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Why You Need a Blog if you want Massive Traffic

If you don’t have a blog yet, then you’re about to learn why you should get one set up today, BEFORE you start your other traffic efforts. And, if YOU DO have a blog, you’ll discover how to leverage it to help drive traffic to your site.

Your blog can be used in two different ways: the blog itself can be your business, or if you’ve got a product to sell, the blog can get people to your sales page.

Either way, the blog is critical to your traffic work.

Here’s why.

Blogs are natural traffic magnets. You’ve heard me talk already about how it’s important to set up your pages so that the search engines know what your site is about, right? Well, blogs are naturally built that way, especially WordPress blogs.

All you need to do is title your post with your keywords, and that post title (and your keywords) end up in the page heading — which Search Engines look at to learn about the text on that page. And those same headings also show up in your Page Title (the text in the blue bar), which is probably the single most important

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Seth Godin Apologizes

Seth Godin’s post yesterday, which many people have characterized as promoting clickfraud, created a firestorm of controversy all over the web.

Seth’s response to the uproar was to post an explanation of his thinking, which to me actually made the problem worse.

I’m sure his inbox was flooded, and a few well-written comments to both of his posts generated the following apology from Seth:

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Seth Godin is Wrong — Here are the Right ways to leave an Online tip.

I love Seth Godin. Seth is brilliant. Seth is my marketing hero. I’ve got all his books. I buy them as soon as I can, without regard to the content or the title.

Sorry. I’m a Godin addict.

And I’m Hoping that one day he’ll come out with a movie so I can be first in line at the theater. Or a TV Show, so I can Tivo it every day. Maybe a live “marketing concert”? I’ll be there!

But today…today, Seth has got it all wrong.

Seth says that “Ads are the new online tip jar” and that you should click on them to say THANKS for the great content.

I couldn’t disagree more strongly, and here’s why.

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Traffic Pain Relief: Would a Map Help?

Over the last week, we’ve been talking about Traffic, and just the other day I asked about your frustrations about getting that traffic, and learning how to get that traffic.

Dan Goodwin says he doesn’t know who to trust.

Alex Newell says

“It’s not just that there is a mountain of information it is not knowing which parts,of it are important and what to do first.”

Phil Churleington says

“We have a dozen or more people emailing us with different solutions. They may be GREAT solutions…but…What’s the FIRST THING? And then, what’s NEXT? There’s no one (trustworthy) to help us.”

And Margaret says

“I agree with the others – I have read so much info that I feel like my brain is on overload.”

Most of the comments seem to echo these, and include several very distressing stories about people spending $30k or more on an education that they don’t feel they’ve received yet (based on their results).

The truth of the matter is that

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3 Blog Traffic Solutions

I was reviewing a bunch of the questions that were posted at about blogs.

Wow, there are a lot!

Most of them are answered in MakingBlogMoney and others are on the MakingBlogMoney Blog. I felt compelled to answer this question for you today, though, because Dennis and his wife are doing a lot of things right.

And they’re so very close to doing much better…

Here’s what I mean…

“I set up a blog for my wife: It links to her ebooks ( and I just put some AdSense links on it. I think it looks ok, but we are not getting any traffic. Each post pings numerous sites – but still no traffic. She has made comments on various mystery oriented web sites/bloggs.

How can you help us generate traffic?”

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Blog pre-announcement (please read)

Wow, another flood of responses to my question about blogs.

By and large, the answers were:

“Yes, please help me to make money from my blog.”


“Yes, I’d very much like an ebook about setting up a blog.”
(roughly half said this).


“Yes, I want a blog built, but I don’t want to do it
myself…so long as I can find someone who knows what
they are doing.”

I pretty much expected these answers.

And it should probably be no surprise to you by now that
I’ve been working on something that will help you with
blogs and blogging.

My partner on this project is Ross Goldberg. He’s a master
at driving traffic, and regularly takes in $50,000 a month
or more…much of it from traffic generated by his blogs.

Ross is one of the leading Web 2.0 traffic generation
specialists, and you’re about to pick his brain a bit.

He’s set up dozens of blogs, knows all of the ‘secret
ninja’ plugins and WordPress tricks…

And he’s going to help me help you with Blogs and blogging.


And more…

That’s all I can say for now. Just be looking for another
email from me sometime around 10am Pacific time.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer