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Is This The Worst Squeeze Page Ever?

The thing about Landing Page conversions that most people don’t understand is that it doesn’t matter what you like to look at, it doesn’t matter  what you think works, and it doesn’t matter whether you tell me you won’t opt into a page that looks like this or that. What matters is whether the page […]

The thing about Landing Page conversions that most people don’t understand is that it doesn’t matter what you like to look at, it doesn’t matter  what you think works, and it doesn’t matter whether you tell me you won’t opt into a page that looks like this or that.

What matters is whether the page actually works.

So earlier today when I was on a popular internet marketing forum and a member wrote for some “suggestions to improve my conversion rate”, I wasn’t quite prepared to see what I saw.

Now I’ve seen some bad squeeze pages before, but this one was different in an eerily familiar way. In fact, it was downright weird. And bad. Or, I should say it was bad based on the fundamentals of good squeeze page design that I’ve studied and used for the last half dozen years.

The strangest part, though, was that the owner of the site claimed that he was getting a 30% opt-in rate.

Now look…

On average, an average squeeze page with average “cold” traffic will average about a 20% conversion rate. Okay, that’s not a hard and fast rule by any means — I’ve had pages that converted at 80% with warm traffic, and substantially less with crappy traffic. But when I looked at this guy’s page — especially considering that his page was promising to teach internet marketing — I just couldn’t believe that he could POSSIBLY be getting a 30% conversion rate, or anything far above zero.

Like I said, though…what I think (or what YOU think, for that matter) doesn’t matter one bit. What matters is the conversion rate, and how it leads to sales.

And you learn that by measuring your results using good tools like Google Analytics, the tools built into Aweber, or split testing tools like Google Website Optimizer or Split Test Accelerator.

So…do ya wanna see the site?

Here’s a screen shot. Click to see it full size.

I happen to think this is one of the worst squeeze pages ever.

Please, click the image to see it full sized. It’s SMALL. It’s actually just an aweber form — with nothing else around it. And the guy has used it as the entire page.

Weird, right?

So do you think it converts at 30%? I guess anything is possible, but I’d bet that there’s more to the story.

So maybe it’s not the absolute worst squeeze page ever, but it looks pretty miserable. Have you ever seen one as bad or worse than this one?

If you have, then I challenge you to show me a worse one…even if it’s your own (It’s okay to post your URLs in your comment. Yes, you’ll get some clicks and some link love, too. That’s okay, so long as you’re showing a really bad squeeze page!)

To the winner, I’ll offer a free critique, worth about $125, whether the page you submit is yours or someone else’s.

Just type the URL as a comment below, with a few words of explanation, or your own comments.


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For me, the “worst” landing pages are those with video that starts playing automatically. I like to leave browser tabs open, those products that interest me, that I want to consider. And once you have several of the auto playing type opening the browser becomes a nightmare.

But that’s from a consumer viewpoint.


The one thing I’ll say good about the sales letter you present – is if anything, it’s single minded in it’s intent: it has one thing the visitor is supposed to do, – and it’s um… very .. red…

I did find a sales letter that rivals yours, but I think it’s worse than yours because, it literally gives the visitor, probably a hundred or perhaps, even a thousand places to go and things to do,.including searching for every single clickbank product for sale..ever.. so while your sales letter is not visually appealing (at all) is singularly focussed and I’m sure has a better conversion rate than the one I’ve presented.

I’m working with some friends that have an awesome gumbo recipe – so as I was doing some – market recon, I came across that page.

Rock On Mark,

Hi Mark,
Mark, I’m glad to see you taking on bad squeeze pages. I agree with Lyn about the video starting to play immediately although I actually experimented with doing one on a squeeze page that has converted 20% since I put it up.

I haven’t run across a squeeze page as bad as the examples above. Will post here if I do.
.-= Lee Pound´s last blog ..How Writing Makes Marketing Work =-.

Hi Lyn.

One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that just because someone doesn’t like something does not mean that they’ll react consistently with their dislike.

In other words, there are tons of people who don’t like videos that start automatically, and still buy from those pages.

You can take an ethical (?) stand and say you just won’t use that tactic on your site, but if your goal is to maximize your profits, then you’ll test it.

Use Google’s Website Optimizer and show the same page with two different videos…one that starts automatically and one that starts only when clicked.

See which one Google tells you sells better (one will certainly beat the other).

That’s the one you go with.

…at least, that’s the one you go with IF you are interested in making as much money as possible.


Hi Mark,

Yes, I quite understand what you are saying. It’s all about max conversion…

I did say I was writing from a consumer viewpoint.

And on behalf of any people who surf whilst they are in work!


PS I enjoyed the mention! Fame at last.

Ah yes. Fame at last.
Yes, I noticed your “as a consumer” comment. I hope you didn’t take the post as a slap of any kind. It was just a good jumping off point.
I thought to devote an entire post to my response after writing a reply to you. I hope my Traffic and Conversion blog benefits you. Thanks for your previous comment.
Let me know what questions are bugging you, and I’ll see if I can answer more of them for you here.

Hi Mark,

That is an amazingly bad design. It is so unusual that it is almost fascinating…kinda like a train wreck you can’t take your eyes off of. He had to have been conducting some sort of test don’t you think???

I have folks that want the vid to start immediately…personally I don’t like it but some of my clients do.

Here is a page to review…not one that I set up. Warning…the vid starts immediately! 🙂

I would be interested in what you have to say about spit testing and your preferred methods/tools.



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