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How Do I Improve My Squeeze Page?

The video I posted last week about "What is a squeeze page" got some responses … and more questions … about Squeeze Pages. You asked… Should I use a squeeze page for my site to build trust with my prospects? How do I make the autoresponder and Squeeze Page work together? How do you make […]

The video I posted last week about "What is a squeeze page" got some responses … and more questions … about Squeeze Pages.

You asked…

  • Should I use a squeeze page for my site to build trust with my prospects?
  • How do I make the autoresponder and Squeeze Page work together?
  • How do you make a squeeze page?
  • Where do I put the squeeze page relative to the rest of my website?
  • How do I use a squeeze page with my blog?
  • What is the best thing to offer?
  • Is it okay to have other links on my Squeeze Page?
  • How do I write my autoresponder messages?
  • Can I use a squeeze page with affiliate products?
  • How do I write the copy for my Squeeze Page?

These are all great questions…and ones that I’ll answer in the coming days for you in a BIG WAY. It’s kind of a surprise/thank you/gift kind of thing…a gift that will keep on giving.

So stay tuned for that.

For now, though, I want to answer one other question for you:

  • How do I improve my squeeze page?

The answer to that is that there are four real basic ways you can improve your squeeze page, and you can do them all for free. Really.

And if you haven’t made your first squeeze page yet, you can use these tips to make sure the page converts better than it otherwise would.

After you watch this video — also geared towards beginners — leaave a comment or question. Better yet, put up a squeeze page and let everyone know how you did!

[youtube color1="FF0000" color2="00FF00" autoplay="0"][/youtube]

Leave your comment below.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

24 replies on “How Do I Improve My Squeeze Page?”

Hi Mark!

I am standing at the same place without any money.
Please follow me on twitter.
Show me up your squeeze page again . I remember for your money-automatas. Without money I am trying to exist now, because which I had I poured out of the window. Nothing works for me by the internet. How,re you? I hope better than me.

Thank you for letter, greetings: Irén

Such a great vid, everything in a nutshell without waffle, well done.
Your offer of he HTML and editing, yes please, this is one of my many weak spots.
Your communication skills are good too. I can understand your accent!

Hi Mark

I am new to all this but keen to get started, I understand what you are saying about squeeze pages but I dont know were to put the page. Regards Kevin

Hi Mark,

Please could you create a complete “How To” video, on the squeeze pages including the HTML etc., as you indicated in your “How To Optimise Sqeeze Page” video? That would make things more clearer.


Great video. Your tips and strategies have improved our conversions from our sites in a wide variety of industries. We love your “Landing Page Cash Machine” product too. One question, “what are your thoughts about adding video to the squeeze page, and would you have it Autoplay, or click-to-play? Sure, we know you have to test and track, but would do you feel from your experience works best? — Ford Saeks

Thanks Mark. This was excellent. Please do instructional videos on the above mentioned bullet points. Your product and support is fantastic. Thanks again!

My very best,

Hi Mark,

Great info as usual!

My question pertains to Traffic Generation. I work with small-mid sized businesses as an Internet Marketing consultant and am looking for someone I can “outsource” the Traffic/Lead generation aspect to for a variety of clients.

I’m not looking for a set of videos showing me how to do this but rather looking for an actual service provider that has demonstrable results and is more experienced than I at this.

I’ve already posted on Elance, looked at trafficsage and all so far to no avail. Your professional opinion would be welcomed.



Hi and thanks for the great video, it has come at the pefect time as I am in the middle of making a squeeze page for an email campaign. Being very new at this I am eating up as much infomation as I can possibly get my hands on so that i can make it work it efectivly. i would appreciate more info on instaling the form and copywriting, both very time consuming for me.
Thanks again,

Thanks for putting this video together.

I have all the parts in place, but really struggling with putting it all together in a compelling and motivating way.

You asked if we would like to see any additional videos…I guess any video that would help develop more motivational and persuading copy!

Thanks Mark.

I personally would like more technical information on subjects like html and as much on
adwords as possible.

Hi Mark,

My friend introduced this content to me. I find it very good. I am a newbie. Now learning how to do up a WordPress Blog. Kindly include me in your mailing list for stuff like this content.

My query: how to link up Sqeeze page to a blog or Webpage.

just really getting started . signed up under the Richjerk program . but they will only coach you
if u pay them $3000 . so i guess i wont be doing that . i do have a website . so how do i get more traffic to my website ??? ive tried changing my kewords to no avial

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your on-going lessons, which are always so informative.

I have a new site for which I have done a splash page. Do you think that it is best to keep the page short and to the point with as little writing as possible so that it is instantly “eye scanned”.

Also, the placement of the opt-in box is quite critical, so would you put it near the top (see the page I have done) with the information lower down on the next screen scroll. In other words, they don’t have to scroll down for the opt in box, but can if they want to see the information.

I know from my own preferences, if I have to read too much and there is so much blah-blah-blah, you will have lost me in the second screen scroll.

I would love to have your feed back.
Kind regards.

Hello Mark .. I’m a bit confused ,, i have a web site and im hoping to sell a lot of online media training products .. they are video audio and notes ebooks .. that stuff.
I will have a members area when my updated site is placed online .. in the next couple of weeks.
However do I need a series of sqeeze pages as well and if so im not sure i understand where i put them .. do i only put them on my site.
I think i have seen other small one page sites out there with squeeze pages for a particuloar product ..
can you help

It’s often hard to know what it is about your squeeze page that needs changing. Sometimes, what you’re doing could be a great draw. On the other hand, you may be chasing people away and not even knowing it.
Leave me a message at 818-592-6370 or go to and we can arrange for me to do it for you.

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