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Too busy and stressed out?

There’s a good chance you’re going to be MORE PRODUCTIVE in your business and in your life starting TODAY because of the recent breakthroughs in productivity research you’re about to see.

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Start by asking yourself:


Why is it that almost everyone we know seems to be running around like CHICKENS with their heads cut off — busier and more stressed than ever, but not getting enough done?

You know…

  • That exhausted feeling you get when you’re working much too hard, with too little payoff.
  • You start to work on one thing, and feel like you should be working on a million others.
  • Even simple tasks seem like they take forever.
  • Unexpected complications are always showing up at the wrong time.
  • You can’t keep a train of thought going, because you have 50 important things all trying to keep your attention at the same time.


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WordPress RSS Plugin (Great for SEO)

You probably run WordPress because you want your site to rank well on Google. (WordPress is GREAT for that.)

Well, what would it be like to watch your Google ranking creep up and up every day for a while…

…and then to watch your rankings, your traffic, and your site’s profits steadily decline to near zero?

Here’s how to avoid that.

It’s a new WordPress Plugin I’ve been working on with my friend Dan Nickerson. It helps you do three very important things.

1) It puts fresh, relevant and related content on every page of your WordPress blog — totally automatically, each and every day.

2) It avoids any duplicate content issues

3) And it actually causes Google to come index your site more often, and rank your site higher.

Oh, and it is absolutely NOT a robot of any kind that puts junk content on your site.

I won’t say more, except that we are