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What is a Squeeze Page? Free Video

What is a Squeeze Page?

What is an Opt-in Page?

What is a Lead Capture Page?

Well, they’re all really the same thing. Unfortunately, because of the strange name, lots of beginning internet marketers don’t understand this very basic part of online success.

I’ve been getting questions about Squeeze Pages, so I decided to answer the question in a video.

Once you’ve watched the video, leave a comment below, or ask another question — either about Squeeze Pages or any part of Internet Marketing — and I’ll do my best to get it answered for you.


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Once you’ve watched the video, leave a comment about squeeze pages, or ask another squeeze page question and I’ll do my best to get it answered for you.


Testimonials – New Rules from the FTC

David Garfinkel has a new post on his blog about the FTC’s crackdown on testimonials. David’s copywriter’s perspective is unique…and his concern (and mine) for you and your business is real.

Read what the FTC is up to on David’s blog.



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Two choices for selling your stuff online (One is better than the other)

 If you’re doing business online, what are your CHOICES?

I mean, if you’ve got a product, and you want to sell it online, WHAT DO YOU DO?

You could just put up a sales page and HOPE for the best…traffic may come (or not). And now and then  someone might buy (but it’s never as much as you  expected.)

But, it turns out, that HOPE is not a very good  business strategy.

In fact, IT’S A BAD ONE.

The alternative to "hope" is

copywriting Marketing Tools

John Carlton’s Simple Writing System: Turns you into a killer salesman-in-print…

All last week, John Carlton made his case — rabidly supported by famous top marketers (who had learned from John themselves) — that he could take almost anyone…

… and lead them through a simple, step-by-step process…

… that can make you as independent, and as powerful, as anyone else in business.


By learning how to write everything you need written to attract, persuade and win over vast mobs of buyers.  To smoothly turn you into a killer salesman-in-print.

And this can happen for you… no matter how much trouble you’ve had trying to write sales messages in the past.  

Click here: Simple Writing System

John has broken the code on delivering the most potent skill any biz owner can have.  Using a simple checklist, and a little smart, hands-on coaching.  

Yesterday, he opened the doors on his Simple Writing System at-home mentoring program.  Where you can get that smart coaching…

… in an interactive online teaching process that has worked like crazy to produce jaw-dropping results across the board.

There are still spots in that program left…

… but I’ve just learned that today is the last day to grab one.

So I strongly urge you to