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Will Landing Page Cash Machine Work With XsitePro?

John C wrote me the following email. . .

> Hi Mark
> I have been looking at your Landing Page Cash Machine site
> for a few days and have a question:
> I am in the middle of rebuilding my site(s) with Xsitepro,
> this does a lot of SEO work etc and I wonder whether the
> LPCM program will have a lot else to offer. Give me an honest answer.
> John C_____

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Does Google Hate Affiliate Links?

Russ wrote me and asked the following:

Hey Mark,
All good information for sure… but I have a good question…

The websites I have are all based on sending users to a merchant page with affiliate links. That is my whole goal with these sites. However, the more content I add, the more affiliate links I have.

I have read that having affiliate links in your site are starting to hurt your ranking with search engines. Is this true? What do you suggest? Should I be using javascript links instead.

I am not really sure how to circumvent this issue. Please advise. All comments welcome.

I really don't think that Google wants to end affiliate marketing as we know it.

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The Google Crash of 2006

Back when the stock market crashed in 1929 — or more recently in 1987 — a lot of people lost their livelihood, their savings and their businesses.

And from reading the Internet Marketing blogs and forums these days, it seems that a lot of people are going through exactly the same thing.

Where they used to be able to spend a dollar and make two, now they’re being asked to spend $10 to make $5.

And that’s not something you can fix with more volume.

Regular people who provide good content, good service, and good products are now losing their ability to

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Your Automated Sales Force – the Autoresponder Series

I had a discussion with a client the other day. We had already built them a website, and designed a set of integrated, cross-pollenating autoresponder series to offer different whitepapers to his visitors. (Cross-Pollenating means that when someone joins one autoresponder series, they'll eventually get a promotion to the other autoresponder series. They all promote the others.)

They spent a considerable amount of time and money developing the whitepapers that are given away in the series, and the subsequent autoresponder messages that dive deeper into the points made in the white papers. It's really an excellent piece of marketing.

The goal of the autoresponders is to

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Everything is Marketing

I’ve been studying Internet Marketing for a long while, and it seems to me that there are two ways to study the topic.

One is to be a wise consumer of educational materials to teach you all the things you don’t yet know. And if you’re a good student, you’ll soon discover the second way.

And that’s just to observe everything that goes on around you, because there are marketing lessons and opportunities everywhere.

I went on a cruise down the coast of Mexico earlier this year. It was a wonderful trip. I was hardly thinking about business or marketing when I