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Product Launch Blueprint

About four months ago, a consulting client of mine asked me to sketch out a “Product Launch Blueprint” for his new membership site he was planning.

He knows that I sometimes run product launches, and so he knew I’d be a good person to ask.

So, I wrote him a quick half-page summary of how to do an effective product launch and sent it to him in an email.

He was thankful, and a good student. His goal was 100 new members to his site during his initial site launch, and as I recall he

Product Launches

Product Launch Disasters

If you don’t know Jeff Walker, then once you do know him, you’ll either love him or hate him.

Jeff is the “father” of what have come to be known as product launches.

So, if you like that you get lots of free information before a product is launched, you can thank Jeff for that. You can pretty much get an entirely free education in internet marketing just by going through all of the free information that is sent out in these internet marketing product launches.

On the other hand, you might really HATE Jeff because product launches result in your being inundated with emails about the ‘next greatest thing ever’. You also might not like the extra hype and artificial scarcity that usually comes with a big product launch.

I get it. I understand. I feel the same way you do.

That’s why I don’t tell you about most of the product launches that happen — I’m a bit tired of all of this.