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What is a Squeeze Page? Free Video

What is a Squeeze Page? What is an Opt-in Page? What is a Lead Capture Page? Well, they’re all really the same thing. Unfortunately, because of the strange name, lots of beginning internet marketers don’t understand this very basic part of online success. I’ve been getting questions about Squeeze Pages, so I decided to answer […]

What is a Squeeze Page?

What is an Opt-in Page?

What is a Lead Capture Page?

Well, they’re all really the same thing. Unfortunately, because of the strange name, lots of beginning internet marketers don’t understand this very basic part of online success.

I’ve been getting questions about Squeeze Pages, so I decided to answer the question in a video.

Once you’ve watched the video, leave a comment below, or ask another question — either about Squeeze Pages or any part of Internet Marketing — and I’ll do my best to get it answered for you.


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Once you’ve watched the video, leave a comment about squeeze pages, or ask another squeeze page question and I’ll do my best to get it answered for you.



34 replies on “What is a Squeeze Page? Free Video”

Hi Mark,

Obviously new at this, but was putting info
together for a landing page. It appears a
squeeze and landing page are very similar.

Both are used to capture info for the next step.

Great timing for me. Can’t wait ’til the next

Thanks, Mark

Landing Pages are pages that you send directed traffic to. In other words, you’re doing some ad campaign, and the Landing Page is the page that you want people to get to.
If you want to TRY to make a sale right away, then send people to a sales page.
If you want to capture a LEAD, then use a squeeze page.
In other words, Landing Pages can be Squeeze Pages or Sales Pages.
Does that help?


I would like to learn how to make landing pages since the very beginning. I have read a lot of theory about Adwords (Perry) as well as your Landing Page Cash Machine (hey, I am a good sales guy..I am promoting your e-book, ha,ha,ha, :)), and now I think it is show time. Please let me know asap so I can start making some money.

Best Regards,

Mexico City.

Video Squeeze Template style pages have become so popular because they let us identify with the often anonymous face that is reaching out to us. If your message is really genuine, viewers will pick up on that more so than in written copy.
I find I can easily delete an email, but it’s so much harder to ignore a video squeeze page.

Let’s say I have an affiliate who wants to sell my anxiety program. My product is $297 and I know from experience that people generally need to build a trust with me and confidnce that the product actually works to purchase. Does that mean that I can (should) actually start my sales campaign with the squeeze page?

Great video. Thanks for letting me know about it. My question/concern… I understand what a squeeze page is. I know what an autoresponder is. I don’t know how to make them work together. I’m sure it would take a whole series of training videos, but any help would be appreciated.

I like what your doing so far but how does a blog page fit into this equation? does a blog help to lead to a squeeze page?

Should we try to reduce/eliminate links that a squeeze page has so that the visitor don’t get distracted and provide contact info?

If so, how does the squeeze page hook into the rest of the website?

One other problem I heard is that Google doesn’t like squeeze page. So it’s hard to get good search engine ranking with just squeeze page. How do we deal with that?

Thanks for your information.

Thanks, Mark. I appreciate this information. You make things so clear.

I have a squeeze page for a free marriage e-course. I added to it that I will give them a free subscription to my newsletter as a gift. I use Aweber for double opt-in to my newsletter.

Here’s my question:

Is there a good way to write that I’ll be sending them my newsletter so they won’t be surprised on the one hand and they’ll realize the Aweber will be contacting them to see if they really want it?

Mark, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I also have a question. How should I advertise carpet cleaning company locally online? Should I use squeeze page for collecting leads or I should develop a website and forget about sqeeze page? Thank you

Hi Mark,

I am curious as to how I can apply these techniques to the affiliate business model. Mainly because I am not selling products directly but promoting traffic for the retailers. I am not able to control the advertising for the seller because of trademark issues and such. I have a form page on my site but it just to create an email list as you say. For me, the biggest issue seems to be convincing customers to shop online at all. Common objections that I hear are “Im afraid of identity theft”, “Why buy online when I can just go to the store and get my product right now”, etc.

Your video is another excellent example of how clearly you discuss each topic you cover.

You never assume your listener knows anything about your subject so there is never any confusion about what action(s) need to be taken in order to achieve a specific result.

I am always on the lookout for training materials that I can recommend to my readers who are new or failing internet marketers. I will definitely be referring them to this video series on “squeeze pages.”

Elaines last blog post..Apr 14, Working From Home


I really liked the video and got a lot out of it. These are really though out and easy to follow. I guess my question would be that once someone fills out your landing page information they would get what you promised and a thank you page and from there have a redirect to your website? I appreciate you taking time for us beginners and will be looking for your next videos.

Thanks for dusting off my email address. It been a while since I have given my attention to the marketing side of my business and now is as good a time as any. Great video, informative as always. I look forward to viewing more of your site and learning about your latest products.

Can I put up a squeeze page on an Affiliate website??

Tell me HOW! Where do I find the template? How do I get it online? How do I advertise it? Do I need a hosting company?

Hi Marks,

Till now I dont understand how the squeeze page is link to an affiliate product which somebody would like to market.

I would love to see a video step by step how an affiliate product is link to the squeeze page and how CPA come into picture. I would like to see the whole mechanism how all of them are link together.




I will watch any and all videos you create. I love the video concept for learning. I am unsubscribing from many things I have subscribed to over the last 3 years, to free up time, but because of the video, you will not be one of them. Thanks!

Great idea for this basic kind of training! And as always, your delivery is excellent. I’ve been kicking around in this business for about 10 months and find that it’s a matter of constantly going back and learning or relearning something I missed along the way. I would really appreciate more of this “basic training” from you. Thanks, Judy

Hi Mark,

I enjoyed your brief presentation on the Squeeze page. However I have a specific question, which I would appreciate if you could answer and provide some eloboration on – Why having a “Squeeze page” on your web site sometimes is a bad idea?



hi mark –
i am just getting going and i came across the squeeze page idea today. i am interested in using squeeze pages for clickbank offers, but now i am seeing that it is only to promote a free offer, with a link to my site where the clickbank offer is? In other words, I cannot just create a squeezepage for my product that captures their lead and sends them back to my site?

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