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Copywriting – Some heartfelt advice to a friend who needs help

I have a friend in the Internet Marketing business and I feel bad for him. The guy is smart — very smart. He knows things that other people need to learn. His products are very good, and he’s got everything in place to really explode in his niche online.

On top of all that, the guy has been through a lot of adversity in his life, and he deserves a little success, and an easier existence.

You probably know someone just like him (or maybe it’s you).

He’s got a lot going for him…
He’s very methodical. (He likes to do the same things over and over again).
He’s driven (he’ll work like heck to get what he wants).

But he’s got a few negatives, as well.

Including, unfortunately, that

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Do You Struggle with Copywriting?

Do you struggle with copywriting?

Here’s how to know if you do:

1. You sit down to write your sales letter, autoresponder, or advertisement, with your hands over the keyboard…and your fingers don’t move!
(If you don’t have know where to start, you’ll never ever finish.)

2. You wonder constantly "What do I say next?"
(Good copy follows a formula for getting a reader from where they are to where you want them to be: a buyer.)

3. Even after you’ve struggled for days or weeks, you still have a feeling that something is wrong — so you delete it and start over. Twice.
(If you don’t understand how copy is read by someone else — someone who is NOT you — you can’t truly know if your copy is going to be effective.)

Whether you struggle with your copy or not, it can still be good — even great — if it sells.

But usually, struggling with your copy is a sure sign that your

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How to Get More Done in a Day

Are you a busy person? TOO BUSY?
Lots of people are. There’s lots to do, especially if you run your own business online, or as a consultant, or even a small "regular" company.
We "solo-preneurs" have to do EVERYTHING.
Let me ask you another question.
Are you productive?
I mean, being BUSY is one thing. That means you’ve got a long to-do list and are active all day long. But being PRODUCTIVE is entirely different.
Being productive means crossing off those items on your to-do list. Actually waking up with a shorter list tomorrow than you had today.
And it means that your business is GROWING as a result of your productivity, rather than stagnating because you have TOO MUCH TO DO.
About a month ago, I sent you a VIDEO about how to be more productive during the day. It’s by Eben Pagan — a man who has become so productive, his company has grown to $20 million a year and almost 100 employees.
The guy knows how to get things done — especially for people who run businesses like ours.
You can still see that free video here:
The information in the free video will definitely help you get more done every day — as it has for me.
At Noon Pacific time, 3pm Eastern, Eben will be offering his entire "Wake Up Productive" program for a very short time — just today, I think — for a select few people who truly want to turn their ACTIVITY into PRODUCTIVITY.
…And CASH.
(Opens today at Noon Pacific, 3pm EDT)
The weird thing about Eben’s program is that it’s actually EASIER to be more productive than it is to struggle with what you’re doing now.
Whether you just watch the free video, or you decide that NOW is the time to really launch your business to greater success by becoming more productive, do what Eben says.
To Your Success,
–Mark Widawer
P.S. Can you think back over the last 30 days?
Was it effective? Did you meet your goals? Did your business grow?
And most importantly…ARE YOU HAPPY?
If the answer to any of those questions was NO, then you deserve better. You deserve the success that you want — to support yourself and your family.
All you need to do is "Wake Up Productive" every day.
(The site opens at Noon PDT, 3pm EDT)

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Six Tips for Online Businesses to Survive and Thrive in Hard Times

Yes, we’re in a big economic downturn. Yes, it’s going to be here a while. Yes, it’s going to be hard for a lot of people.

Yes, thousands of businesses will close their doors.

So tell me something: WHY DO PEOPLE CUT BACK ON MARKETING when times get tough?

Have YOU ever wondered that?

It’s a curious question, but the first reaction of most business people facing tough times is "cut the marketing"!!!

It is, after all, a very large expense in most companies. So it’s an easy line-item to cut.

But WHY, when you know that customers are going to be tougher to find, would you PURPOSELY stop looking for them?

If the pool of available prospects were shrinking, why do you add to your own suffering by REFUSING TO ATTRACT them?

You’d think — if business owners were rational people — that they would make the path from "prospect" to "customer" as slippery as possible during tough times.

You’d think that people who wanted their businesses to survive would redouble their advertising and marketing efforts during tough times so that THEIR PIECE OF THE PIE at least stayed the same, even as the pie itself became smaller. 


It’s as though they’ve decided that they don’t deserve to win — or to even survive.

They give up.

And that is very, very strange.

Don’t you still need to pay your employees? Feed your family? Protect your own future?

I’ve been thinking about this for the last week or so, as I’ve been avoiding cable news, newspapers and talk radio.

I thought a lot about this. And now I understand.

LET ME ASK YOU this question…

If you knew that when you

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Traffic Course Scholarship Winner. You?

Lots to tell you about today.


I’ve been getting emails asking if people can register early for the course. If the site were ready right now, I’d say OK, but it’s not — I’m scrambling, still adding some traffic-magnet features to the course.


The official registration date is tomorrow,

THURSDAY, October 2, 2008
12 Noon PDT, 3pm EDT

There are some VERY limited bonuses available to just a few people, and because of the personal nature of the course, total enrollment will be limited, too.

If you truly are committed to finally becoming successful online, and your