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What would YOU ask John Carlton?

I’ve got a question for you: If YOU could get JOHN CARLTON on the phone, what would you ask him? As you probably know, NOTHING sells unless someone writes some copy. Whether you’re speaking that copy on a video, or pasting it into an autoresponder, or writing a sales page or squeeze page…copy is critical. […]

I’ve got a question for you: If YOU could get JOHN CARLTON on the phone, what would you ask him?

As you probably know, NOTHING sells unless someone writes some copy. Whether you’re speaking that copy on a video, or pasting it into an autoresponder, or writing a sales page or squeeze page…copy is critical.

It makes money for you.

Like it or not, if you want to sell your stuff, your number one job is to get your audience to understand why they should spend their hard-earned money and give it to you.

Now, you can call that influence, inspiration, persuasion, convincing…whatever you like. But the bottom line is that no one buys unless they understand why they should buy. That’s what writing copy is all about.

And there are WRONG ways and RIGHT ways to write copy.
And there are SLOW ways and FAST ways to write copy.
And there are HARD ways and EASY ways to write copy.

Writing copy the wrong way might not only lose a sale for you, it might even chase away your best customers.

John is a master of writing GREAT copy the FAST and EASY way.

So I’ve arranged to get about 45 minutes of John Carlton’s time, and he’s going to answer as many questions as he can from my readers in that time.

What would YOU ask John Carlton?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

You can ask him

* A copywriting technique question, or
* You can ask him to review a piece of copy you’ve written, or
* You can ask him about how to make money as a copywriter, or
* You can ask him about how to make more money selling your own stuff, or
* You can ask him about his new Simple Writing System course.


Just post your question on my blog, below this post, and John will answer as many as he can.

Now, I’d invite you to listen live to the call, but John and I frankly don’t know when we’ll be able to connect. It may end up being late at night, since John is putting the finishing touches on the launch of his Simple Writing System.

But what I’ll do is record the call with John and get the recording you as quickly as possible. The recording will be posted on my blog ( and will be free and require no opt-in to download.

Getting even a moment of John’s attention is an extremely valuable experience. One bit of advice from John may change the course of your entire business. I recommend you take this opportunity to ask John a question.

So, just type your question as a comment below this post.

But do it soon. I may be able to get John on the phone sooner, rather than later, and I want to make sure I’ve got your question, and priority is given to those questions posted early.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

P.S. One of the reasons we don’t know when John and I will be able to talk is because John and his team are currently doing a bunch of copywriting reviews on his own blog. Plus, he’s just released the third lesson of the Simple Writing System Express course.

You’ll find both of those here: John Carlton’s Free Copywriting Course

I recommend you go now to get all three of the lesson’s he’s released so far. They’re all direct from his regular Simple Writing System course, and alone might fix your biggest problems with writing copy.

If you struggle getting the words out, let John’s Simple system help you.

Leave a comment below with your own question for John. Then, go get John Carlton’s free copywriting lessons here:

Click to get John Carlton’s Free Copywriting Course

20 replies on “What would YOU ask John Carlton?”

Hi John… What do you think of photos/images used near the headline on a website salesletter? For instance, an image of a book if your letter is selling a book.

What about photos of people and faces near the headlines? Does it kill conversion?

Thanks so much!

Hi John,

I’ve learned everything I can for the past year about copywriting.

I sold a product that had a 0.7% conversion rate on general cold traffic (online). I rewrote the sales letter and went to a 3.6% conversion rate with the same cold traffic.

Is 3.6% a really good conversion rate? How do you know if you wrote a good sales letter?

John, thanks for letting us ask a question!

With the recent FTC guidelines, do you know the correct way to gather testimonials? Do I need a signed document from the customer with their testimonial on it? Can I simply gather them by email? Can I write testimonies for a customer and just have them sign it saying they agree to let me use it with their name?

I thought you’d have some insight on this. Thanks!!!

Hi John, I would just like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of putting this question to you.
I understand that people are moving away from reading newspapers to getting their news on tv.
Is it nessecary to follow this trend to include video or pictures in your copy?
Once again thank you.
Alan H

John, I’ve heard some people say to start a copywriting project by starting with the headline, like 100 of them. Is that really the best way?
Thanks. Dennis

I see a lot of video sales pages now, and mark said in his email that what you say in a video is still “copy”. Is writing copy for a video the same as writing copy for a sales letter? If not, what’s the difference?

Hi John. If I can get a visitor at a landing page to opt-in to a comp tips series, my sales conversions seem to always be around 25% from those who opt-in to eventual sales.

Any copywriting nuggets you’ve got for optimizing my landing pages to get visitors to opt-in more often to those comp tips series? Appreciate your feedback John. Brent

I know I need to learn copywriting better, and get someone to teach me, but it seems like a very hard thing to learn. What makes your simple system so simple? Can a real novice use it and actually expect good results? Will my sales go from $100 a week to $1000 a week? More? And how will I know when my copy is actually good?

John, I struggle with writing my autoresponder messages. Mostly it’s the subject lines. I get open rates of about 5%, and I’d like to get more. What “simple” advice do you have for writing autoresponder subjects that get opened? -AQ

I’ve got a second question. Can I ask two? What is the quickest way to get in touch with my reader and really understand who he is? Do you have any tricks for understanding and knowing your customer?
I’ve long believed that I need to understnad my customer before i write any copy. Do you?
How do you do it? -AQ

I’ve never written my own sales copy before. I’ve a decent writer, but I’ve just never done it before. What are the big do’s and don’ts that I should know to start with?

Dear Mark,

You spoke about split testing.

What do you think is the most important component of the sales page/opt-in page you can test? Headline? Closing? Offer?

And what type of software/methodology would you use to test that specific component?

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to the call.


Just wondering if you consider simple product descriptions on an online store “copy” and if so what rules to follow to keep it short sharp and effective. Thanks heaps! Jason

Hi John.

I’m working full time on my beginner guitar site.

Because I’m giving free information I don’t want to hit people with a sales message right off the bat, rather I would like them to check out some affiliate products.

How can I get them to check out those products?(I’m trying to get them to the product’s offer page, not sell them the product myself)

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