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Google+ WordPress Plugin

Google+ (aka Google Plus) is competing with Facebook in the social media space. Admittedly, there are not nearly as many people on Google+ as there are on Facebook right now, but perhaps in time, there will be.

Okay, that’s kind of obvious. So why do I mention it?

It’s that old “big fish in a small pond” thing.

The more active you are in Google+, and the better you can position yourself and your marketing there, the better off you will be when it takes off.

That’s why my partner Dan Nickerson and I are so fascinated by this new premium WordPress Plugin.

It basically let’s you hide content on your WordPress post or page and display it ONLY when someone has clicked the PLUS button on your post.

Clicking PLUS is a lot like clicking “Like” on Facebook.

The result is that a lot of your casual blog readers will have an incentive to