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John Chow $40,000 Blogging Video and Cheat Sheet

I stubled across a tweet by Jason Moffatt this past weekend, where he wrote about a video he saw by John Chow, about how John makes $40,000 a month from his blog.

Let’s do a little math.

That’s $40,000 a month, times 12 months in a year. That comes to just under a Half Million dollars a year.

Going the other way, that’s about $1,333 a day.

Now, if John was working an eight-hour day, I’d say that was a pretty darn good living he was making: about $166/hour. It turns out, though, that John doesn’t work 8 hours a day.

He actually set out with a goal of earning just $3,000 a month by working 2 hours a day.

And it turns out that he STILL works just 2 hours a day. So that’s about $666 per hour.

Thanks, John for making the video and sharing what you know. And thanks to Jason for turning me on to John.

Here’s the nearly hour-long video, in its entirety, for you to watch. Below the video is my Cheat Sheet set of notes that I took while watching the video.

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Socrates Theme

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you probably notice that the look of has changed. And what you’ll also probably notice is that it will change a few more times soon, too.

That’s because I’ve just installed the Socrates Theme, created by my friend Joel Comm, with help from his Director of Ideas, Dan Nickerson.

I won’t write too much about the theme here, but I did write about Socrates before, back in April 2010 when Version 1 was released. They released Socrates version 2.0 a few months later.

But the reason I installed it today was that the Socrates Theme gives me almost unlimited flexibility in how I set up my blog. I can pick two or three columns with the click of a button, I can choose any of dozens of headers, an infinite number of colors, and several other layout options.

Plus, you can easily insert