search engine optimization

SEO in a Nutshell

There’s one thing you need to know about Google. It cares about one thing above all other things, and that thing is RELEVANCE.

The more the things on your website are related together — and the elements of your individual pages are related together — the higher Google will rank you, and the faster it will do it.

So what does that all mean?

Well, let’s say you want a web page on your home decorating site to rank well for “Tibetan Rugs”. There are a lot of people who would title that page “Area Rugs for your home”, and then write an article all and mention “hand-made rugs” and “decorative rugs” and “throw rugs,” all of which are alternate names for “Tibetan rugs.”

Then, they would add some Keyword meta tags with “Tibetan Rugs” and wait for Google to rank them.

Well, it’s not going to happen.

While Google is smart, it’s much smarter at understanding things that are clear and consistent rather than things that are vague and convoluted. And Google looks at a long list of elements on your page to figure out what your page is about.

What are those things? Well, here is a list of the 7 most important. Use your primary keyword in each of these places on your page, and Google will