, we’ll discuss on the Forum, where all the students can meet and talk, and where me and the faculty will offer up guidance as well.

Are you getting your balance yet?

Your FIRST ONE IS DONE by this time, and now that you’ve done it once, you can do it again, and again. You’re building some muscle memory.

So, let’s keep going, because a week later, we’re getting together again, on a webinar, and we’re reviewing more of your articles and answering more of your questions.

Why so much focus on one topic? Because that’s what you need to do to be successful. You’ve got to understand how this works, and how YOU can do it, quickly and easily.

So…in not too much time… rather than thinking about every little detail: steering, balance, pedaling, braking, that tree in front of you, riding up the driveway….

You just RIDE.

And instead of worrying about the link back to your website, or “is this headline a good one” or “how do I even start” or “what should I write about”…you just bang out an article in the 15 minutes you’ve set aside for the task, before lunch on Thursdays.

THIS IS HOW the stupid people do it. They learn it, practice it, and it becomes SUPER SIMPLE.

It becomes Easy, Fun, Profitable. You look forward to it. You enjoy it.

Do you get the idea?

We’re going to FOCUS ON ONE THING, and make it EASY. Stupid-Easy, in fact.

You’ll learn just the stuff you need, you’ll SEE it done, you’ll DO IT, you’ll get HELP so it’s done RIGHT, and we’ll ignore all the extra stuff you don’t need.

Then once we’ve got that done, and it’s EASY, we’ll move on to the next traffic source.

Got it? Six methods in all:
* Search Engine Optimization
* Article Marketing
* Blogging
* Web Press Releases
* Adwords, and
* Web 2.0.

EVERY member of the faculty will be one of the top people in the world in their field. And they’ll give you ALL THE IMPORTANT STUFF you need. None of the stuff you don’t.


I just realized that this is a long letter, so I want to thank you for making it through the whole thing. But it’s what I believe YOU NEED to finally get traffic to your site.

So, my question to you is…What do you think of this method of getting traffic to your site? Do you want the hand-holding? The how-to? The Video? The Q&A and Tune Up Webinars we’ll be doing?

Does this make it easier for you to learn, when Dad is jogging along side you? Do you have another idea?

Let me know by leaving a comment below. I could be TOTALLY wrong. (This is your chance to make the course exactly what you need, so please respond.)

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. I want you to be on the lookout for anyone who tells you that anything as complex as Internet Marketing is push-button/magic pill easy. The TRUTH of the matter is that any push-button worth buying is going to be EXPENSIVE.

You either put in the time, or you put in the money.

My guess is that up to now, you’ve bought magic pills or relied on push-button money.

Well there’s the reason why you’re still where you are.

The pills don’t work.

But I think that THIS COURSE will.

If you really want to make your business a success online, THIS IS THE WAY.

Let me know what you think, please.

I’m rootin’ for you!


P.P.S. If you want to take a stab at NAMING the course, go here:
I’m giving away a SCHOLARSHIP if someone suggests a name that I use.

19 replies on “How You’ll Finally Get Traffic To Your Website”

I think it sounds like a great way to learn, especially for us rank beginners. Only concern is what about converting traffic to sales? It’s obviously a course about getting traffic but traffic that’s not converted seems pretty useless.

I’ve been focusing on Conversion for several years. I can help you with my LandingPageCashMachine ebook, and my Million Dollar Template sales page template.
Oh, and I’ve got a free video called “Six Simple Sales Page Secrets” that oughta help you, too.
I also have books on making squeeze pages, building lists, and knowing your customer.
The thing is…several weeks ago I asked my readers what they needed help with, and they shouted back ‘TRAFFIC’.
I happen to know the smartest people on the planet when it comes to getting traffic, and they’re going to all be the faculty for this course. It’s going to be a very effective way for you to get traffic — especially because we’ll be holding your hand through the course.
So…when the course opens, go sign up.
For now, if you need traffic help, check out the links I gave you above.

Hey Mark

This sounds awesome and if it was anybody else saying it, I wouldn’t think it could be done but I’ve read your book and followed your emails and know you to be a straight shooter 🙂

This is course that surely everyone should pay attention to! Thanks for all you do.

Mark you got it goin’ on . You hit 40 yet ?
Were you successful in the dirt World before Ecommemere caught you upside the head ?

Damn man I just never figured out how a handful of guys and girls saw through the maze and convolutions of all the Net bull’ biz’bafflement .

Did it take rank underwear’guts and three years secluded in a basement with a decent source of credit to pull it off eventually ? Dunno , Everyones story is different .

I am just another one of the countless ” lemmings ” that hurried , scurried and stumbled blindly over a hundred hazy dead end damn’fool cliffs .

Anyway I don’t got a darn’ sight yet , but will eventually and wonder if I should try this thing of yours out now .

All the best ,


Hi Mark,

My problem is everything I’ve seen on the Internet about getting website traffic seems to say the same thing…that is…pick a topic of wide appeal, such as “How to Make a Million Dollars!”, etc….

My problem are my three books have a narrow niche market, basically:

* anyone thinking about actually going to Mexico and Central America, and
* arm-chair adventurers who will never go to Mexico and Central America, but would enjoy reading about people who have done so.

You can see my three books on my website at

So, my real question is:
Would your course be of benefit to narrow niche market writers such as myself?

Looking forward to your answer,

Hi Jim.

You will get FAR MORE TRAFFIC and be FAR MORE SUCCESSFUL when you market to a niche than when you market to a broad segment of people. You’ll also put out less effort and spend less money (on those methods, like Adwords, that are not free).

Example: It’s easier to get traffic for “panama travel” than it is for “central america travel”, or just “travel”.

Does that example make intuitive sense to you? Accordingly, you can rank far higher and far quicker for “Panama RV tips” than “Panama travel tips”, when you’re starting from the beginning.

So, to answer your question…


All my best,


Hi Mark,

I’ve bought some of your products (LPCM) and read LOT OF YOUR MATERIAL. but as a part-time networker, one of my problems is not having a lot of time to learn complex systems properly. The result is I haven’t used them! Will your new course be appropriate for my situation?


Hi Mike.
Thanks for asking…The answer to your question is: Yes.
The problem most beginners have is that they try to do everything all at once. Focus is a biiiig problem. And lack of focus makes things take far too long.
I talk about this in The Triumph Of The Stupid (
Whatever you do…whether in this course or elsewhere, focus on one thing at a time.

G’Day Mark,

I use your landing page script and find it useful but soemtimes difficult so my daughter is in the process of adding AI to it.

Traffic is interesting, sometimes difficult to get good traffic and rubbish traffic will always be rubbish traffic.

Without traffic there is nothing to test your sales page against so you cannot improve conversions. I also suspect that if the traffic arrives slowly the convesion rate is much lower than if it arrives fast, I have no more than a gut feeling about this so I could be wrong but it sure seems that way.

I have been looking for a good mentor for some time but I have had difficulty finding a good one. You fit the bill, Travis, Lasik and perhaps Andrew also do but I have really only recently discovered them.

Many claim to have knowledge, few have it all, very few actually understand why what they do works and even fewer know what continues to work.

Looking forward to your course.

Hello Brent.
I think your observation about how slow traffic converts more poorly is interesting. I think that’s more your perception than reality, though.
It’s because, I think, that statistics are valid when you’ve got big numbers, and not small numbers. In small numbers, performance can seem to vary widely.
And, as a general rule, people are impatient and want to come to a conclusion as quickly as we can.
Try flipping a coin 10 times and see what you get. It’s unlikely it will always turn out 5 heads, 5 tails.
I’m glad you’re looking forward to the course, and I’ll be happy to have you in it. I want to say, though, that I do NOT have all the answers. If I did, I’d be teaching the course ALONE.
What I do have, though, is an excellent relationship with the TOP experts in each of the 6 traffic categories we’ll be covering.
And they’re doing me — and YOU — a great favor by being a part of the course.
My job is to deliver their relatively complex information in a way that is EASY for you to understand and use, to help you get your first one done, and to become successful with it.
Thanks for writing.

Hi Mark,

This post is quite long, but I think it is needed so you can express what the course is about and how it will be developing. Thank you for sharing about the course.

I too would at times shy away from seminars and discussions because all they were, at least a lot of them I attended, ended up as stock knowledge to me. I never did get to practice it. They were teachers… but what I needed was a coach.

You sound like a coach who’d stick with their players until they get the plays book perfect. I admire you for doing this. I hope I can meet you in the near future so I can see you in action in one of your speaking engagements.

Deep Aroras last blog post..How Programmers Can Up Their Productivity

Mark, this is my first contact with you. Your letter is the perfect formula for catching my interest. Loved the use of UPPERCASE to quietly draw my ATTENTION to your MESSAGE. Choice of font was also perfect – there was no distraction in the delivery of the MESSAGE. Internet marketing is a new concept for me, about 1 month immersion. I’ve overdosesd on free teleclasses, articles, and how to magic pills. Your approach sounds reasonable, protective of your students and very MOM and DAD. I love it.
As for a name, I’ll get back to you. I’d love a scholarship. Sue

As a retired teacher and a teacher trainer I have always been faced with the difficulty of bridging the gap between knowledge and action.

I have further realized that while training oneself to act is difficult, it is harder to inspire others to act.

I greatly appreciate your efforts in this direction Mark. You are promising to make others implement what you teach, be with them at every stage to show the what and why of successful and failed efforts and further help participants get tasks done one after the other.

Hats off to you and your great team of experts!!

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