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1ShoppingCart Upsell Express 1-Click Upsells

Finally, something great from the folks at 1ShoppingCart. 1SC has made some changes recently — a few that are helpful, and a few that are not. One of them, I think, is just a fantastic feature. First, if you don’t know what 1ShoppingCart is, let me explain. 1ShoppingCart is the the most common all-in-one system […]

Finally, something great from the folks at 1ShoppingCart.

1SC has made some changes recently — a few that are helpful, and a few that are not. One of them, I think, is just a fantastic feature.

First, if you don’t know what 1ShoppingCart is, let me explain.

1ShoppingCart is the the most common all-in-one system for running your online infoproduct business. Built around the shopping cart is an autoresponder system, an email broadcast system, an affiliate management system, a basic split-testing system, and lots more that an online merchant needs.

If you’re just starting out online, using 1ShoppingCart for your new business is a pretty easy choice.

(You might know 1ShoppingCart by another name, like Marketer’s Choice. That’s because 1ShoppingCart has lots of private labels names lead to exactly the same spot — it’s all 1ShoppingCart underneath.)

So what’s the fantastic feature they just added?

1-Click Upsells!

You’ve always been able to send your buyers to a second sales page after making a purchase, but this is different. This is one-click upsells. But first, let me explain what an upsell is, and why you want to do it.

Why Upsells?

Upsells are offers you make after a customer has made a purchase.

If you can offer a customer something to buy immediately following her purchase, the odds of her making that purchase are huge.

For example, let’s say you’re selling a $50 ebook on planning your own wedding. A great upsell would be two or three smaller, additional ebooks, on how to make your own wedding veil, how to save money by creating your own party favors, and other topics that a bride-to-be would need, but not necessarily seek out on her own. Offer that package of additional ebooks for about half the original purchase price — in this case $25 — and you’re likely to get a third to a half (or more) of your customers to make that purchase.

So that makes sense, right? You get another $25.

But the magic of upsells is that this addition of a $25 sale to your $50 product may actually result in the doubling of your profits. That’s because you’ve got costs associated with each sale — like advertising. And if you’ve already made a sale, then you’ve already essentially paid for that advertising to attract that customer. The upsell has zero advertising costs.

For an info product, it’s virtually 100% profit.

Upsell Problems

But the problem with upsells is that you’ve got to ask your customer to re-enter their name, address and credit card information, and that’s a major stopping point for most upsell efforts. Having to re-enter the information gives the customer a long time to think about their purchase, get distracted, or change their mind.

And if you’ve ever done an upsell and had to re-enter your information, you must have been wondering "Didn’t I just enter this info? Can’t they remember what I just typed in?"

So the magic of what 1ShoppingCart is adding is that you can do a 1-click upsell. With 1-click upsells, they’ll just see a single "Add to my order" button. Clicking that button adds the upsell to their order, and the sale is made.

That’s called "greasing the slide" for a sale — you’re going to get a LOT more upsell transactions with 1-click upsells.

But Wait, There’s More – Split Testing!

Every good marketer knows that the secret to online success is to let your customers tell you what they want. In technical terms we call that "split testing". If you’re not testing, you’re just guessing. And if you’re just guessing, you’re probably wrong.

So 1ShoppingCart is building upsell split testing into their Upsell Express. That way, you can compare two upsells to see which one draws better. Do you make more money by offering a collection of ebooks as your upsell, or by offering a physical product? The split test system will tell you, so you can make more sales (and more money).

1ShoppingCart’s 1-Click Upsells will be available to all 1ShoppingCart users starting in December. If you’re already a customer, then you’ll be notified by them. If you’re not, then go to their site and get a 1ShoppingCart Free Trial. You’ll get 30 days to play with the system before you pay a penny.

This upsell  feature alone is a HUGE reason to switch to 1ShoppingCart.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

Note: If you’re interested in using 1ShoppingCart, and you just happened to find their website, you’d need to pay for your 30-day trial. (You can see the regular 1shoppingcart paid trial offer here). It’s better to sign up on this 1ShoppingCart free trial page, and get it for free.


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The new 1-click upsell feature sounds great – but I too would like to know about the not-so-great changes. Any chance of making a post summarising them?


Question: I see that 1SC has several different packages… Is the upsell feature available in all of them (I know it won’t be in the autoresponder), but how about the others?

That should make things a lot easier. I remember from one of Yanik’s seminars that Jermaine Griggs had a “magic script” that allowed one-click upsells after the transaction completed on 1SC. BUT all it would do was send an email to his support staff, who would then have to manually add the upsell to the order within 1SC!


Mark, thanks for the heads-up.

I’ve been a 1SC client for years, and my biggest beef with them is their digital product (download) limit is a JOKE: 7 megs? You’ve got to be kidding. So I actually have to use something else like DLGuard for a lot of what I do.

That’s great news.

Rather than use other people’s scripts (is it called Butterfly Marketing ?), I can now use 1SC and completely re-shape the product journey for customers.

Can’t wait

Thanks for the update Mark. I have two questions:

1) What were those ‘bad’ changes recently 1Shoppingcart made?

2) Do you have any knowledge/views of how Infusion compares to 1ShoppingCart?



hey chuck! we later automated it though :-)… actually a lot of our earlier stuff was the one-click on the order form that added the items without refreshing but then after yanik’s event, we started using bots to place the orders securely. But yes, you’re right, my one-click upselling goes back to 2002, the old-school way… a simple opt in… and customers don’t know the difference — just a lot of work on our end!

Take care!

I’ll tell you what I consider one of the “bad” changes—1shopppingcart now charges a monthly fee of $30 if you want phone support.

Email support is still available, but in the past, email support has been terrible. More often than not, my emails to support were ignored. When they were answered, it was 4 or 5 days after submission. I expect it to be even worse now, as they have a monetary incentive in making it bad enough to force you into phone support.

I wouldn’t mind paying an additional $30 per month for phone support if I were a huge vendor with a million products, asking 1shoppingcart a hundred questions every month. But I’m not. I’m a small vendor that’s called support exactly twice in the last year. It seems to me 1shoppingcart could have set a limit for phone support, say 12 calls a year, and charged the monthly fee for people needing support beyond that.

I resent the burden this places on small vendors. And I resent 1shoppingcart’s attitude–removing a service that was formerly included in the $99 per month fee, then charging extra for it and calling it an “improvement.” As Judge Judy likes to say, “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”

I agree 100% with Bonnie. Shame on 1ShoppingCart for not finding a better and more fair solution to their customer service issues.

We use 1shopping cart and it’s a very good tool – especially the upsell and autoresponder capabilities.

Here’s my question: we’re trying to attach an upsell to a bundled digital product. Is that possible? I know the upsell offer has to be a single item – but can the base product purchase be a bundled item. I this question since the selection in the funnel of what product to assign the upsell to does not show bundled products only single products.

Your thoughts or experience? Perhaps, your followers/readers/subscribers have attempted something similar?


Barry Deutsch
IMPACT Hiring Solutions

I use 1SCart and I’m interested in adding an upsell but the examples given were for lower price items than what the person just bought. Would love to see more info on the “up” upsell, where you get someone in for a $17 book then upsell to $97 program. Does that type of upsell do better with a separate landing page instead of using the one-click feature?
.-= Evelyn Roberts Brooks´s last blog ..Guest Blogger – Teen Happiness =-.

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