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1,000 WordPress Themes In One

Yesterday, I showed you how easy it is to find and load new WordPress themes.

Today I’ll answer the question “Which WordPress theme should you use?

(Note: f you want to watch a quick 6 minute video about this new WordPress theme instead of reading about it, go here: WordPress Theme Customization Video )

This question is one that has always stumped me when I wanted to start a new blog, because without fail, each theme I looked at had SOMETHING WRONG with it.

I mean, they were lots that were NEARLY perfect, but there was always that one thing.

For example, it could be perfect except for

  • That goofy header graphic
  • The header text wasn’t big enough for the title of my blog, or the wrong color, or the wrong font
  • Or maybe the background color was just horrible.
  • It could be that I needed the sidebar on the left, and it had the sidebar on the right.
  • Maybe it had no easy way to put ads on the site

Or maybe it was just plain ugly.

I dunno, it just seems that there’s always something wrong, and it was usually

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Upgrading Your WordPress Blog — Weekend Fun!

Read this only if you have a WordPress blog. If you don’t have WordPress, then have a great weekend! See ya!


If you do run WordPress, they added a feature a short while back that makes upgrading it very, very easy.

One of the great things about WordPress is that it makes owning and running a website so very easy. You don’t have to know a thing about HTML to make your website look very professional — and to keep it that way — because in the WordPress system, the look of the website is kept totally separate from the content of the website.

They’ve got these things called “Themes” which are easy to install and use.

Well, sort of.

Because it used to be that you had to

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Penny Wise and Pound Foolish with Your Online Business

I had a long online chat with Nathan Anderson yesterday about his “Niche ATM” sites. This morning, I was thinking about the webinar he’s doing tomorrow, and I thought I’d share with you the beginning of that chat with Nathan because frankly, there’s an important lesson to be learned.

In the video (that about a thousand of my readers watched over the last two days), Nathan shows how he automatically made a site about Auto Insurance — a VERY high value keyword in the Affiliate and Adsense space — and how in about a week it had ranked at #2 for his keyword.

Well, yesterday, I Googled the keyword he had optimized for, which was “Casualty Auto Insurance” and found that his site was now #1 on Google.

(You can Google the keyword yourself to see what I mean.)

On the blog (which you can see below the video after you opt in on Nathan’s site), some people were asking “Won’t the rankings deteriorate over time?”

Nathan replied that they wouldn’t. In fact, they’d rise. (Nathan is replying to a LOT of the blog posts there.)

The weird thing about what Nathan does is that — and I frankly don’t understand this fully yet — his sites rank highly WITHOUT getting backlinks.

So, when someone finally does link to the site, the site rises even more.

Again, I don’t get it, but I don’t have to, because

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Internet Marketing, Pushing Buttons, and Trading Dimes for Dollars

This is an important lesson for any marketer.

I was at a private event in February with some of the smartest marketers on the planet.

I was talking about some new business ideas (things I’ll tell you about on another day) when John Reese came and sat at my table.

Now, if you don’t know John, he’s a bit of a legend in the Internet Marketing world. He’s the first guy to do a “million dollar day” for an information product, and has been known for that ever since. But John is ironically a pretty private guy, and not thrown to tooting his own horn.

So today, I’ll toot it for him (please don’t take that the wrong way).

I was talking about an upcoming project of mine that has to do with conversion optimization, and split testing, and John gave me this feedback. (Paraphrased, by the way. Not quoted.)

Conversion is a hard thing to sell. In fact, it’s the HARDEST thing to sell, even though it shouldn’t be. Conversion is all about TRADING DIMES FOR DOLLARS, and anyone who doesn’t understand that isn’t going to be in business very long. But it’s not as flashy a topic as Traffic, and so few people want to learn conversion.

For that matter, John continued,

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John Carlton Copywriting Questions Answered

In the middle of preparing for the launch of his Simple Writing System, a few days ago, John Carlton agreed to answer some questions for my readers about copywriting.

John is a master copywriter, and the most ripped-off copywriter in the world. That’s because his copy sells.

John and I just got together yesterday for our talk, and he answered most of the questions that were asked. Your copywriting answers are on this video. I also took notes during the call, which you’ll see on the video, and you can download the notes file as well as the MP3 audio file, just below the video.

Then, grab your spot in John’s Simple Writing System course. It’s a space-limited course because it’s not just a copywriting course, but a full mentoring program with real live, professional assistance that leaves you writing copy that writes easier, and sells faster.

And, if you use my affiliate link to sign up for the Simple Writing System, I’ll give you my new split testing course, Free. You’ll also get a free one-hour split-testing consultation with me so you can discover the difference between good headlines and insanely great headlines. Plus, as you’ll hear on the call, you’ll also be invited to a special Q&A call with me and John.

Here’s the video you’ve been waiting for…