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What would YOU ask John Carlton?

I’ve got a question for you: If YOU could get JOHN CARLTON on the phone, what would you ask him?

As you probably know, NOTHING sells unless someone writes some copy. Whether you’re speaking that copy on a video, or pasting it into an autoresponder, or writing a sales page or squeeze page…copy is critical.

It makes money for you.

Like it or not, if you want to sell your stuff, your number one job is to get your audience to understand why they should spend their hard-earned money and give it to you.

Now, you can call that influence, inspiration, persuasion, convincing…whatever you like. But the bottom line is that no one buys unless they understand why they should buy. That’s what writing copy is all about.

And there are WRONG ways and RIGHT ways to write copy.
And there are SLOW ways and FAST ways to write copy.
And there are HARD ways and EASY ways to write copy.

Writing copy the wrong way might not only lose a sale for you, it might even chase away your best customers.

John is a master of writing GREAT copy the FAST and EASY way.

So I’ve arranged to get about 45 minutes of John Carlton’s time, and he’s going to

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John Carlton’s Copywriting System is Free

John Carlton is one of the most ripped-off and copied copywriter on the planet, both offline and online. That’s because what he knows and teaches about copywriting makes people buy, and makes sellers rich.

It’s not hype. It’s just the way it is.

John says he can teach anyone how to write any kind of copy you need — sales letters, adwords ads, autoresponder messages — all of it.

Most people would pay thousands of dollars to learn from John, but John is giving away his Simple Writing System Express Course for free.

I know John personally, but I still signed up for his free course because

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One little trick that leads to a $2mm breakout year

With some skills, the difference between “just getting by” and “outrageous success” is about 10,000 hours of perfecting your art.

That’s true of Olympic-level sports, creating great art, and brain surgery, among other skills.

There are other things people do, where the difference between “just getting by” and “outrageous success” can be as simple as just one simple trick.

Internet marketing is often like that.

You can discover great success by finally “getting it” about writing a headline.You can discover how to multiply your conversion rates just by learning how to split test. And you can save yourself from a string of failures by learning how to pick a niche the right way.

Well it turns out that you can also make a huge difference in your bottom line by learning one little trick about “closing the sale.”
If you are an information marketer, I recommend you get on this free teleseminar. It’s about how to make more money speaking, running teleseminars, and running webinars…and then closing the sale.

And it’s mostly about one little trick that helped a young woman named Lisa Sasevich, an information marketer a lot like you, have a breakout year last year, shooting from revenues of a few hundred thousand dollars to over two million dollars.

I met Lisa last month at a mastermind meeting of some of the top internet marketers, and she showed me that what she knew was for real.

She’s holding a webinar, where she wants to share with you the “little trick” she discovered, and a bunch of others, too. The trick, by the way is exactly the opposite of what you’ve probably been taught about “speaking to sell”, in any form.

There’s more I could tell you, but it’d be better if Lisa did that herself. Join her this Wednesday, at 2pm PST, 5pm EST.

You can register here.

I’ll be on the call, too. Lisa’s pretty darn smart.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. Lisa is very much a “how to” kind of instructor, so bring a pencil and paper, or open up MS Word, when you join the call this Wednesday.

Oh, one last thing…Lisa’s not paying me a penny to tell you about her call. I really do think you should attend if you make your money (or want to make your money) with teleseminars, webinars, or speaking from the stage. I am an affiliate of Lisa’s though, and so if you do enroll in any of her courses, I will be compensated as her affiliate. And here’s another tip for you…if you’re an information marketer, and NOT marketing other people’s information along with your own, you should be. More about that on another day.

For now, enroll in Lisa’s Teleseminar. You’re sure to learn something important.


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Free Website Optimization Webinar Today

One of the things that is easy to see among many of the websites that were sent into me for today’s free Website Optimization Webinar is that you become blind to things you’ve seen over and over again.

I bet that happens to you at home. Someone leaves a book on the countertop, and it sits there for a day, then a week, and eventually it becomes part of the furniture. You just don’t see it anymore. It’s a permanent fixture.

And you’re blind to it, even though to a visitor it might stand out like a sore thumb.

The same thing happens with websites.

You’ve got your website built in a certain way, based on a certain set of assumptions. Maybe you put something on your site one day for some reason…or re-designed it a certain way, and now that change seems like it’s always been there.

And it’s STILL there, even though to everyone else it may actually be sticking out like a sore thumb, hurting your sales.

One of the great benefits of a website review is that

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Strange Results from Website Conversion Survey

So just a couple of days ago, I invited you (and a few thousand other of my closest friends) to a website review webinar that I’m hosting this coming Friday.

Click: Website Review Webinar

As part of the registration process, I asked you a few questions, and the results so far have been pretty darn interesting, at least in a couple of areas.

I think the most fascinating thing is that 2/3 of the people who said that they don’t split test now, and NEVER PLAN TO SPLIT TEST, also say that website conversion is their number one problem.

That’s pretty fascinating, actually.

Split testing is a pretty easy thing to do, once you learn how. Yet people don’t take advantage of pretty much the biggest money-maker (or money-saver, depending on your current conversion rate) that’s available to them and their online business.

But here’s an even more fascinating thing.

CHECK THIS OUT: Of all the people who said that they do not plan to split test, do you know what

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Free Website Review Webinar — You’re Invited

Would you like to know why the traffic that gets to your website isn’t buying what you’ve got to sell?

If you silently thought “YES” to that question, then I think I understand you.

You must be wondering…

“I’ve got the best product in my niche. Yeah, it’s a lot of work to get people to my site, but once they are there, it should be OBVIOUS to them that they need this product! ARGH! WHY DON’T THEY BUY?!?!?”

I feel your pain.

And frankly, with all the focus on Traffic in the Internet Marketing community, I don’t think there’s enough energy spent on conversion. Traffic IS important, but without understanding “Why People Buy”, and then building your website accordingly, the traffic is totally pointless.


Well, I should say that “You’ve got to know this stuff IF you want

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Roboform Password Manager and Form Filler


People often ask me how I get so much done during the day. Here’s one of my tricks.

If you’re at all like me, working online all day, you probably log into a lot of different websites, several of them probably multiple times every day.

For me, the number is about 100 logins a day (I’ve checked my browser history to confirm that.) If I had to log in manually every day, I’d easily have 30 minutes to an hour sucked out of each and every day, just remembering, typing and retyping my usernames and passwords.

That’s why I use the Roboform password manager and form filler program.

It helps me concentrate on the work I do, eliminates the problem of ever forgetting a password, and stores my passwords totally securely. Plus, it works across both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

I made you a short video so you can see how it works. After you watch it, give Roboform a try for free. Installation takes about 30 seconds.

The program is already pretty cheap, but you can try it for free at — and it will even work forever for free with some limitations.

Let me know what you think. And if you’ve got some efficiency tips of your own, share them here, too. I’m always looking to save more time.


FTC Disclosure: Just so you know, the link to Roboform is an affiliate link, for which I’ll earn a commission if you end up buying it. You can also go to directly, if you prefer.

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A Tactic Observed Is A Tactic Defeated

It’s a bit tough to be so transparent in discussing with you how I’m going to run my business. Most marketers don’t do that. Most just do what they do and not let on, because once they let on, the cat’s out of the bag, the tactic is perceived, and the effect of the tactic is neutralized and defeated.

But I perceive my role in your business life as bigger than that. You may or may not agree, but that’s how I see it.

The real purpose of my transparency is LESS about letting you know what I am doing, and MORE about helping you with your business — either by my successes or my failures.

So I was pleased to get at least a few comments from readers who said they would try what I was suggesting. One person, Jonathan, who is travelling the world with his bride while supporting themselves with their Internet Marketing business, wrote me to say that he started to email his list more often, and made an extra $1,000 in sales in the last 5 days.

Now THAT was the purpose of my original post.

Jonathan didn’t mail his list every day, but he

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Copywriting for Liars, Cheats and Politicians

I recently came back from an event where I got to hang out with some of the most brilliant minds in marketing, internet and otherwise.

Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll share more about what I learned, what I discovered, what I figured out from these brilliant people, and what some of them even managed to learn from me.

For example, here’s something important I learned.

I had the very good fortune to spend some time with my friend Perry Marshall. Now, if you don’t know Perry, let me clue you in a bit.

Perry is known worldwide as THE authority on Google Adwords. Although he started his business life as an engineer, and then as a salesperson for an engineering company, Perry’s passions are actually music and theology. In fact, he’s got websites about these passions that he fiddles with when he’s not showing his students how to 10x their businesses with small tweaks of their marketing tactics. (Check out Perry’s free Google Adwords course, if you’d like to experience the way Perry thinks, writes and teaches.)


Leave it to Perry to relate a Bible quote to Marketing. I don’t recall the exact quote, but it was something about how