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Want to Know How to Make an Info Product?

In this economic environment, each of us, all of us, needs to move fast to make money now. I keep hearing that there are two things in particular that people need to know how to do. * One is to write an ebook. * The other is to run a teleseminar. Ebooks are the right […]

In this economic environment, each of us, all of us, needs to move fast to make money now.

I keep hearing that there are two things in particular that people need to know how to do.

* One is to write an ebook.
* The other is to run a teleseminar.

Ebooks are the right thing to do if you’ve got big plans, because ebooks are a great way to get new customers into your sales funnel. Ebooks are relatively low priced, but easy to sell.

Clickbank, one of the planet’s largest marketplaces for selling ebooks, last year helped ebook authors sell about 25,000 ebooks a DAY at an average cost of over $30 each.

And I’ve got clients who sell thousands of dollars worth of ebooks every day.

It’s a GREAT business.

The only problem is that people (maybe you?) think ebooks are hard to write, they are afraid of writer’s block, and they don’t even know how to start (or what to write about).

On the other hand, Teleseminars are a great way to build on your existing ebook business. If you’ve sold some ebooks, you can (and should) offer a teleseminar with more advanced information on the same topic.

And the good news for you??? You can sell that teleseminar series for $100, $500 or more.

(Of course, you can even put on a teleseminar without ever having written an ebook )

Teleseminars can bring you thousands of dollars in sales even before you’ve created them. And one of the biggest benefits of running teleseminars is that you never get writer’s block.

I’m sure you’ve seen teleseminar trainings costing many thousands of dollars — that’s just proof of their high value, and their money-making power.

In all my years online, creating products (for me and other people) either as an ebook or teleseminar has become pretty darn easy.

Second nature, in fact.

So my question to you is…

What’s next on YOUR list? What do YOU need to know? What can I help you with first?

Ebook or Teleseminar?

Let me know by leaving a comment on my blog, below.

–Mark Widawer

p.s. If you’ve got a question about how to write an ebook, or how to put on a teleseminar…or ANYTHING related to either of them, go ahead and ask me that when you comment. I’ll answer all I can here.


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Here’s my question: If a person writes an ebook and uses Clickbank, what are the chances of affiliates selling the book when there’s no history of sales to attract the affiliates (conversion %, etc.).

Do most people initially sell through Clickbank and if an affiliate decides to market the ebook that’s just an extra bonus?

Thanks, Kay

Wow. I need both!
But I think I want to know how to do teleseminars more. It’s just that Alex M’s course is like $2k and I couldn’t afford it. Otherwise I’d have taken it.

Hello dear Mr. Mark Widawer!
I thank! But the dealer from me ANY!!!!??? Cчитайте while
The attached element if it is possible!!!??? And for the beginning mine
Movements to success the financial help without the repayment is necessary!!!!!!
Sincerely Anatoly Silkin.

Hiya Mark,
I’ve started putting my 1st e-book in writing to organize it and put the finishing touches/changes to it.
My first question concerns converting it from Word doc. to .pdf Don’t really want to pay Adobe $250, do you have any suggestions for who/what to use?

I still haven’t decided on method of sales:
Website?(I have a main site) Whole new one?
Clickbank (affiliates)Probably will do this as it is a very marketable/desireable topic.

Have a good domain name for it, hosted.

Pricing? How do you determine a “just right price?
I know it needs to be high enough to attract affiliates, but not so high as to discourage buyers!

I’ve written a couple of ebooks…but I’ve chosen to give them away providing folks opt-in my newsletters. I’ve thought about writting more and possibly selling them online but this only adds to the long list of things I’d like to do.

However I would like to know where can I get more information on teleseminars.


Hi Mark
Thanks for sharing with us! But my main problem is list building.If the keywords we bid on do not get into position 3-10 that means our PPC ads will Not be shown. No one can even Opt-in how can we build our own lists then?

Any suggestions ?

Mark your article is a little disingenuous. I have written 2 ebooks only to find out that was the easy part (and it wasn’t) the hard part is marketing them. I have only sold a couple in the past year.



I’d be especially interested in the technical issues in running teleseminars. What apps you use – what problems you found – what the solutions were. Limits, tips etc.

Also of course what sort of material works well and what doesn’t.

Thanks for the article. I’m like Paul, above: I have written a couple of ebooks and given them away. I’m goinmg to write more, though. They can be so easy. I always start with an outline, but I also will take previous articles I have written and then add to them. I’m going to start selling an ebook sometime in 2009.

More on teleseminars would be helpful.

I would like to learn more about teleseminars. I actually bought Alex M.’s recorded 3 hour precall for $20, but couldn’t afford the 2K for his course either.

Hi Mark!

I would like to know more about writing on semi-intangible topics … spiritual stuff – self esteem, etc. I suppose I can put a survey on my homepage (a site I am developing at present) and see what people want. Build the questions into the e-book. But, how do you go deeper with a teleseminar when I am going pretty deep with the e-book. Bring on more (larger profile) guests? How do I get them to agree to doing it when I am a “little guy” just starting out with basically no list?
How much research on the guest is appropriate when I am doing it all myself? Or maybe it would be good to hire a researcher to go through that guest’s material. ??
Thank you for your thoughts,
Nancy 🙂

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