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Seth Godin is Wrong — Here are the Right ways to leave an Online tip.

I love Seth Godin. Seth is brilliant. Seth is my marketing hero. I’ve got all his books. I buy them as soon as I can, without regard to the content or the title.

Sorry. I’m a Godin addict.

And I’m Hoping that one day he’ll come out with a movie so I can be first in line at the theater. Or a TV Show, so I can Tivo it every day. Maybe a live “marketing concert”? I’ll be there!

But today…today, Seth has got it all wrong.

Seth says that “Ads are the new online tip jar” and that you should click on them to say THANKS for the great content.

I couldn’t disagree more strongly, and here’s why.

Google Adsense Traffic & Conversion

Adsense is Changing (quickly)

I was adding an article to this blog a couple days ago, and I saw something I hadn't seen before. It's a couple of navigation buttons on some Google Adsense ads.

That means that site visitors can select which ads they see, and ultimately click on.

They've got a choice.

Why is this important? Well I need to set the stage for you a bit, if you don't know what Google Adsense is, or don't advertise with Google Adwords.

(If you're a BEGINNER, Read this: )

Google Adsense is the "other side" of Google's Adwords program. As a Google advertiser, you can

Google Adsense Traffic

Google Adsense – How Much Money Can You Really Make?

In the Landing Page Cash Machine ebook, I wrote about how you can enhance your revenue with strategic placement of Adsense ads on your site.

Some people, though, run their entire business around creating good content for their readers, and fund their efforts with Adsense ads.

Skeptics abound about Google Adsense. Some people say Adsense is dead, and others sing its praises and proclaim it will last forever.