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Copywriting for Liars, Cheats and Politicians

I recently came back from an event where I got to hang out with some of the most brilliant minds in marketing, internet and otherwise.

Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll share more about what I learned, what I discovered, what I figured out from these brilliant people, and what some of them even managed to learn from me.

For example, here’s something important I learned.

I had the very good fortune to spend some time with my friend Perry Marshall. Now, if you don’t know Perry, let me clue you in a bit.

Perry is known worldwide as THE authority on Google Adwords. Although he started his business life as an engineer, and then as a salesperson for an engineering company, Perry’s passions are actually music and theology. In fact, he’s got websites about these passions that he fiddles with when he’s not showing his students how to 10x their businesses with small tweaks of their marketing tactics. (Check out Perry’s free Google Adwords course, if you’d like to experience the way Perry thinks, writes and teaches.)


Leave it to Perry to relate a Bible quote to Marketing. I don’t recall the exact quote, but it was something about how

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Why Does He Carry Titanium Business Card?

What on earth would compel someone to have his business cards made out of Titanium?

I’m not talking about a Credit card, like a platinum or Onyx Amex card…those are relatively common.

I’m talking about a business card…The kind you might pass out a dozen or a hundred times a day to new friends and business associates.

Well, I met a guy who gave me his business card — titanium — a few months ago.

Titanium Business Card

He was wearing a white jacket, white pants, a tshirt, and espadrille shoes. Very "Miami Vice".

And engraved into his business card was his logo of an octopus.

I asked him what the octopus meant, and he told me that

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Do Your Keywords Attract Buyers?

Do your keywords bring buyers to your website?
Some keywords do a great job of bringing traffic, but often they’ll bring the wrong kind of traffic — browsers.
If you run any kind of ecommerce site, what you want are buyers.
So how do you know whether the people who type in a certain keyword are more likely to buy or browse?
One way to check is

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How You’ll Finally Get Traffic To Your Website

Over the last few weeks I’ve been dropping a few hints about the traffic course that I’ve been working on.

And so I got this question the other day from a reader of mine, Ben, and I realized while answering it that I’ve answered this SAME QUESTION dozens of times before for other people who’ve asked…and so I thought I’d answer it for you.

Here’s what he asked (copied right out of skype):

[9/15/2008 9:55:40 AM] Ben S says: What makes it
different from STSE and TS2?

“Great Question,” I replied…Why would I spend so much time and effort on a NEW traffic course, right after Traffic Secrets 2.0 and Stomping the Search Engines?

Didn’t they cover everything? Aren’t they good products? Didn’t EVERYBODY get those?


Here’s why I’m making this course for you.

In my Traffic Course, although you’ll learn plenty about getting traffic to you site, THE FOCUS IS NOT on LECTURE and education. The focus is on GETTING IT DONE. And specifically, getting your FIRST ONE done., and your second, and your third.

It’s not about BRAIN LEARNING, it’s about MUSCLE MEMORY.

So here is how the course is going to work, and why

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Do You Multitask?

One of the responses on my blog to the book “The Triumph Of The Stupid”, was that “Over the years I have multi-tasked myself out of a fortune”.

Wow. What a statement.

Print that out and tape it to your wall over your computer.

You need to I know that getting one thing DONE at a time is THE PATH TO SUCCESS.

Why? Because something actually gets DONE that way.

So I’m curious to know about your own struggles with multi-tasking.

For example…many people who want to get traffic to their site will

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Seth Godin is Wrong — Here are the Right ways to leave an Online tip.

I love Seth Godin. Seth is brilliant. Seth is my marketing hero. I’ve got all his books. I buy them as soon as I can, without regard to the content or the title.

Sorry. I’m a Godin addict.

And I’m Hoping that one day he’ll come out with a movie so I can be first in line at the theater. Or a TV Show, so I can Tivo it every day. Maybe a live “marketing concert”? I’ll be there!

But today…today, Seth has got it all wrong.

Seth says that “Ads are the new online tip jar” and that you should click on them to say THANKS for the great content.

I couldn’t disagree more strongly, and here’s why.

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Traffic Pain Relief: Would a Map Help?

Over the last week, we’ve been talking about Traffic, and just the other day I asked about your frustrations about getting that traffic, and learning how to get that traffic.

Dan Goodwin says he doesn’t know who to trust.

Alex Newell says

“It’s not just that there is a mountain of information it is not knowing which parts,of it are important and what to do first.”

Phil Churleington says

“We have a dozen or more people emailing us with different solutions. They may be GREAT solutions…but…What’s the FIRST THING? And then, what’s NEXT? There’s no one (trustworthy) to help us.”

And Margaret says

“I agree with the others – I have read so much info that I feel like my brain is on overload.”

Most of the comments seem to echo these, and include several very distressing stories about people spending $30k or more on an education that they don’t feel they’ve received yet (based on their results).

The truth of the matter is that

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What Can I Do For You?

Losing my laptop was a scary experience, but it could have been much worse.

I could have lost everything, had I not had everything backed up.

I’d have had nothing at all. I’d be starting from scratch…and that got me thinking about YOU.

Because I know, for a fact, that a great number of my readers — maybe even you — are still at the very beginning of your online marketing career.

You’ve got lots of “trying” under your belt, but a long way to go.

You’ve got dreams…
* A million dollars
* A trip around the world
* Owning and driving a fancy car

You’ve got hopes…

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How One Affiliate Made Over 1.4mm all by himself

He did it with Pay Per Click Marketing.

Jeremy Palmer is one of those people you usually never hear of, quietly running his online business, keeping his head down, and just doing what he loves to do…and what earns him a healthy 7 figure business each year.

The people who do know about him are the owners and managers of the larger affiliate networks, like Commission Junction — and only because they cut the checks to Jeremy every month.

How did Jeremy do it?

Well he learned

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Don’t Miss this Limited Opportunity

Do you know these brand names?





There are some brand names that become a part of our language only because the thing they describe became so important and common.

"Google Cash" is another one of those phrases — at least for a growing group of internet entrepreneurs.

Ever since the "Google Cash" book was written by Chris Carpenter a few years ago, tens of thousands of people have built their businesses and are enjoying the Internet Lifestyle that Chris lives.

It describes, very simply, how to buy Google Clicks and turn them into Affiliate Cash.