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Ebook Answers #3 – Tackling a Big Job Easily

Here’s another ebook question from last month’s mailbag. It was Bruce who asked me… I have always had tons of ideas that I would love to put into eBooks. However when I sit down to do it I find that it is way to tedious for me. Any information on how to streamline and easily […]

Here’s another ebook question from last month’s mailbag.

It was Bruce who asked me…

I have always had tons of ideas that I would love to put into eBooks. However when I sit down to do it I find that it is way to tedious for me. Any information on how to streamline and easily put together ebooks would be great.

Bruce, I understand what you mean.

Any time you start a new project, you stand at the edge of it, look out across your big dreams and plans, and marvel at how big a project it is.

How are you EVER going to write 100 pages of great, compelling information on your topic? Where’s all that information going to come from? How are you ever going to tackle such a BIG JOB?

Well, I’ve got an answer for you.

But let me ask you a question, first.

Bruce, I’m guessing that since you have so many ideas about which ebook you can write, you’ve got a lot of experience…and a lot of knowledge about all of them.

Imagine for a moment you’ve picked one…something you’re passionate about.

Thinking about "writing to all those people who are going to read my ebook" about your passion has got to be overwhelming. And intimidating.

So let me ask YOU a question.

What if instead of your writing to "all those people," you wrote to just one person?

And what if instead of you writing to one stranger, you actually just imagined you were speaking to a good friend?

What would you tell a good friend about your passion?

And how would you talk to him or her?

When I think about my projects this way, any stress I have about my topic either disappears immediately, or gets reduced dramatically.

And I’ll tell you something else…your writing is going to be much better, too.

There’s a huge difference between "expert-speak" — the PhD-level, jargon-filled, exclusive-sounding writing style that bad ebooks are written in (like you’re speaking the law from the top of the mountain) — and "conversational" language, which is how you’d talk to a friend…

… and how I’m writing to you right now.

Get the difference?

And one last thing, Bruce…

Before you start writing, start first by putting yourself in the shoes of your friend — the person who doesn’t know your topic yet — and just imagine all the questions he or she would be asking you.

Write them all down.

And now, rather than trying to figure out what to write, just ask and answer your friend’s questions.

That’s how I write all my ebooks, and how you can write ebooks, too, without the stress you seem to be starting with, and the tedium that you’re trying to avoid.

Make sense?

I hope so.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S.  Oh, and one more thing…

Yesterday, I set up a download page for my ebook template. So far, exactly 479 aspiring ebook authors have downloaded it, and you can get it too, free of course.

Just do me a favor. Make a trade with me.

Let me know what YOUR most important ebook question is. I’ll see if I can answer your question like I answered Bruce’s question. Just leave your question as a comment below.

Oh, and let me know what you think of the ebook template, too.

(Those who get the template are also getting some info about how to use it.)

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I have some pretty unique breakthrough insights in my specialist field (I think, don’t mean to sound arrogant!). Any thoughts would be welcome on the issue of how much of this new material to put into e-books, and how much to “save” for a publisher, which in my field at least carries more weight, influence, and peer respect? Many thanks!

Good advice Mark.

Break it down into small bite-sized chunks and just tackle 1 chunk at a time.

One other suggestion that might help Bruce:

The idea of writing 100 pgs freaks me out, BUT I could easily talk for an hour (or 10) about a subject that really interests me, and have the discussion recorded on audio or video.

Then all you have to do is have that audio transcribed cheaply (try – cheapest around, and decent quality).

Once you have all the text, spend an hour or two formatting & editing it and you have yourself a 100pg ebook, almost ready for sale.

Oh, and if you’re smart, you can offer the audio version or video version you originally created as an expensive upsell.

Easy product creation! 🙂


Eran ‘AdWords Manager’ Mallochs last blog post..Random Stuff About Me

Hi, and thank you for writing such a great article! I took a class in the spring of 2008, a 3 day class in Texas with Pat O’Bryan in which he taught us how to write and market an ebook. Well, when I got home, I had so much motivation that I flew through writing the first 60 pages or so of my ebook on relationships & completed the entire table of contents (to use as an outline). Then in the summer, I had to have minor surgery and had some health problems in which I was laid up. I have been healthy again since September and still have not found the motivation to finish my book. I still take marketing classes and participate in online marketing things, but I just completely lack any and all motivation to finish my book. I think it is partially due to my fear of not knowing really how to make a web site and I know that is the next step. When writing, I really loved it and I am good at it. I did get good reviews as well. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can motivate myself to finish my book? I also just started working out at the gym daily and I wake up to at least 500 emails a day (from marketers). Any advive you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and thank you again for writing this great article, which by the way was how I was writing my book!

Best wishes to you mark!

Melanie Joy Vertalino

I don’t know what your ebook is about, but if it’s a how-to book, then you not only need to finish the book for yourself, but you need to finish it for your customers.
Some people have a real gift for helping others. And it frankly doesn’t matter if you’re helping them do something fun (train their dog to do tricks) or something serious (like eliminating diabetes), you’ve got a duty to share what you know.
Because if someone has been searching for the answer to their own ‘biggest questions’, and you’ve got that answer, you’re doing them a disservice — call it a sin if you’re religious — by not doing everything you can to get the answer into their hands.
At least, that’s how I look at it.
And it becomes real clear when you’re dealing with health or livelihood issues, like making a living, living longer, eating right, exercise…even curing chronic pain.
You’ve got a duty!
So…how do you get motivated?
Think of the person you are going to be helping, and how urgent his or her need actually is.
I find that when a real person is at stake, I work harder.
I hope that helps.

When writing a e-book should you put a lot of links to other web sites and or affiliate links to create some cash flow or is it better to just give the information and get them to go to your website for links. Wfred

Here are a few questions that stop me in my tracks when trying to think of an e-book to write. I am a good writer and have no trouble writing once I have a topic. I have trouble with:

1. How to find in-demand and profitable subject matter about which to write;

2. How to properly credit any researched materials to avoid plagiarism/copyright infringements; and

3. What are the proper disclaimers for the sales page and inside the ebook to remove myself from any liability?


Dougs last blog post..What are the Most Trusted Reverse Mortgage Companies

thanks for the ebook outline, I looked it over and its perfect! My god, this will save me hours that I would have spent trying to figure it out on my own. Thank you. I bought you cup o’ joe, I hope it goes through, I had to revive my paypal account to do it.
p.s. I responded to request for intern applicant’s, hope you are considering me…(I am the one from Van Nuys)

Donahue Vanderhiders last blog post..Tune in to

Hi Donahue,
I noticed your email — and that you were from Van Nuys. It’s there with about 100 other emails I received, and I’ll be going through them all this week.
Thank you VERY much for the cup o’coffee. And the fact that you had to go to the trouble of reviving your paypal acct for that…well, that means a lot.


Thank you so much for your valuable info.

Just one question, but I may jump the gun.

Once the ebook is written, will that be in pdf format or does it gave to be converted.

Thank you


Do you try and password protect or use some other sort of digital licensing like Product Padlock where you can prevent people from continuing to have access to your ebook even after they ask for a refund? Or how do you handle this issue?

I’m pretty good with building websites, but for some reason I’m stuck on how to actually get an ebook (pdf or Word doc) up on my website so people can see it and download it. Do I just upload it to the same root folder as the rest of the website, but it stays in the original (pdf or Word) format and then I just give people a link to it? Since it’s not actually going on an html page, I guess that’s why I’m just not getting it.
Any insights on this would be very much appreciated.

Hi Mark:

Thanks for the great template for ebooks. I have been looking for the information you said you would be providing “you can actually compose your ebook directly into the template, and I’ll be sharing information about that in the coming days.”

If I missed that, please do tell me where to find it. Thanks again!

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